History & Marketing Strategies of Kayam Churna

Company Name: Kayam Churna
Founder: Sheth Brothers

One of the most celebrated Ayurvedic products, Kayam Churna, is mainly known for its usefulness against Chronic Constipation. Being a strong laxative, Kayam Churna helps to naturalize the evacuation of Bowel thus easing the complications of the condition. The founders, Sheth Brothers combined and blended some herbs and created the powder form of the medicine.

Ingredients like Senna leaves, Ajwain, Haritaki, and Black Salt, etc are some of the important ones which are used to make this product. These herbs are known for not only benefitting constipation but also some digestive problems which makes it a valuable creation. 

How It All Started

Founded by Kishan Sheth, Rashik Sheth, Ashok Sheth, and Kirit Sheth, the Bhavnagar based company started their journey in the year of 1972. In a way, this business was an expansion of the Sheth family’s 150 years’ old acquaintance with Ayurveda. The first product launched by them was Komla Gutika, a churna helping with digestive ailments as well as weight loss. 


Even though Komla Gutika and some other products were making a good profit but Kayam Churna was the masterpiece that made Sheth Brothers a household name. It took the market by storm after getting launched in 1974 and made it to almost every shop in the country. 


Kayam Churna’s Marketing Strategy and the Reasons behind its Success


  • Highly Effective Products: India is a country mainly known for its tasty as well as very spicy food. Also, a lot of people in India work in night shifts or the work pressure of their respective workplace makes them stressed. These things interrupt their daily habit of eating thus creating many digestive problems or conditions, some of which can be very serious. Constipation is one of the main problems that many people are currently dealing with and Kayam Churna is the product which helps to ease this problem. This product inherits ingredients like Senna leaves, Ajwain which strengthens the digestive systems, whereas Haritaki helps the bowel clearing itself naturally. The quick actions taken by Kayam Churna relieve not only constipation but also acidity and headaches almost immediately which make it very popular among the general masses in India.
  • Strong Distribution Network: Having at least one or two distributors in every state of India makes the distribution network and logistics management of the company very strong. As a result, the market share has grown more than 30% in Ayurvedic laxatives in the whole country. The company is also exporting Kayam Churna to the countries such as UAE, Yemen, South Africa, Nepal, Kenya, etc thus making the product more known at an International level. 
  • Modern Production Facility: As of now, the company produces around 50000 bottles of Kayam Churna per day. But because of the quality provided by the product, the company is getting more and more famous. As a result, the demand for the product is growing day by day. Thus a modern production facility is getting built at Bhavnagar to ease the increasing demand for the product. 


  • First Mover Advantage: As Kayam Churna was one of the firsts to come to the laxative market, a lot of consumers still believe it to be better than the other products of the same class. Even though the market of laxatives has evolved and improved very much in the last five years, the other competitors like EMAMI AND Zandu still have not come closer to the popularity of the Kayam Churna products yet. There are even some more companies with duplicate names have entered the race but are facing the same problems as others. Because the reputation Kayam Churna has established among the years is quite astonishing and unbeatable.


  • Using the Goodwill of Kayam Churna: the company has been ruling in the market for more than 30 years which has helped them achieve extreme heights of good will. This goodwill and the extremely successful brand image has established because of the trust of the consumers. The trust has built because the company has always used high-quality herbs to create a more quality product.  Because of this trust, the company has been selling other new products by using the name of their most popular brand Kayam Churna. 
  • Open-work Culture: The Company follows an open culture in their workplaces. Which means the employees can give any kind of advice and suggestions to the authority. This kind of workplace culture not only helps to create excellent employer-employee bonding but also may help the company to produce better quality products. Not only the pay scale is fairly better than the industry standard but also the performance-based incentive clearly motivates the employees to be more productive and keep doing the good work. 
  • Use of Helpline: For helping the customers and listening to their feedback about the products, the Company has started a helpline. If any customer has any complaints about their products, the company listens to them very carefully and tries to help their fullest. If the product proves to be ineffective, then the customer service asks for the product bottle and the address of the customer and sends them two bottles of Kayam Churna. This satisfies the customer and increases customer loyalty effectively. 
  • Enjoyed Monopoly for Almost a Decade: Kayam Churna has enjoyed a monopoly for more than ten years since it started its journey and created a humongous consumer base and the reputation of the company. Because of that, even though other new companies have entered the race against them but are yet to tarnish their image or popularity.


Kayam Churna Campaigns

Well-Known actress and social activist Ameesha Patel has endorsed the product Kayam Churna recently which is believed to have produced more consumers of the product. Also recently the Kayam Churna has associated with the movie Piku. In the movie, the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan is seen to be suffering from constipation thus giving the company an opportunity to promote the product.


Kayam Churna presently has established itself as one of the leading laxative product. The product was released and distributed only in Gujarat at first. But now, after clearing many hurdles in almost four decades of their journey, they are now the leading laxative company in India. Their quality and quantity of the products, as well as the affordable price has helped them creating such a strong reputation which cannot be broken anytime soon. 

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