History & Marketing Strategies of JCB Brand

Brand Success- JCB Manufacturing
Company Name- JCB
Founder- Joseph Bamford

JCB was originally known as J.C. Bamford LTD was Joseph Cyril Bamford. The company was started inside a small garage in Staffordshire, England in 1945. Mr. Joseph started out with just a welding set and a couple of tools.

How it all started

Joseph Cyril Bamford set up his business in a rented garage with only a welding set. His first product was a farm trailer made of recycled metals and wastes. He then improved and repaired a tractor at his workshop as he was an extremely hard-working mechanic. Then he started selling them via local dealers. 

Next, he focused on building the loaders and the first one to come up from his garage was Fordson Major which was followed by the Master loader.


The well known JCB logo appeared in 1953. Then he manufactured the backhoe loading. Hydra Diggers was launched in 1956 and sold several units until production ceased in 1960.  JCB 4 series was popular with civil engineers and contractors. They have set a record for diesel-powered vehicles running for 350 MPH using their own engines. They also supply Hydraulic power packs to the military and their hydraulic vehicles are most common around the world. They are the most well known and recognized brands in the globe. They have a very wide market share and have continued to innovate and devise new product designs.

jcb marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies of JCB and interesting reasons behind its marvelous success


JCB is a global company with a presence across the globe. They have 18 factories in the UK, Germany, Brazil, North America, India, and China. There are some marketing innovations which have led to the phenomenal growth of this company.

  • Offering a high quality of service

JCB has devised a high service quality which helps it to retain a loyal customer base. JCB has increased its online presence with CRM’s which helps them in generating strong feedback.


  • Tapping the rural market base

JCB has employed an aggressive strategy to tap into the rural market base. The marketing campaigns of JCB focus exclusively on promoting their products with intentions to tap the rural market. This brand wants to become the top manufacturing company in the world and for that, it has planned for better market penetration and development.


  • Flexible pricing policy

They have adopted a competitive pricing policy to stay ahead of their competitors. The company has invested in assembling and manufacturing which has resulted in cutting down costs to a large extent. This has ensured that the company continues to earn higher revenues.


  • A high recall value

The brand enjoys a high recall value among its users. JCB is a very old brand and as such, they have a very loyal customer base. These customers return back to purchase the products of JCB and give very positive reviews about this brand. The brand value of JCB has made them get the chunks of the market share.


  • Investing in promotional advertisements

The brand invests a lot of money in promotions and recognizes the value of commercials. This has increased the brand awareness of their products. The company has received awards for its commercials.


  • Educating the public

JCB has a dedicated team of professionals who visits the various agricultural shows. This team discusses the various policies which are related to buying a manufacturing vehicle. They have their own schools too which is known as JCB Academy.


  • Global presence with  local values

JCB has a presence all over the globe. This penetration has helped JCB reached out to global customers. They have several outlets and distributors scattered all over to market the JCB products. It has more than 2000 dealer networks spread across 150 countries. Customers are able to get agricultural, engine, construction, industrial, diggers, and innumerable products from these outlets.


  • Decisive online marketing plans

JCB has also played out its cards well in online marketing. They have active accounts on all social media platforms. They have their own dedicated team to review and like posts on the company’s behalf. This strategy has played out well for JCB as it has been able to gain quite a number of followers in the social media circuit.


  • Outlets all over the world

JCB has come up with an unmatched marketing strategy in order to counter its rivals in the manufacturing sector. The company has opened several outlets with the sole focus of promoting its agricultural brands. JCB also offers consultation to its consumers regarding the various manufacturing and digging machines.


  • Continuous innovations in informational delivery

JCB has pages solely dedicated to informational usage. It informs the consumers about upcoming products, changing tractor models, and renovated trucks and diggers. They have also trademarked their brands for a greater stamp on their products.



JCB has devised many innovative commercials to reach to its customer base. They have won many awards for their innovations in commercials. JCB commercials are mainly targeted towards the agricultural community and they are extremely well planned and organized. JCB focuses on the use of non-celebrity for their advertisements.

Their commercials are designed to perfection and invoke a sense of satire. JCB also makes various shows on cattle programs and they have claimed the championship award for their advertisement in 2018.

They are launching their commercials focusing on British roots and traditions. These ads show a flash of yellow machinery and the logo. It emphasizes the company’s importance for its British heritage. The commercials will appear in current magazines and YouTube. The campaign is an important way to reach customers and other global audiences. The campaign plans to raise awareness about its products and continue to attract the best talent to the company.



JCB is one of the major construction companies in the world. This company is one of the heritage companies in the world and is a top-notch player in the category. They are competing in the manufacturing business but as JCB operates on a large scale it will be difficult to outweigh it. So, JCB will continue to play a significant role and edge out its competitors.

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