History & Marketing Strategies of Godrej Interio

company Name: Godrej Interio
Founder: Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej

Godrej founded in the year 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej is one of the mammoths in the Indian business industry. Since its debut in the business, Godrej has been operating in various sectors like real estate, consumer products, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security and agricultural products. It is the most trusted band in the nation when it comes to furniture.

How It All Started

Godrej is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. In 1897 it introduced the first ever lock with lever technology in India.  After that it introduced safe, soaps using vegetable oils to spreading its dominion over a wider arena over the years. Godrej Interio is the largest and the most vibrant furniture brand possessing a very diverse portfolio of its range of products. The journey from manufacturing cupboard 80 years back to the varieties of products manufactured till date makes its journey an incredible one.

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Godrej soon after being established in 1897 started to make its mark. There are several subsidiaries and affiliated companies of Godrej which includes Godrej Industries and its subsidiaries, Godrej consumer products, Godrej Agrovet, Godrej Properties and Godrej & Boyce Mfg .Co .Ltd. Therefore from building India’s first indigenous typewriter to Godrej soaps, Godrej tea, entering BPO solutions Godrej has come a long way. 

Godrej Interio is a business unit of Godrej and Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd, a part of the Godrej group-one of the largest engineering and consumer product groups in India. It was launched in the year 2006 with the company aiming to achieve a turnover of Rs 1500 crore by 2010. Since its launch Godrej Interio provides furniture solutions for homes, offices and special projects.  The Godrej furniture and interior group together merged to form the brand today popularly known by the name of Godrej Interio. 


Marketing Strategy of Godrej Interio Brand and the Reasons behind Success

Godrej has been in business for a large period of time and therefore developed a lot of experience. This experience favours such a brand to develop unique strategies for the marketing of its products. Some of the reasons that can be cited for its success are:


  • Analysing The Target Market: It is important for any business to understand the dynamics of the target market. If it is clear for whom you are making the commodities it is easier to do the marketing. Target market can be divided into two categories- household and institutions. The demand for furniture is further determined by three major factors-market population, income level and industrialization level. By planning a compact market strategy Godrej Interio has achieved great heights. 
  • Segmenting, targeting and positioning: Godrej Interio in order to cater to the needs of such overwhelmingly populated country has made divisions like demographics geographic and psychographic segmentation variables like income class, profession, age, gender, behaviour, etc. Godrej Interio also uses value based and user benefit based positioning strategy to highlight the intrinsic culture and attachment that the brands have with the customers over the years. 
  • Distribution: The Company operates with its own authorized distributors, resellers, retailers, e-commerce websites that helps in the process of distribution of its products even in the remotest of locations in the country making it accessible even to them. 
  • Brand equity: Godrej has been ranked 51 in Forbes magazine list of innovative growth companies. The brand has also been ranked second most trusted brand in India and is among the most diversified and trusted conglomerate.


  • Competitive Analysis: Godrej being present with a number of options in the market helps it to remain ahead of its competitors. Godrej Interio too keeping tab with the changing times has able to cater to the demands of the people but also faces competition from brands like usha lexus, zuari who are right behind it.


  • Customer Analysis:  Godrej has reached people from the age group ranging from 20-60 years. The brand Godrej Interio has acquired its customers for years through the brand recall and strong brand image that the company has built through hard work and achieving customer satisfaction.


  • High Quality Products: Godrej is known for its high quality products. Godrej Interio is no exception. With its reach in home accessories from table, chests, drawers, modular kitchen it has showed its class in each and every product it has made.


  • Promotion: Godrej Interio has used digital technology to attract potential customers. This resulted in the company drawing over 20 lakh customers in the year 2013-14. This also resulted in boosting many visitors to the company’s website and more than 5000 queries every month.



Godrej Interio campaign

Godrej Interio has used unconventional methods for the advertising of its products. Godrej has made its mark from the very beginning owing to its innovation in design, distribution or communications. It was therefore obvious that they would not follow the customary way to do its campaigning. It launched its out-of-home campaign to showcase its top notch products to the customers.

During promotion of products like -“sizzle dining table” with a hot plate on top red color blinking neon was used.  To show a “karbon bed” with electronically controlled storage a moving bed was used to create the effect of the electronically controlled storage. A motor was used to move the bed up and down to create an extendable”kreation” wardrobe the effect of an extendable wardrobe, a motor was used.  

Apart from these, simple corporate branding has also been carried out at billboards, unipoles, wall wraps, mobile thereby increasing the visibility of the brand. 



A campaign of Godrej Interio Mattress, India’s leading healthcare range of mattress, conducted on World Sleep Day brought to light that over 84% of children and teenagers in India are sleep deprived thus spreading health awareness as well.

Godrej Interio has entered the house of every Indian irrespective of their geographic location or economic status. Its innovation in creating products for the people according to their needs have caused a lot of convenience and brought comfort to their lives.


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