‘Har Rang Khoobsurat’ Campaign By Shalimar Paints

The most recent release to the rundown of brands bouncing onto the cause bandwagon is that of the modern and enriching painting arrangements brand – Shalimar Paints. Highlighting a model with Vitiligo, a Muslim young lady playing Holi and the vivid LGBT banner in its most recent crusade – ‘Har Rang Khoobsurat’ – the brand plans to bring issues to light about these issues. The creatives for the battle have been conceptualized by tiqui-taka, an advertising agency from Mumbai. 

Minal Srivastava, VP, strategy, growth and marketing, Shalimar Paints, over a telephonic discussion about the battle said, “As a brand, we would not like to adhere to selling an item exclusively dependent on its depiction. We plan to make an effect on society and fabricate discussions around such intriguing and convincing themes. The creatives depend on topical issues and since we are focusing on nearly littler urban communities, alongside metros, we consider it to be a chance to make discussions around the implicit.” 

har rang khoobsurat campaign

Sharing bits of knowledge on the ideation of the battle, Srivastava says, “During our past on-ground activities, we saw extraordinary reaction from the network and understood that taboos are as yet existent in the public arena. The shade of one’s skin, the LGBT people group, Muslims and widows playing Holi, are not exceptionally safe subjects to examine. However, we needed to relinquish the wellbeing line and have an uproarious and clear message on its substance.” 

One could consider the innovative including the model with Vitiligo as a promotion by a stunner brand. Gillette Venus, in a prior battle – ‘My Skin. My Way.’ – included a comparative model passing on the message that one was accountable for how their very own Skin feels. 

Interestingly, the innovative worked around the Holi celebration helps us to remember Surf Excel’s promotion – #RangLaayeSang. 

Remarking on the correlations, Srivastava says, “Excellence brands ought to have grabbed such issues, yet I don’t see them dealing with it. We considered it to be a chance to create discussions and snatched it. The thought behind the innovative around Holi was to include a widow and a Muslim.” 

Sharing the short given by the brand for the battle, Jigar Fernandes, founder, tiqui-taka, says, “It was definitely not an exceptionally customary preparation. The brand was taking a gander at telling the greater truth instead of indicating hues as a ware. We needed to commend the hues that nobody else was concentrating on. It is a straightforward crusade of giving out a message that each shading is wonderful.” 

har rang khoobsurat campaign

Established in 1902, Shalimar Paints has in the ongoing past remained calm on the publicizing front. Srivastava tells that the brand has been concentrating more on doing social work, such as painting ghettos and working in medical clinics for blinds, as opposed to publicizing. She says, “We don’t lean toward big name underwriting for our crusades. Also, when we promote, we make an effort not to adhere just to our item’s quality and portrayal. In the greater part of our crusades, we have attempted to feature our qualities. One can take for instance our promotion ‘Rang Desh Ka’.” 

Headquartered in Gurgaon, the paint brand sees rivalry from Asian Paints, Berger, Mysore Paints, Kansai Nerolac, Dulux, Snowcem, Jenson and Nicholson and so on. 

Booked to keep running in a couple of chosen urban communities, the most recent campaign has been discharged on radio, open air and advanced stages. 

Ramanuj Shastry, former CCO, Saatchi and Saatchi feel the slogan – ‘Har Rang Khoobsurat’ – is fascinating. He says, “For me, the battle ticked all the privilege boxes, yet left me cold. It appears to be an on edge endeavor to remain current and not miss the ‘inclusivity’ transport.”

har rang khoobsurat campaign

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