The Painting that’s Gone Viral in the Ad World

This viral painting has 40 best Indian ads hidden. How many can you identify?

viral ad painting

The whole advertisement club in India has been swirling about a specific riddle throughout a previous couple of days. Talks and discussions about an inquisitive painting have been occurring both on the web and amongst groups. From a separation, the canvas resembles a buzzy town commercial center approaching its everyday humdrum.

A more intensive look uncovers signals reminiscent of famous Indian promotion films that circulated on television throughout the most recent couple of decades. The enchantment is to dig further into the designs and match the same number of advertisements as you can with pictures brought from ancient remnants of the past.

To set the record straight, the 3ft x 2ft painting has a sum of 45 ad campaigns infused into it. We spotted 44. The work, a mix of hand painting and computerized brush strokes, has been created by BBDO India. Finding the 45th, as Josy Paul, administrator and CCO of BBDO India and the brains behind everything puts it, is a definitive test. Despite the fact that, without a formal name right now, the sketch passes by working titles like ‘Brand Bazaar’, ‘Ad Village’ or ‘Hidden Persuaders’. It started with a general discussion Paul was having with Anant Rangaswami (editorial manager of MELT, a marcom event). ” He proposed the idea of creating a poster of hidden clues of the most memorable Indian ads. It sounded so exciting and rich with promise,” Paul says.


Talking on the choice of the advertisements included in the work of art, Paul says, ” It was all about memorable brand image, visual memory structures and the sharpest, most powerful images that capture the glorious history of Indian advertising. We interviewed people inside and outside the agency to arrive at this list. Of course, the final filter was that it had to have strong visual cues.” The piece was made by a joint effort of ad men from BBDO India and outer accomplices. BBDO’s head of art in Mumbai, Sandeep Sawant and Mumbai production head Hitesh Shah, worked together with a group of art people – Arun Udmale, Subhodh and Pavan.

“The Indian marketplace is beautiful. As we were discussing the marketplace and looking for references, the artists came up with suggestions of how it can also have dams and mountains. It was an evolutionary process. We asked – how and what would a painter paint about Indian advertising. How would he capture Indian advertising in one place?” Paul explained.

The greater part of the work happened post working hours and on ends of the week. It took the group a month to make the last painting. ” Anant (Rangaswami) and I were totally with the team on the progress. It’s a labour of love and we are thrilled to see the response from the industry and beyond. Honestly, we did not expect such a fantastic response,” Paul included.

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