12 Famous Brand Logos and What They Communicate

Any major brand in today’s era strives to be the first choice among the consumers, for which they work on three major aspects: firstly, their product, their identity to the audience and their principles for which they stand for. These three aspects are the key ingredients in the formation of their Logos. A lot of thinking and creativity goes into making a Logo, so that the viewers can easily relate to the brand image, just by a mere glance at the logo.

The following stories depict how renowned logos have helped to build the renowned brand:

Coca-Cola: The script written in red over the white background in the current logo is very similar to the original Coca-Cola logo made in 1886. Due to this agreement between now and then times, this logo showcases the everlastingness and the immutability of the brand. The audience all over the world is well-versed and easily identifies the colour of the brand. In addition, the red font evokes a sense of excitement and enthusiasm which is in line with the delectable and refreshing drink they offer.


Nike: Originally, the world saw it only as a black ‘Swoosh’, but over the years as it was coupled with the simple slogan ‘Just Do It’ and major advertising campaigns, a profound meaning of achievement in sporting activities and positive attitude began to get associated with the symbol. The hidden meaning behind its formation is also the wing in the air in the statue of the Greek Goddess of Victory, named Nike. The brand has been successful in reflecting the same image of victory to its audience.


Apple: The simple half-eaten apple stands as a style statement in today’s times. Whenever we lay our eyes on the logo, we instantly get the feeling of the elite and royal touch reflected by it. It is to-the-point depicting the identity of Apple and the simplicity that we feel in using Apple products is what this logo reinforces.


McDonald’s: The plain yet prominent yellow character ‘M’ is sufficient enough to communicate the necessary that this company has to offer, as the public subconsciously knows this symbol belongs to this firm – that is its power. The two arch-shaped illustrations portray a castle-like feeling and the yellow colour invokes a sense of happiness and fun.


Mercedez-Benz: The sleek and shining silver star has imprinted the core thought in the minds of the public. It means that Mercedez offers motors for all the three spaces: the Land, the Water and the Air. Though we know it only when we see it on cars, but in all the main purpose of the communication to show power and dignity has been accomplished.


Adidas: Who cannot recognize the three black stripes? The owners of the brand have made it different but still easily identifiable. The meaning behind the slanted bars is the shape of the mountain and the challenges that have to be accomplished in our lives.


Starbucks: The emblem originated from a link to the history in Seattle where this brand came from. This shows the tradition of the brand and the woman tempts the viewers towards the seductive and magical nature of the coffee that is being offered.


WWF: The black and white cute panda illustrates the love and compassion that we as human beings should show towards animals. The amalgamation of the white and black colours depicts the innocence of the animals and the organization’s protective nature towards them.


Red Bull: The two bulls in a fight against each other actually have a hidden meaning to it. The creativity in it is illustrating the nature of bulls when they see the red colour. Bulls instantly get energized and full of adrenaline on the glance of this colour, which is what the brand is trying to sell. It is more of a metaphor for humans who will get revitalized like the bulls once they taste this energy drink.


Shell: It is a classic example of a firm’s longevity and reliability. The symbol and the script used in it is somewhat old-school and stand for the ancient image of the brand. The colours used are yet bright and vibrant – red and yellow and they reflect the quality that the brand is determined and wise.

It is indeed not a hidden truth that a lot of thought and energy goes into devising a brand logo that should be as per the image and character of the business and the product. And especially, to make the logo stand out in the minds of the audience, it should be emotionally relatable and mentally associable by the audience.

Having said that, the logo, at the same time, should leave no stone unturned at communicating the core beliefs of the brand and what the brand stands for.

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