Thinkistan, the Indian Web Series based on Advertising

As viewers who are consistently on the internet, we’re all the time searching for interesting and gripping new stuff to binge watch. Of late, there is a plethora of stories that cater to the Indian sensibilities, and this has made watching and making original content pretty amazing. Set against the mid-1990s backdrop, the upcoming drama by MX Player, Thinkistan is the latest web-series that traces the ups and downs and the intricacies of the advertising industry in that era.

A show that is solely about the day-to-day happenings in an advertising agency is something that we’ve never even thought about before. And yes, it’s something that has sparked a great deal of curiosity and excitement amongst the viewers.

In addition, the interesting and known-to-viewers star cast amplifies the appeal of the show. N Padmakumar, who is the writer and director of this new installation has been in the advertising sector for 17 years of his life.

Being curious about the different methods of storytelling was the drive behind the creation of this show. N Padmakumar was the national creative director at Rediffusion till the year 2012, after which he put down his papers to explore other roads. Since then, he been the director of a feature film, A Billion Colour Story and, now created the OTT show that is published for streaming on MX Player for free.

The series traces the journey of Hema (Shravan Reddy), an English Trainee Copywriter and Amit (Naveen Kasturia), Hindi Junior Copywriter and their life in the fictitious ad agency named MTMC.

The series closely examines the ad industry, but Padmakumar clarified that all the characters are fictitious and are a mix of personalities of the people he has seen and worked with in his past. He reported that the show is 75 percent fiction more or less. There are many insights that have been used in the show such as the fact that the ad world has a large number of divorcees.

Overarchingly, there are many similarities as compared to the real-life ad world, but the individual characters and their journeys are scripted and fictional. Padmakumar shares that the 1st episode has an anecdote from his own life. The protagonist who leaves work late at around 3:00 AM in the morning was chased by dogs.

The show depicts the changing times in the advertising era when the brands discovered that English no longer serves all their purpose and that they had to talk in the colloquial language of the audience to better relate with them. Padmakumar shared from his experience that “Any story that wants to be memorable needs to chronicle a certain era and a certain ethos,”.

The show is available to stream for free on MX Player Originals’.

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