History & Marketing Strategies of Everest Masala

Company Name: Everest masala
Founder Name: Vadilal Shah

Everest Masala is the nation’s largest spice brand offering around 45 different spice variants in both blends as well as pure forms. It is appreciated not only by food loving Indians but also appreciated worldwide and has been emerging as a popular brand in the UK, US, Africa, Australia, Singapore and many more since its inception. Indian household kitchens without a shelf having this Everest Masala stacked in it is a very rare scenario. Now there are around 40 blended masala produced under the brand name Everest and exported to countries worldwide.

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Source: EverestSpices.com

How it all started

Everest Masala came into existence in the year 1981 in Mumbai, Maharashtra through the seamless efforts of Vadilal Shah, its founder. Everest spices is an Indian distributor, exporter and manufacturer of spices under the brand Everest. Everest Masala have many accolades in its collection like it won the Superbrands award 5 times in the years, 2003, 2006 and 2009, 2012 and 2015.

Also, it has FMCG consumers reactions award to its credit. This encouraged the Company to produce more variants and give tough competition to its rivals at that time. It started advertising in TV aggressively from 2003 and within 2 years in 2005, it acquired 30% of the total stake of the branded spices market in India which was quite a big achievement for the Company.

Slowly the Company began to gain momentum and as time passed Everest began to be stocked in more than 4 lakh outlets across 1000 small towns and cities across the nation.

everest creative print ads
Source: EverestSpices.com

Everest masala’s marketing strategies and the reasons behind its success

Everest spices are used by more than 20 million people all across the world. It needs a lot of passion to spice up boring phases in life, and Everest masala is exactly that pinch or spice that adds flavors in life. This uniqueness has made the brand India’s most sought-after spice brand. From a small 200 square feet of a shop to today’s leading spice brand of the nation, the journey was not so easy for the Company. It took a lot of hardships and seamless efforts to bring the Company to this height of success.

Since its inception the brand has maintained the same purity standards, authenticity and freshness of the spices which add to the growing popularity of the brand worldwide. The brand has never compromised its standards which helps in winning the trust and confidence of millions of food loving people all across the world.

The in-house experts of the Company collect the ingredients from the finest produce from all across the country. Blending, processing and packaging operations are carried on with utmost care and using the latest technology so as to retain the original taste and aroma of the ingredients in the spices. All the factories are highly automated and all the processes are carried on under stringent supervision of the experts so that there are no chances of any adulteration of the ingredients. Proper hygiene measures and quality controls are maintained adhering to the international safety norms. Thus, each and every pack that leaves the factory assures best purity and standard quality.

everest creative print ads
Source: EverestSpices.com

To deliver the most recent and fresh spices out of the factory, the brand has developed an efficient C&F model to track the agents, retailers and distributors so that the spices can reach the millions of Indians in the shortest span of time.

The consistence of the flavor and aroma has remained the same since its introduction to the market of spices. Each spice has a distinct taste and flavor and even some offer numerous health benefits and that us why this brand is always in high demand. The brand also customizes the spices according to the tastes and preferences of the consumers that depends on their place of living and community. For example, it produces 3 kinds of chili powder, Kashmirilal, Tikhalal and Kutilal. Because some people like the hot chili, while some others like the milder one and still some others like the finely grounded one more than the coarse one. This was the key insights that the brand Everest gathered from market researches and this policy clicked to the success of the brand.

Food safety trademarks and certifications are necessary for building the brand image and Everest masala has the trademark of Agmark. Apart from these, using bright colors in the packaging of the products make the product look more attractive and modern which in turn helps in driving sales.


Everest was the first brand ever in the spice market that used Television as a medium to connect to its millions of consumers. The unique selling propaganda of the brand in a pan-India flavor adds to a brilliant promotion campaigning for the brand.

The Company created a total of 2 commercials for promotional campaigns of the brand. The first one featured the association of a “maharaj”, or the traditional and royal Indian cook. In the second advertisement the brand used sentimental nostalgia as a medium to incite the consumers, using the tagline, “ma k haath ka swaad”, or “just like mom’s made food”. These 2 commercials clicked and the Indians were swayed by the taste and flavor of the spices.

With an aggressive and selective pricing strategy, the company focused on its TV advertisement campaign aggressively in 2003. With the tagline, ‘Taste Mein Best Mommy aur Everest’, the mommy become best because she chooses Everest masala for her cooking.

Another tagline of the brand says, “jo khana ko banaye maa ki haath ka khana” or,” which makes the food just the way mom makes it”, with love and care. The brand aims at making every mother empowered to bring that perfect taste of every food so that appreciation is always at her way from her children and loved ones.

The products were endorsed by renowned celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan which made marketing for the products much easier.


Pure spices will always be an integral part of Indian kitchens and with Everest fulfilling all the desires of the food loving Indians the need for more spices will never fade away. Every cuisine is different and depends on the state, zone, climate, cooking method or community, and Everest promises to satisfy each of the consumer’s changing tastes.

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