The Meme Storm of #JCBKiKhudai (10 Best memes)

We are well-aware of the fact that it is quite difficult to make things viral without spending money on them. Organically viral is a phenomenon that happens once in a blue moon and now with the brand JCB, the blue moon is here. The brand had launched a new hashtag called #JCBKiKhudai and saw it trending in no time all over the social media.

To their horror, the users had created a lot of memes and stormed the internet by making sarcasm on the brand.

For the previous many days now, the hashtag #JCBKiKhudayi has become a trending thing on all the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Memes based on the way Indians create a herd around to watch the vehicles of JCB dig and transport earth and mud, have been going viral.

Most meme-friendly people have gone heavy on this trend and this was obviously unexpected.

This meme trend was a diversion from all the major topical themes that were currently happening in the nation such as elections-related memes and IPL-related memes. Though it is hard to catch the spark from where this meme fire broke out, it has surely relieved us from the plethora of other topical memes that had sabotaged our social media news feeds.

Furthermore, all the memes and posts that the users uploaded around #JCBKiKhudai got further amplified when the JCB Twitter Official Account thanked the users for giving them the ‘love’.

Also, the entire initiative has given the brand a huge deal of free, ‘earned media’ attention. The brand JCB which focusses mostly on Business-to-Business communication and hardly ever engages with the customers or the common people, got a level of connect with the Social Media users. It doesn’t really matter how it started; the phenomenon has gained a life of its own. And the proverb ‘success breeds success’ is absolutely correct when it comes to making things go viral.

As soon as something begins to come eye-catch to the audience, it drastically collects more & more digital attention as it rolls forward through the web. Social media algorithms are crafted as per the viral content.

So, what is the company JCB about? The company was founded in the year 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford, JCB or JC Bamford Excavators. The company is of course named after its founder. JCB is a British equipment manufacturer that delivers equipment for infrastructure, farming & agriculture, waste-management and demolition.

All the virality that is being witnessed comes from the very ‘associable’ offline interest Indians have while seeing a JCB vehicle in action. Moreover, JCB is also an overarching term for the entire excavator range. Whether it is an excavator from the companies CAT or Hitachi, for most Indians, it’s a ‘JCB’ by default, similar to how Dettol is for sanitization category.

Surprisingly, the JCB brand name has been added in the Oxford Dictionary as an English word – it is classified as a noun and means: “A type of mechanical excavator with a shovel at the front and a digging arm at the rear.”

Here are some Funny Memes on #JCBkiKhudai which makes your day.









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