5 Renowned Brands & their Game of Thrones Ride

Whether it is any product, from biscuits to mobile phones to almost the not so known products that one can think of, the wave of Game of Thrones has hit almost every such commodity and the brand producing it. There are a number of brands who partnered with and who didn’t with the Home Box Office (HBO) to spark the interest in all the seasons of the blockbuster show. The eighth season saw even more brand coverage because of all the hype that had been made by the studios and the audience of this magnanimous creation. Don’t try to guess the number of such brands, we can’t even count.

After the release of the Game of Thrones (GoT) books, the show has seen an even more massive appeal and attention amongst the viewers. And the eighth and the ultimate season gathered a groundbreaking record of 17.4MN viewers all over the globe. In such a breathtaking milestone across the globe brands used the series for their user engagement through the channels of social media, online as well as offline marketing.

Many media houses have got their pipelines filled with the creation of content around the series this has led to almost a flood with every fan alive posting their status and views about the show on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

We have compiled the highly known brands and the way they marketed their products and sparked a fire on social media platforms. Here is the list of the top 5 brands:

  • Mountain Dew

How far will the user go for the Throne? – Mountain Dew threw an enraging question to the fans just near the show’s finale. Timing was one thing that they hit on the spot. The brand was “making the ultimate sacrifice for the Throne,” by removing all its branding from the packaging. Instead the packaging was made with the show’s forefront character Arya Stark’s kill-list. But there was another catch. The list was only visible if the drink was chilled enough. The idea of the campaign majorly revolved around a highly unique soda-can that really teased the customers to chill the drink and see what was hiding behind the blank packet and launched another craze on the social media platforms.

Indeed a very clever yet easy way to create a large impact for both the endorsement of the show as well as for Mountain Dew to make up a deeper and more relatable brand connect with its people.

game of throne mountain dew can

  • Spotify

Before the airing of the sixth season of the show, Spotify associated with Evyen J. Klean, who was the series’ music supervisor. The purpose was to make music signatures for thirty-one of the most followed and talked about characters in the show.

For the campaign, Spotify gave the users a unique opportunity to witness which music profile of the characters was according to the audience’s own musical tastes. The music streaming app said out loud in their statement “Are you more Daenerys Targaryen or Arya Stark? Would Jon Snow or Cersei Lannister be more likely to listen to your playlist as they fight for the Iron Throne? Spotify has the answer.”

Indeed, a mind-blowing way of integrating the whole show inside the product of the brand. To take it a step ahead, you could also see some of the fun facts about the various characters while you are listening to their songs. The Mother of Dragons had a song named “Dragon Queen” that aptly and totally defines her character while Tormund’s playlist was heavy on metal songs.

spotify game of throne campaign


  • Oreo

Oreo has been recognized as one of the most topical-riding brands that are aligned with many pop-culture events. The Game of Thrones gave the brand another chance to go witty. The launched designs on their cookies of four different embossments that represented the families that were at the time had a conquest for the Iron Throne. These included the House Lannister, House StarkHouse Targaryen and the White Walkers.

The brand didn’t stop there. To make their new creation go viral on social media, they re-mastered the catchy Game of Thrones opening theme and incorporated it with the Oreo Cookies.

oreo game of throne campaign


  • Red Bull

Season 6 was totally the most featured branded content era after season 8. Just a few days pre the sixth season’s premiere, Red Bull made a big laugh on the internet with a parody film of the show’s previous notable clipping.

The previous season of the Game of Thrones ended with a touching shot of Jon Snow laying on the snowy surface and bleeding. Before the commencement of the next season, the internet was in a manic with fans sharing their theories and what would happen next with Jon Snow. The film of Red Bull opens with the same ending shot of the fifth season. Many memories come back as you come across the first image. Jon Snow is lying on the snow and as he wakes up, he drinks a whole can of the energy drink and then goes on his quest of snowboarding. The campaign was aptly captioned as “Jon Snowboard”. A humungous number of views, 5.1MN, were recorded only on Facebook. Additional attention was garnered on Twitter and Instagram.

The parody was an engaging way for Red Bull to become a part of the talk and make the audience come back to their brand.


  • Samsung

Even the mobile giants didn’t stop to take advantage of the trending topical. Samsung India tweeted about the suspenseful and saddening death of Jon Snow at the end of season 5. In their tweet they superimposed the image of a low battery sign on the image of the character, thereby very subtly putting across the message and using their product characteristic to relate with the show. In another tweet, they displayed a Samsung mobile and the tweet went on like this: ‘The struggle for the throne may continue, but with Samsung screens, you already reign supreme. #GameOf Thrones.’

samsung game of throne campaign

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