History and Marketing Strategies of Gatorade Brand

Brand: Gatorade
Manufacturer: PepsiCO
Created by:A research team of University of Florida


Gatorade is an energy drink, helping athletes around the world to unshackle their full potential and propel their energies. Originally developed in 1965 to help the athletes of Gator Football Club, it is now being manufactured by PepsiCo and is sold over 80 countries.

Gatorade’s R&D team consistently work to comprehend the wholesome needs of the athletes and accompany such items which will help them in improving their performances..

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How It Started:

Gatorade was created in 1965 by a team of scientists at the University of Florida College of Medicine, including Robert Cade, Dana Shires, Harry James Free, and Alejandro de Quesada.

Following a request from Florida Gators football head coach Ray Graves, Gatorade was created to help athletes by acting as a replacement for body fluids lost during physical exertion. Originally produced and marketed by Stokely-Van Camp, the Gatorade brand was purchased by the Quaker Oats Company in 1988, which, in turn, was bought by PepsiCo in 2000.

As of 2010, Gatorade is PepsiCo’s 4th-largest brand, on the basis of worldwide annual retail sales. It competes with Coca-Cola’s Powerade and Vitaminwater brands worldwide, and with Lucozade in the United Kingdom. Within the United States, Gatorade accounts for approximately 75% of market share in the sports drink category.

Launching in India:

Gatorade was launched in India by PepsiCo on October 19, 2004. At that time it was endorsed by cricketer Mahammad Kaif and Irfan Pathan and physiotherapist Andrew Lepius.


Marketing Strategy

Gatorade utilizes psychographic and statistic division so as to serve the changing needs of the purchasers in a superior manner. Focusing on procedure is utilized by the organizations to comprehend that whether to have a similar item for all shoppers or diverse items for various client portions.

Gatorade utilizes a separated focusing on system to comprehend the client gatherings and their taste and inclinations. Situating helps in understanding where the brand remains in the brain of the shopper. Gatorade has a 46 % piece of the overall industry worldwide in the sports drink market and Gatorade made it conceivable because of its esteem based situating techniques.


Advantages of Gatorade in the Market: Gatorade has an extensive number of sub-marks under its Gatorade image umbrella and each sub-brands have vast Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s) which are helping the organization to make it all the more enticing and demanding. Pepsico being solid and stable Parent organization having background and assets set up is helping Gatorade in exploiting the assets and its systems for the development of the business as far as the product offering expansion, brand augmentation and going into new markets.

Gatorade uses various distribution models relying on the market and customer profile. Gatorade is sold in supermarkets, retail stores and now online shopping such as Bigbasket, Amazon, Grofers and Paytmmall.


Ad arrangement of the organization is disclosed on the web and offline so consciousness is made and kept up in the psyches of the customers. Online promotions for Gatorade items are publicized on games destinations like NBA.com, Sports Zone and the official site Gatorade.com. Online advancements are more affordable and are increasingly prevalent with the techno-sagacious more youthful age.

Ads identified with Gatorade asserted that the body recoups quicker subsequent to drinking the beverage. Gatorade has turned into the official beverage of NFL, NBA, USA ball, US Soccer Federation, AFL, and other athletic associations. In 1988, after the appearance of Citrus Cooler, Michael Jordan in the mid 1990s declared that it was his most loved beverage and that was the day. The deals went up at a stunning rate. The organization had marked a ten-year manage the NBA genius and the limited time methodology turned out to be a blockbuster.

Different sports person have been marked throughout the years for its limited time procedures like Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, Dwight Howard, Kerri Walsh, Usain Bolt, and Serena Williams as they are wellbeing cognizant and on the off chance that they underwrite the items that implies that the beverages are great.



Gatorade is fairly highly priced amongst its competitors but it also has higher popularity. Gatorade is one of the biggest players in the Sports Drinks market in the world. It used to follow a premium pricing policy in its marketing mix and price its products higher in order to obtain higher margins, but after the entrance of its competitors into the market, Gatorade tried to slash its prices so as to hold on to their position in the market.  

At present only 500 ml bottles are sold in India and they cost 50 rupees each which is comparatively higher than other sports drinks.



Gatorade is circulated through PepsiCo in India. It is available in general stores, shopping centers, accommodation stores, drugstores, basic supply shops, oil bunks, candy machines, cafeterias and so forth. Indeed, even outside India, it is conveyed worldwide in around eighty nations.

The significant market for the beverage remains nations like US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Gatorade utilized a few channels to appropriate its items. Since they believe youth to be their intended interest group, their items were put in zones visited generally by the youthful and the games lover swarm like arenas, sports clubs, games, sports gear stores and so on.



Gatorade has rolled out a four minute film featuring brand ambassador, Lionel Messi ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2018.The voice over says something Messi heard in his younger days: ‘When you have a dream to chase, nothing can stop you’.

In 2018 another Gatorade campaign featured FC Barcelona teammates Leo Messi and Luis Suarez.  They are shown as best friends turning rivals while playing for the national team. They both try to outdo each other with the help of Gatorade(supposedly).   

Gatorade has rolled out another film featuring PV Sindhu alongside footballer Lionel Messi and basketball player Karl Anthony Towns.  The film shows how all three athletes don’t give up, and instead replenish themselves with Gatorade to go further and succeed in their respective sports.   


Gatorade, produced as a lab product, has rapidly won over the market of sports and energy drink.  Their market in India is not that much flourishing like other countries around the world but they have the potential and with a strong parent company like PepsiCO being in its back, they won’t give up on Indian market soon.


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