History and Marketing Strategies of Everyuth Brand

Company Name: Everyuth
Founded By: Ramanbhai Patel


Zydus Wellness Ltd. Offers a plethora of skin care products under the brand name of Everyuth Naturals. It has the advantage of being a skincare brand from a healthcare company. Everyuth Naturals always come up with products that talk about the different needs and skin types of young women. The products care for the goodness of natural ingredients that are known for their effectiveness and skin development properties. As a result, the brand promises nature’s safety and loving care along with the welfares of proven scientific study.

Everyuth has market leadership in skincare sections like face masks and scrubs and has a stronghold in the face wash segment as well.

How It All Started

Cadila was founded in 1952 by Mr Raman Bhai Patel who was formerly a lecturer in the L.M. College of Pharmacy, and his business partner was Indravadddan Modi. It changed over the next decades into a fully established pharmaceutical company.

In 1995 the Patel and Modi families fragmented; the Modi family’s share was relocated to a new company called Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and Cadila Healthcare officially became the Patel family’s holding company. Cadila Healthcare had its first public contribution on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2000.

In 2015 the company assimilated another Indian pharmaceutical company called German Remedies. On 25 June 2007, the company took over Química e Farmacêutica Nikkho do Brasil Limited as part of Zydus Healthcare Brasil Ltd.

In 2010, Cadila Healthcare received a Welcome Trust Award under the “R&D for Reasonable Healthcare in India” initiative.

In 2014, Cadila Healthcare launched the world’s first adalimumab biosimilar with brand name Exemption at one-fifth the originator’s price. Zydus Cadila Healthcare has also launched its first investigation based drug molecule.


With almost nine to ten pharmaceutical production operations in India as well as Zydus Cadila develops and manufactures a huge variety of pharmaceuticals as well as diagnostics, herbal products, skin care products and other OTC based products. Starting in late 2015, having certain a voluntary license agreement with Gilead Company which also produces the generic medicine for hepatitis C treatment (the medicine is distributed with the brand name SoviHep). This company makes active pharmaceutical ingredients and products at currently three locations in India:

Ankleshwar plant is one of the three plants where Everyuth products are made. The plant is situated in Ankleshwar in Bharuch Region of Gujarat which has been manufacturing drug material for about 40 years. There are around 12 total plants in the complex at present, which is ISO certified and approved by the U.S. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration department. Total plant capacity at Ankleshwar is estimated at around 180 million tonnes. Vadodara plant of Everyuth is situated at Dhabhasa, in Vadodara Region’s Padra taluka (in the eastern part of the district) in Gujarat, was appointed in 1997 by a company named Banyan Chemicals, and acquired by Everyuth in 2002. The plant has almost 90 million tonne capacity. It has also been accepted by the U.S. FDA and is also approved to World Health Organization (WHO) goods manufacturing practice standards (GMP).

The third and last Patalganga of Everyuth acquired an allowance of the plant at Patalganga in Maharashtra state. It is at about 70 km from Mumbai, about 859 km from Nagpur. It was finalized in the 2001 German Remedies deal. This plant operates in accordance with WHO GMP standards. One more small plant is situated in Navi Mumbai but it is not of much significance as the majority of the production comes from the above three plants. The Navi Mumbai plant in Maharashtra is a 50/50 joint undertaking with Nycomed Pharma of the United States, which makes intermediates of the drug pantoprazole. Mumbai Business Office belonged to German Remedies Limited. This company was assimilated in 2000 by Everyuth. At that time this was the biggest takeover in the history of the Indian pharmacological industry.

In Goa plant, the company’s plants at Ponda in the southern Indian state of Goa do formulation work as well as manufacture oncology drugs and a herbal purgative branded Agiolax based on Psyllium seeds. These plants also belonged to German Remedies Limited and now are part of Business Unit – Manufacturing of the company. Baddi plant was informed in 2004 in Himachal Pradesh state of northern India, which makes solid oral pharmaceuticals.

Sikkim plant of Zydus Wellness was commissioned at formulation plant at Majhitar, in Sikkim state of eastern India. The Sikkim plant makes specifically oral pharmaceuticals and hormones and almost all the national formulations for the company.

Marketing strategy

In the early days, Everyuth used multiple marketing strategies which all over the Country. The most notable marketing strategy was TV advertisements and print adverts. Around the year 2000, Television had its first advert of Everyuth Products. All type of products including face wash, scrub, and others were introduced to the general public via TV and newspaper.

Recently Everyuth Naturals has rolled out its latest ad campaign to endorse its newly launched Product, Tulsi Turmeric Facewash. With this campaign, the brand aims to make people recognise that they should not panic about pimples. The ideas are Conceived and executed by J Walter Thompson, Mumbai, the video opens up with a girl who makes fun of her pimples in front of others. It shows how the character is not held back by her skin problems anyway. She remarks about how people make fun of her pimples. Almost instantly her mother tells her about a new face wash which removes her pimple. The company uses stand-up comedy as a way to reach out to the new age, social media and tech-savvy youth.

Currently, Zydus Wellness is a major shareholder which remains with the Patel family to this day. Pankaj Patel (born in 1951) is the son of the founder, is CEO. In 2004 Pankaj Patel was included by Forbes magazine in its annual List of India’s richest people. Forbes estimated Patel’s net worth at US$510m, making him India’s 26th richest person.

As of now, there is no any major campaign which has been run by either Zydus Wellness or Everyuth brand name.

everyuth print ad


Everyuth Limited is an integrated consumer company. The Company is involved in the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of fitness and wellness products. The Company’s products comprise table margarine. Its manufactured goods portfolio includes brands, such as Sugar-Free, Everyuth and Nutralite. Its Sugar-Free brand portfolio includes Sugar-Free Gold, which is used as a sugar substitute in preparations, such as tea, coffee and fruit juices, and Sugar-Free Natura, which is used in preparations, such as desserts, sweets, mixed fruit custard and ice cream.

It offers a wide range of speciality skincare products under the brand name of Everyuth Naturals, which include face wash, facial masks to clean dirt (peel off, packs), scrubs, sun blocks for summer, winter care (with body lotion and cream), cleanser and toner, soaps and men skin care (face washes, sunblock, moisturizer and scrub). The Company under Nutralite brand proposals a table spread, which has polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids.

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