Marketing Strategies of US Polo Assn Brand

Company Name: U.S. POLO ASSN.
Owned By: United States Polo Association (USPA)

How It All Started

“The Game of Kings” one of the oldest sports in the world also referred as “Polo” is a team sport distinct from other that exhibit the robust bond between the player and their equine partner. The sport is also different because of its attire which is a simple, elegant style with high-quality. The U.S. Polo Assn. is an extraordinary sports clothing brand which speaks authentic intangible language of the sport, honour’s tradition and promotes it to everyone so they can be a part of this legacy. 

The brand came into existence with an aspiration to showcase the spirit of sport that should reflect through clothing. Simultaneously, it also supported the activities of the United States Polo Association (USPA) in the United States of America. U.S. POLO has its presence in each major city of the world and it excels the turnover over $1 billion across all categories.

The US Polo Association retails men’s, women’s, and children’s sportswear, dresses and accessories such as socks, neckwear, hats and bags along with small leather goods. Promotion of the sport, various training programs, benefits for Polo Player and support training centres for interscholastic and intercollegiate polo competition and fund programs in umpiring, competition and equine welfare is done through Royalties paid to the USPA.


With a desire to launch a brand which reflects Polo as a superior sport, U.S. POLO Assn was inaugurated in 1890. The USPA fosters the game of polo, also harmonize activities of the club member and registered players. Merchandise of USPA is sold in over 135 countries in the apparel section of various shopping malls and also branded retail stores.

In India it was launched in 2009.The Ahmedabad-based textile manufacturer and retailer, Arvind Mills was given license to sell its products. Arvind Lifestyle Brand Ltd. then sold all products in the collection of USPA. The current number of USPA stores across India has reached 360 and is steadily growing.

Sanjay Lalbhai, Chairman and MD of Arvind Mills, said that they look forward to offering a line of classic American styling that captures the true spirit of the sport of polo. India has been associated with polo for centuries. The Calcutta Polo Club is the oldest active polo club in the world and was founded in 1868. USPA is one of the top clothing brands in India with a store presence in all the major cities and town. One can just revamp his cupboard with a brand new range of clothing which is stylish and affordable too. This particular brand guarantees finest quality material along with strength of every stitch and comfortable skin friendly material for their clothing.

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U.S. POLO ASSN. Marketing strategy and Interesting Facts behind its Success.

  • Apparel brand US Polo crossed the Rs 1,000-crore sales mark in India in the fiscal year of March, 2016. According to sources, it was quick with less than five years after its entry into the country. US Polo’s fast-paced sales put it in the same league as Zara, which became the biggest apparel brand in India within four years of setting up of the brand.

  • The success lies in their precise understanding of consumer taste towards the fashion. They caught the consumer trend with a fashion with a price tag which can be afforded.

  • Strategy of promoting brand more in a casual sense and less in driving fashion resulted in wider expansion of the brand.

  • Attracting customer base with their classy style and a unique logo has also added to making this brand a huge success. They plan to inaugurate more stores across the country and reach out to customers in every place.

  • Branding concentrates on the authenticity of the Sport POLO by using real equipment in stores, photographs of Real Polo players and original name of the Tournaments.

  • The aura they create in stores makes brand visibility very strong which encourage and motivates the customer to seek the product along with the attributes of brand.

  • “First Impression is the Last impression” and for a Good First Impression, a retailer needs a good and well stocked store and a smiling sales person. The key to a good store is visual merchandise and a great layout (and traffic flow), and the ease of finding merchandise.

  • The brand has been acknowledged by the DNR Magazine as Top 40 mega-brands in the United States of America.


U.S. Polo Campaigns

Yearly advertising campaign and slogan is developed by USPA Properties, Inc. for the U.S. POLO ASSN. brand, providing the customer with a familiar and same message across the world.

Moving back to 2011, they went back to the roots of the brand and came up with an advertising campaign which focussed on the authenticity and style of the brand. The logo was then created as, “Before Fashion, Polo was a sport.”  

U.S. Polo Assn. brand products are authentic and officially sanctioned by the United States Polo Association, the governing body for the sport of polo in the United States since 1890. The U.S. Polo Assn. brand carries clothing not only for men but they also have categorised products for women and children. They also slowly ventured into luggage, shoes and accessories.   


If you are wearing US Polo apparel, it gets you in the game. The game of Polo has been always referred to as the King of Games and Sports. Whenever a picture of Polo crosses our mind, it means tall men, geared up with perfection and riding horses. Best line of clothing, attitude, elegance, a true portrait of manhood leads to a picture perfect moment. 

US Polo clothing is famous all over the world for its quality products and best fashionable design. U.S. Polo clothing rediscovers the passion for sports, culture and tradition by hand-picking the best and finest quality clothing making its product one of the most elegant one.

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