Marketing Strategies of Whisper Brand

Company Name – Whisper
Founder- William Procter and James Gamble

Whisper is a premium product manufactured for women hygiene care and health care during periods. It has a wide range of variety of products for ladies.

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How All It Started

It is an American multinational consumer goods company. Headquarter of this company is in Ohio, United States of America. They are the founder of Procter & Gamble Co., the parent company of Whisper. They not just expanded their name in the USA but also in many countries across the world. It has a turnover greater than Rs. 500 crores. One of the revolutionary products of this company is Whisper sanitary napkins.

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It was launched in 1989 in India. It is a premium product from the very beginning. Its high quality of products with ease of availability is willing to achieve the premium price. The huge range of quality of the product has become a favorite product of their customers.


Whisper’s Marketing Strategy and Interest Reasons behind Its Success

Segmentation of Product

Whisper sanitary napkins manufacturing product for a specific age group that is ranging between 15 years to 30 years. It is being a premium product, which targets urban class of the society and gratifies to their respective needs. It also caters aspirational young female segment which is another section of demographics. The brand’s marketing has successfully been able to cultivate their consumer’s loyalty because the youth will keep using the product into their adult lives.  

Brand Positioning

The aim of the brand is to take consumers into account and form a strategy to create effective brand positioning. The brand gives a classic example of brand building in the country. It entered the market when other sanitary napkins brand was already a key player in the market. Two new products Whisper Ultra clean and new Whisper Ultra Soft had expanded the brand’s products line and at the same time also faced the competitors. Whisper needs to connect the consumers at their more personal level to retain its position as a leading brand.

Product Visibility

This brand has taken a step which no other brand has taken. It has established a tagline “Have A Happy Period” to create a distinct position over the market. The word “Period” is use that implied breaking the taboo of menstruation periods. This shows whisper is a bold and confident brand.

Promoting Strategy

The brand featured sensitive ads like the mother is teaching daughters about sanitary pads, how whisper is encouraging young girls like athletes and sports players to not let their period stops them on their way to success. It positioned itself for young girls and teenagers. It is said that a campaign works better if is created for different age groups, and Whisper is doing the same for positioning itself. It maintains its unique marketing strategy by focusing on social issues. Because of its high-quality sophisticated packaging, it is able to attain a premium brand status and also positioning itself higher than other brands.


Whisper Campaign

The brand campaign urges young girls to break silence on periods. The brand also tied-up with some YouTube video such as ‘Girliyapa’, this video along got more than 3 lakh views. Except this, the brand invested in these campaigns to promote the product;

“Touch the pickle”

It is a social campaign, which is designed by aiming the cultural myths that in Indian communities a menstruating woman cannot touch the pickle jar because it can be spoilt. This ad gained popularity of 1.8 million views on YouTube. They encouraged girls to share the period taboos that they had broken to inspire the world. This campaign won a Grand Prix in Glass Lions category at Cannes Lions on 2015.

Digital Campaign

The P&G owned brand, Whisper showed a sanitary napkin on prime time advertising two decades ago. The digital campaign is being promoted across social media platforms, which includes streaming site YouTube, microblogging platform Twitter and social media website Facebook.

The Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett, Rajdeepak Das has stated during this campaign that Whisper is of those brands that walk the talk. They are helping women from breaking the menstruation taboos to setting up personal hygiene awareness programs for millions of women, school girls, and teenagers. This brand has been behind hundreds of life-changing initiatives. Whisper can help to break the silence of the women. This campaign worked brilliantly in empowering women and schoolgirls.


This campaign was launched on International Women’s Day, which releases an inspirational video featured some celebrities named- Ashwini Ponnappa-the Ace Badminton Player, Anahita Dhondy- the youngest Female Chef and Ayesha Aziz- the youngest Female Pilot. Except for these celebrities, a Bollywood Actress Parineeti Chopra is also signed as a brand ambassador of this brand. This campaign highlights a journey of a woman that involves taking thousands of steps towards her goal but on those 5 days of the month, she hesitates to do so. Underlying this situation of those 5 days, the video showcases young achievers. It urges every woman to put her well ahead of her body and pull herself up to battle with the voices screaming inside her head. The campaign shows that she should create a comfort zone for following her dream and be unstoppable on those 5 days.


Whisper ran several activities to engage their customers and interact on Twitter and Facebook also. Whisper as a brand always aimed to work on a social cause, which is very evident in its branding, advertising and marketing as well. During a movement, the Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Day is invented on 28th May 2018.  Whisper is now available everywhere in the country and it has now started selling products online, which makes it more easily available than before. It has successfully satisfied its consumers by physically as well as mentally.

It is essential for every girl and woman to go for a superior quality of sanitary napkin like Whisper products that enables them to be unstoppable all the time. The brand hopes that it will enable more girls to break her silence on the periods and help them to bring out their strength, character, and talent.

whisper best ads

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