Marketing Strategies of Stayfree Brand

Company Name – Stay free
Founder- Johnson & Johnson Company

Stayfree is a brand of hygiene product for female. It includes maxi pads, ultra thin pads, and female wipes. Johnson & Johnson boost this product for women to live an active life without any concern.

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#How All It Started

The sanitary pad Stayfree was launched by Johnson & Johnson Company. It is an American Multinational medical, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. It is headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It includes 250 subsidiary companies which operate in 60 countries and sold its products in more than 175 countries.  It produces medical products like band-aids, baby products, contact lenses, beauty products, and sanitary pad. Stayfree is its sanitary brand, which is one of the largest brands in the world.


The product “Stayfree” was bought by Energizer on 31 July 2013 from Johnson & Johnson. However, the purchase by Energizer is valid only in North America. The parent company continues to supply the brands in all other regions of the world.   

#Stayfree Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success

Product Strategy

Stayfree is a brand of protective sanitary pad, which perfectly works on the move. It is the modern concept to live stain free, protected and active in those days of periods. It has a quick absorption quality for those women or girls who suffer from a large quantity of menstrual flow. It helps to keep up with life events, daily works and relaxing too. The competitive brands are Sofy, Kotex, Whisper, She and Carefree. It is relatable to the real problems of women. The quality of the brand has achieved high customer loyalty and trust, which makes a good distribution across the world. It distributes the product in all the chemist and drug stores globally. It has tie-ups with hospitals, clinics, and women organizations.

Brand Extension

The product is also meant for pregnant women. On pregnancy especially early pregnancy, women experience a vaginal discharge, which is known as Leukorrhea. It is a thick and milky vaginal discharge which is difficult to manage. Stayfree works for such days so that the women can manage and can protect themselves from staining.

Nowadays, women use ultra thin pads, which need to be changed frequently and very few women use pads during their nine months of pregnancy. It creates a 9-month long hole in Stayfree’s audience. The market of Stayfree aimed at the clarity of how large a hole. It is an innovative product that can lead the tie-ups, collaborations and new revenue to hospitals and more. This is an extension of a brand that helps Stayfree to capitalize itself in the market for the long run. Stayfree also features Thermo control Technology in its pads to keep you dry, cool, and calm.

Goals of the Brand

The brand has a goal to ensure complete market coverage with its fresh sales so that market share can also increase. For better rural penetration they had tied up with organizations and hospitals as well as they are doing outdoor campaigns and talking to the consumers directly about they used or use during pregnancy. The ultra-thin pad is popular among women except in rural areas. They are campaigning in rural areas to built awareness. They talk to the villagers (girls and women) and ask them what they are using during periods and give them the information about sanitary pads that is why to use pads on periods and how to use it. These rope new audiences by creating awareness by retaining the bold image which Stayfree has from the beginning. The good recall, large market share, and existing channels help to make the process smoother.

stayfree ads

#Stayfree Campaign

Stayfree has good brand visibility through its campaigns or ads on TV, online media as well as on print media. The company roped in with PV Sindhu, the Rio Olympics’ badminton Player as its brand ambassador. These are some campaigns;

“Time to Change”

This is a social media campaign comes with a groundbreaking concept and also a terrific example for brand managers. It is a blogger contest in which Stayfree encouraged the bloggers to write about what they want to change around them. They invited bloggers from all around the world.

“Wall of Irritation”  

Stayfree runs an interesting campaign “Wall of Irritation”, which was able to achieve 50,000 fans on its Facebook brand page. This campaign was launched on the Women’s Day to ask the bloggers to share the change they want around them. There are some cool prizes they can win too with the grand prize being an Apple iPad 2. Through this campaign, the bloggers ask, answered and listened to each other and get motivated or clarified about the contest.

Under this campaign, activity takes place named- “I Can”. It was a half marathon held in Mumbai. The idea of this activity was to run a few miles to support their cause and then express the irritation, which occurs due to breaking the wall. It inspired hundreds of women to participate, it helps the brand to spread the word and make a difference.

“Dreams of Progress”

This campaign was unveiled by ‘PV Sindhu’, Rio Olympic Silver Medalist, at Auxilium High School in Hyderabad. She spoke to the students about her journey and how menstrual could never pose in her success. She talked to her juniors about dreams, aspirations and overcoming challenges. She encouraged the girls to pursue their dreams of progress without stopping on their period days. This campaign aimed to change the mindset of girls and motivates them to not let periods bog them down. Hence, PV Sindhu is the natural ambassador of the brand as she is today a real model for millions of girls.      



It has a low presence in rural markets because of unawareness about the product. Still, in India there are several girls and women are not using sanitary pads during their periods. Stayfree has taken in charge to educate them about the period, related diseases and measures to protect themselves from those diseases. Girls envelop herself in anxiety during periods, they have a fear that her protection may let her down anytime and Stayfree has proven itself the best choice under all these conditions. It offers long-lasting, comfortable protection so that period cannot interrupt their dreams. Stayfree aspires to support the girls and women and also helps in their champion progress. The campaigns of Stayfree help in raising awareness of hygiene in women.

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