Marketing Strategies of Milton Brand

Company Name- Milton
Founder- Hamilton Group of Companies

Milton is one of the leading dealers and manufacturers of houseware products in the country. Claro, Treo, Spotzero, along with Milton belongs to the Hamilton Group of companies. They believe in Change, Innovation and Evolution in whatever they do.


How It All Started.

Milton started as a partnership firm and manufactured the range of plastic household and other items. The company has six associated industrial units with substantial plasticizing capacity that work for Milton Plastics. They added a tagline for their brand ‘Aao Kuch Naya Sochte Hain’.



The company was established in 1972 and introduced as a partnership firm. It has a manufacturing unit at Sanaswadi near Pune. In 1992, Milton Plastics was converted into a public limited company. After sometimes, it also launched the baby care product range. The company entered into a joint venture with Hong Kong-based Electricals and Electronics to launch electric appliances. In 1999, the company has introduced new ranges of houseware products.


Milton’s marketing strategy and an interesting reason behind its success.

Product Strategy

Milton is a manufacturer of plastic household items, vacuum flasks, insulated thermocare items, fitments, and components of the automobile industry and various engineering products that are made from plastics. It also manufactures baby care products named Funny Bunny Baby Care products, which includes near about 36 baby care products. The product range of the company also includes glassware and chinaware products. Under the joint venture with Hong-Kong, they launched some domestic appliances like hand mixers, sandwich toasters, hair dryers and more. They had new launches of household products namely Non-stick ware, Water Purification System, Microwavable Containers of various sizes, water purification system, Pet Bottles or Jars of different sizes and shapes, Soft Thermoware products, Glass based Dinnerware or Teaware products.


The brand composed 100 crores for their 250 glassware product’s segmentation. With their new marketing initiatives, they achieved a 30% market share in the glassware segment. In the section of thermocare products, the company wishes to grow the market share up to 20% within a year and also wishing to grow the overall sales turnover which is more than Rs. 250 crore.

Place Strategy

The company has established a network with more than 55,000 retailers and placed manufacturing units all over in India. This allowed the company to constantly move forward in its endeavor to manufacture better and more efficient products every time to increase the number of customers by fulfilling their daily needs. This goal has won the loyalty of Indians and also achieved the market of more than 60 countries in the world.

Positioning Strategy

The company planned to export its ‘Treo’ glassware product to 49 countries. To maintain its position the brand wants to sell the product through departmental stores based on Africa, Europe, Middle-East and many other countries where the products have taken off well. The price of the product is between Rs. 50 and Rs. 1,050. The company planned to set a ‘shop-in-shop’ plan. This plan includes 100 Treo and 100 Milton products should sell through premium retail outlets and malls. This ‘shop in shop’ concept or strategy has proved to be a sales driver for the company and also generated an additional 10% sale to its overall sales turnover. It has been marketed through 20,000 retailers in the world.

Promoting Strategy

The brand used TVC, Social media, print media and YouTube channel to promote the products through ads. It always uses small stories for ads, which can engage people and also entertaining.


Milton Campaign

Milton always invests on engaging and entertaining campaigns. The campaigns are as follows;

“Leak Lock Steel Tiffin”

Milton has released a TVC for its new product “Leak Lock Steel Tiffin”. This campaign was India’s first TVC shot on an iPhone and is a part of “Kuch Naya Sochte Hain” thought of the product. It is conceptualized as a film that depicts the daily routine journey of the tiffin from home to office in regular city life. The brand raises the standard of innovation higher by implementing leak-proof technology in the steel tiffin. This campaign focused on the communication of people with this core product benefits and able to take the viewers on a journey that is both engaging and entertaining.  

“Kahan Ka Piya”

This TVC revealed a thermosteel bottle manufactured by the brand. This campaign positioned the product as essential for a traveler. The aim of this campaign is to connect with the youth of India through a means of solo traveler’s journey that appeals to their sense of adventure and self-discovery. Milton’s TVC is an ode to a trend of solo traveling by women. They featured the bottle as her sole companion on exploring different parts of India in diverse weather conditions. This TVC also gets promoted through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

“Rozi Versus Roti”

This is a television commercial for Milton Microwow Tiffin. This is the world’s first microwaveable insulated tiffin with steel inner. This TVC aims to communicate the brand with the people by providing tiffin solutions for India’s office goers so that they can enjoy their lunchtime without hampering their daily work commitments. They can enjoy the hot homemade food at the office through this tiffin.    



Milton always focused on to make hygienic and easy to handle products. The brand is still creating new products for consumers so that they can lead their daily life comfortably. The houseware products of Milton allow enjoying homemade food anywhere. The campaigns of this brand always focus on communication. They always make their campaigns innovative and attractive so that people should find the moral of the ad so interesting. Milton brings an affection of school day tiffin meals and reminds you of the daily office squabbles for hot food from colleagues’ lunch boxes.

It invokes memories of so many houseware products that give a convenient life. The quality of the products has created a valuable reputation in the market. Milton products go through the lab test so that people can use them without any worry; they make sure that the product will never let them down. The brand said that when real life is so tough then they make sure that their products are even tougher. In other words, they are the authors of change, innovation, and evolution.     

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