Marketing Strategies of Havmor Brand

Company : Havmor
Founder : Satish Chandra Chona

Started in 1944, Havmor ice creams have become one of the most famous ice cream brands in the country in quite a short pan. Havmor ice-creams today boasts a product portfolio that comprises of more than 150 kinds of ice creams, that are presently retailed through a parlour network operating across 14 states.

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How It All Started

The history of this prestigious ice cream brand dates back to 1944. Satish Chandra Chona was an engineer who worked with erstwhile BOAC (now British Airways). Apart from his engineering work, Mr. Chona had a passion for food, consequently he can be seen working at his uncle’s restaurant after his day job was over. It was his uncle’s restaurant where he learnt the art of making ice cream. Finally he decided to set up an ice cream shop in Karachi, Pakistan, called Havmor. The shop where this 73 year old business eventually kicked off in 1944, still exists, though it is now run by a different owner in Karachi, Pakistan.

Launching and History

After learning the art of ice cream at his uncle’s restaurant, Satish Chona, decided to set up a pop up ice-cream shop in Karachi, Pakistan, with the name – Havmor. This shop that was started as a part-time venture to supplement family’s income, eventually paved way to become a popular local ice cream brand. Things were going in a positive way until 1947, when the partition of India and Pakistan took place. Mr. Satish Chandra Chona has to wind up the business and was forced to leave everything behind in Karachi, along with his family members, as they migrated to India overnight in search of safety.

His first step was in Dehradun, where he started his first outlet. However, the cool climate of the place did not augur well for the ice cream business. Then one of his well-wishers advised him to shift to the city of Indore and put up an outlet there but things didn’t go well at that place. At Indore, he was cheated of his money. Then few friends suggested him to move to Gujarat. With practically no money in hand, he spent his life on the railway station with his wife. The one thing that helped them to earn the livelihood was the recipe for ice creams. Mr. Chona began Havmor operations with just 200 rupees, which he and his wife, Mrs. Nirmal Chona, made at night and sold the ice-creams through a handcart in the day time. The weather stays warm in Gujarat, which lead to higher ice cream sales. To increase the revenue, Mr. Chona borrowed a cycle from one of his friend and sells ice cream around Ahmedabad; in the meantime his friend took care of the handcart.

Finally, the first outlet was set up in Relief Road and the ice cream ice cream was named Havmor, a name that worked pretty well for the brand. Another outlet was opened in Baroda. The latest technologies were incorporated in the business with his son, Pradeep entering the business. He ensured the firm was run professionally. With his efforts, Havmor brand outlet made its attendance in all parts of Gujarat, making it a well-known name within Gujarat. In 2005, his son Ankit, inherited the business. With focus on expansion with strong hard work, Havmor brand has a presence in 14 cities now.

Havmor’s marketing strategy and Interesting Reasons behind its Grand Success


  • With a network of restaurants, eateries and Havfunn parlours, Havmor products are today available across 14 markets in India. The ice cream brand Havmor has more than 100 plus ‘Havfunn’ ice cream parlours across the country, selling around 1 Lakh litres of ice cream a day.
  • Their exclusive range of ice cream played a great role in paving their way to success. The range includes Lonavali, rich Pista malai, Golden Fantasy, Hazelnut Rocher and exotic Swiss cake, though vanilla, strawberry and chocolate remain the most popular.

  • Huber & Holly boutique by Havmor brand offers an amazing amalgamation of ice-creams freshly churned right at the outlet, cakes & desserts (ice-cream based) in their most inventive form.

  • Mr. Chola’s unwavering focus on 3 values played a significant role in their success. These three values are – Acchai (Goodness), Sachhai (Truthfulness) and Safai (Cleanliness). These 3 values remains core philosophy of Havmor.

  • Havmor has always maintained their quality and their products are always economically priced.

  • Three innovative and unique new flavors are introduced every quarter by Havmor. Out of these three, one being a seasonal fresh fruit flavor.  Seasonal flavour series – Flavours of the Month, by Havmor has been quite successful.

  • Through fun and unique ice cream variants such as Choco Nutty, Sandwich Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cakes and pastry, Havmor always ensured to bring joy to their customers.

  • Havmor never compromises with quality. All their products undergo quality checks to ensure that they deliver the best to their customers and that too at an affordable price.

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Awards And Recognition

  • Bagging the prestigious Times Food Award for 9 consecutive years (from 2009 to 2017), Havmor has proved that they are indeed one of the best ice cream brand.
  • In “The great Indian ice cream Contest season 5” organized by Dupont, Havmor won the highest number of awards.


Havmor ice creams journey from Karachi to Dehradun to Gujarat has been quite glorious in itself. Havmor has become a brand of goodness and this is quite visible in their product and everything that they do. From serving paan ice creams at Shilpa Shetty’s reception to mango ice cream that was served to Bill Clinton on his visit to India, Havmor is on an endeavor to reach greater heights.

Effective distribution strategy played a great role in ensuring impressive growth numbers for Havmor. In November 2017, Havmor Ice Cream Ltd was fully acquired by South Korean major LOTTE Confectionery for a whopping ₹1,020 crore, with a long term commitment to take the company to the next level, at quite a faster pace.

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