Marketing Strategies of Cadbury Dairy Milk

“Kuch meetha ho jaye”
Company name- Cadbury Dairy Milk
Founder- George Cadbury

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Well, when you speak about Cadbury, your mouth definitely starts watering! Who doesn’t know about this lip-smacking chocolate! Cadbury Dairy Milk is the brand of milk chocolate owned by Cadbury, which was firstly introduced in the United Kingdom in the year 1905 and after that they begin to produce more products. The chocolates in the series of Cadbury are prepared with milk chocolate.

In the year 2014, the Cadbury Company was ranked with the award of the best-selling chocolate in the UK. Hershey’s Company has a license provided by Cadbury to prepare and distribute the chocolate in the USA.

How it all started.

The development of the chocolate bars was in George Cadbury Junior’s hands. The discovery of name for the chocolates was very tough. It was one of the customer’s daughters who suggested Dairy Milk and the name clicked!

The series of fruit and nut became a part of the Dairy Milk in 1926 and after that they manufactured the whole nut series in 1930. At this time, Cadbury had already become a brand leader in the UK. It was in the year 1928 that the company introduced a slogan which said, “Glass and a half” that accompanied the Dairy Milk bar to promote the high milk content in the bar.

By 2007, Cadbury had established a trademark in the United Kingdom which has the distinctive purple colour of the wrapper which was a tribute to Queen Victoria and introduced in 1914. To bring in a change, in July 2018, Cadbury declared that it would create a new version of dairy milk with less sugar, approximately by 30 %

dairy milk print ads


By the starting of June in 1905, Cadbury launched its first Dairy Milk bar that was manufactured with the highest proportion of milk of all the other chocolates. By September 2012, Cadbury took a different approach by changing the shape of the bar chunks by giving them a circular shape that on the other hand will reduce the weight. The original Dairy Milk bar was launched in 1905 which had mark of “with a glass and a half of fresh milk”.

dairy milk print ads
Cadbury marketing strategies and interesting reason behind its success

– Cadbury started its promotion in Ireland by using the jingle, “The perfect word for chocolate” by the year 1986 to 1988. By the mid of 1989 to 1996 the jingle which became famous was “The choice is yours the taste is Cadbury” and then the slogan “Mysteries of Love” became popular amongst the Irish people.

– Cadbury Dairy Milk always tries to maintain a strong relationship with milk and they have always amazed the people with slogans like “a glass with a half of pure cream milk” and at a time there was an advertisement that featured a glass of milk pouring out that producing a bar.

– By the year 2007, Cadbury Dairy Milk launched a new advertising campaign that includes a Gorilla, from a new in-house production that company named as “Glass and a half full production”. This advertisement launched at the season finale of Big Brother in 2007, it included a gorilla at a drum kit that were drumming along to the song, “In the air tonight”. This advertisement gained twenty million views on YouTube which resulted in getting the Phil Collins song back into trend.

– In 2012, the ad campaigns focused on a new approach, Joyville. It was ‘organization made to bring joy to people’. For the relaunch of Dairy Milk in Westfield, London, chocolate fountains were put in the shopping centres that resulted out the best for Cadbury. During the campaign of 2012, Cadbury Dairy Milk launched its new flavours like toffee popcorn, nutty caramel, golden biscuit crunch, and Dairy Milk with Oreo. Besides adding continuously new flavours, Cadbury also launched the Cadbury Bubbly bars. 

– Then in 2014, Free the Joy campaign replaced Joyville and new designed Dairy milk bar with a QR code was launched. Consumers were invited to scan the QR code and were directed to the website featuring the moments related to “Free the Joy”.



Dairy Milk in India

Cadbury Dairy Milk has always enjoyed a great fan following in India, and has gained a great amount of followers in India. When they first started their promotion in India, they appointed Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as their brand ambassador in the year 2004. They also faced a backlash and loss somewhere in their journey but came back in full swing with amazing advertisement campaigns.

This company known for its creative marketing campaigns, and one of the campaigns reflected the country’s love for cricket. By doing that, they were at the top of the charts again.

Another feather in the cap would be the ‘Shubh Aarambh’ campaign. This campaign explored around the traditional practice of Indian traditions and rituals by having something sweet. The campaign hit the perfect chord and made Dairy Milk a favourite household name in the country.


In today’s world, Dairy Milk offering their products at a very reasonable rate and anyone can have it and admire the flavour of all its products. There are various products that have been introduced to cater the different audiences as per their purchasing power. There are a series of Dairy Milk products that people use to give as gifts on occasions like birthdays, weddings or Valentine’s Day and so many more! The price range starts from Rs.5 and grows up to Rs.1000. With loads of milk, and enriched with fruits and nuts everyone loves their own flavour of Cadbury Diary Milk.


Cadbury Dairy Milk today holds about 70% of the share of the chocolate industry in our country. Presently, the company has one of the major success stories and also one of the world’s most popular chocolate brands in the world.

There’s no other chocolate in the world which can compete with the taste of Cadbury Diary Milk. While the creative campaigns are a massive success in today’s world, people are not holding back their love and affection for Diary Milk.

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