Marketing Strategies of Brooke Bond Brand

‘Swad Apnepan Ka’ (Taste of Togetherness)

Owned By – Hindustan Unilever Limited
Founder – Arthur Brook

Here are Marketing strategies and Journey of Brooke Bond Brand.

Brooke Bond, a brand name associated with tea and owned by the Hindustan Unilever Limited. It is one of the oldest brands with the finest tea quality in the country. Brand success was already foresighted by founder Arthur Brook because he wanted to create a special ‘Bond’ with consumers by providing them with quality tea. The brand “Brooke Bond & Company” was started as a Tea shop in 1869 at 23 Market Street, Manchester. Brooke Bond’s most famous brand is PG Tips which was launched in 1930. The company merged with Liebig in 1968, becoming Brooke Bond Liebig, which was later acquired by Unilever in 1984.


Brooke Bond Tea is sold in various markets through its sub-brands. In India, it was launched in 1903 as Brooke Bond Red Label. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal was launched in the year 1966 and Brooke Bond Taaza entered the beverage market in the year 1990. Today, Brooke Bond is one of India’s oldest tea brands with a history of 115 years and it claims to reach over 50 million people every month. One of the biggest investments for the company recently has been in the brand Lipton. This leading tea brand of India touches the lives of more than 500 million consumers.

Brooke Bond’s marketing strategy and Interesting Reasons behind its Grand Success

  • Brand Visibility: Brooke Bond has a very strong brand portfolio. They use creative advertisement to increase its brand visibility. Brooke Bond has started an ad campaign that acknowledges women empowerment and their need to drink Brooke Bond Tea. Its catchy commercials are aired on television, radio, newspaper, and magazines. There are many taglines which has made a strong impression on the minds of Indians. Some popular taglines are ‘Chuskiyaan Zindagi ki’, ‘Tazza ho le’, ‘Wah Taj’, ‘Raas Pyar Ka’ etc. Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band won several global and national awards for its barrier breaking message.
  • Distribution channel: Established supply chain network and an intensive distribution channel that helps in a timely and efficient dispatch to the retail market. It has adopted both direct and indirect channel of distribution for its products and it also includes services of the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer to reach its consumer.
  • Flavor and Taste: The tea is loved by the customers due to its unique flavour and taste. The Customer Loyalty base has increased due to this unique blend. This has helped the brand to establish a good brand recall and equity in the market. The tea has a very distinct aroma which helps in establishing brand uniqueness.
  • Market Penetration: Brooke Bond has successfully marked its name and penetrated in both urban market and rural market and thus, in India its products are easily available in every part and corner.
  • Packaging: – Each product comes with a catchy packing which is very attractive and easy to choose from the shelves. The packaging has helped the brand to increase the volume of sales and attract existing as well first time consumers. The customers today do have a strong brand recall.
  • Smart Player: Tie-ups with Hotel and Corporates to sell its product through several tea junctions which make Brooke Bond tea and directly sell it to its customers.
  • Pricing: Thorough competition analysis by the marketing team and then consultation with its analytical team, it decided to enforce a value-added pricing policy to suit both consumer and company. Products availability in different sizes makes easier for customer to buy them according to the needs.
  • Expansion: The continuous commitment of Brooke Brand Tea has created a positive impact on its consumers which has further resulted in the expansion of the brand. Brooke Bond’s network in countries like India, United Kingdom, Japan, West Indies and Pakistan shows how popular it is around the globe.

-Brook Bond Campaigns

Brooke Bond Tea is sold in various markets through its sub-brands listed below:


-Brooke Bond Red Label

Red Label has been the front runner for Brooke Bond in the tea category and oldest of all. The brand recently released its latest campaign titled ‘Tale of two blends’. In India making tea for family is special; Brooke bond red label brings them together and gives the family that irresistible great taste. Every cup of Red Label Tea is brewed with the best chosen tea leaves.


-Brooke Bond Taj Mahal


Premium variant with superior quality tea of Brooke Bond, many celebrities were associated with its commercial. Zakir Hussain, Saif Ali Khan, Madhuri Dixit and recently Rahul Sharma have been roped in for Taj Mahal brand whose popular tagline is ‘Wah Taj’. Television actor Hina Khan has also worked for the Red Label brand with the tagline ‘Chuskiyaan Zindagi Ki’.

-Brook Bond Tazza

A refreshing and unique blend of tea mixed with the fresh leaves of green-tea.

’Taaza ho le’ was the tagline used in the commercials. It was dedicated to the woman in the country today where young women in India aspire for an identity beyond their home.

-Brooke Bond 3 Roses Tea

Brooke Bond 3 Roses Tea is the loose black tea of choice in South India. It is believed only a perfect cup of tea could bring the couples together. This Sub-Brand has tried to reformulate the relationship shared between Indian married couples.



Brook Bond -Liquor of Love to Cheers Your Senses.

In earlier time, tea was consumed for refreshment or was just a habit. But, today tea is the most consumed drink in the India after water. India reports for almost 30 percent of the production of tea across globe. Tea is also the only domain where India has been globally prominent in the last one and a half century. Brooke bond is the largest and oldest tea manufacturer in India, as-well-as many other countries. Its special features and unique quality makes it distinct it from other tea brands.  Due to its popularity it’s also known as the ‘Teacup of the Nation’.

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