Catchy Hindi Slogans on Eradication of Polio

Polio is basically a viral infection that can cause paralysis and death in its most severe forms. It can spread easily from person to person. The World Health Organization (WHO) aim is to eradicate polio completely and, if this happens, it will be only the third disease to have been beaten in this way, after smallpox and rinderpest. Even Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are the only three countries in which polio has not successfully been stopped. It is beast that the reach and spread, however, has been reduced in these areas over time. The WHO mainly hopes to achieve the complete eradication of polio by 2018. Most of the people with polio don’t have any symptoms and won’t know they’re infected. But for some having bad luck people, the polio virus causes temporary or permanent paralysis, which can be life threatening.

Slogans are commonly used to convey a message about the product, service or cause that it is representing. The slogans can have a musical tone to it or written as a song. Catchy and innovative slogans are best used to capture the attention of the audience it is trying to reach. If the slogan is mainly used for commercial purposes, often it is written to be memorable/catchy in order for a consumer to associate the slogan with the product it is representing. A slogan is considered a part of the production aspect that helps create an image for the product, service or cause it’s representing. A catchy slogan can be a few simple words used to form a phrase that can be used in a repetitive manner.

Here are the lists of catchy Hindi slogan suggestions on polio awareness purposes are given below:

  • Do boond zindagi ke
  • Agar nanhe bacho ko bachana hain, toh polio ka dose dilana hain!
  • Polio Dos Pilao, Desh ko Bachao!
  • Aaiye, hum sab polio ko jadd se mitaye!
  • Ek boond ki taakat se, desh dodega apne pero se!
  • Band karo polio, teekakaran karo!
  • Jab aaiye polio ki baari, mata –pita ki hain ye zimmedari!
  • Hum hain polio ke sipahi, ab na hogi polio se tabahi!
  • Aapka pura hoga pyaar, jab bacho ko mile samay pe polio ki khurak!
  • Bacho ki zindagi ki keeemat bass do boond hain!
  • Iss saal ka yehi naara hain polio ko jadd se mitana hain!
  • Polio desh par ek abhishaap hain, isse khatam karna jaruri hain!
  • Desh ka asli vikaas polio nasht hokar hi hoga!
  • Dekhe aise bharat ka sapna, jaha har bacha polio se mukt ho apna!
  • Do boond pilao, bache ki zindgi khushaal banao!
  • Bacho ke ache vikaas ke liye, unhe 2 boond pilao!
  • Khushaal zindgi ka ek hi naara, bacha polio mukt ho hamara!
  • Desh ko aage badhana hain, polio ko nahi!
  • Polio ka naash, matlab desh ka vikaas!
  • Utho, sab polio booth chalo!
  • Logo ko jaagruk banaye, polio jaisi musibat ko jadd se mitaaye!
  • Agar dena hain toh logo ko polio se bachne ki jaankari do!
  • Zindgi ka asli maza tab hain, jab desh polio mukt hoga!
  • Polio desh ka sabse bada dushman hain
  • Election main polio ko khatam karne ko mango
  • Ab desh ka yehi naara hona chahaiye, polio ko mitane ka!
  • Unnat desh ka ek hi kamaal hain, polio ka khatam hona hi khushaal raaz hain!
  • Polio khatam hone se desh ko nayi aazadi milegi!
  • Desh ke yuva logo shaant mat raho aur ek ache kaam main apna shayog de!
  • Ache kaamo ke liye khud ka sankalp hi kaafi hain!
  • Polio jaisi bimari pe nijaat pana behad jaruri hain!
  • Desh ka vikaas hum khud kar sakte hain, agar polio jaisi bhayankar bimari ka naash ho jaaye!
  • Aaj hi apne bache ko polio ki do boond pilaaye!
  • Aapke bacho ka acha bhavishya, do boondo pe tika hain!
  • Chalo aaj bacho ko polio booth pe lekar chale!
  • Behan! Tumne apne bacho ko polio ki dawa pilayi!
  • Ache samay ke liye polio jaisi bimari se ladna jaruri hain!
  • Chune bacho ka shandaar bhavishya, na ki polio jaisa andhkaar!
  • Polio ko aaj hi kare good bye!

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