Catchy Hindi Slogans on Poverty

Every Awareness Drive slogan is an opportunity to outshine others. If your slogan is expertly and well written, you will have the ability to persuade people to perceive your goal in the manner that you want to be perceived. Check Below Some best and Catchy Hindi Slogans on Poverty For your Inspiration.

Poverty is all about not having enough money to meet basic needs including food, clothing and shelter.  However, poverty is not just not having enough money. In addition of poverty it is just a lack of money, poverty is about not being able to participate in recreational activities; not being able to send children on a day of happy trip with their schoolmates or to a birthday party; not being able to pay for medications for an illness.  These are all costs of being poor. Those people who are hardly pay for food and shelter simply can’t consider these other expenses. When people are mainly excluded within a society, when they are not well educated and when they have a higher incidence of illness, there are negative consequences for society.  We all pay the price for poverty.

Slogan is always one of the most popular and best ways to spread awareness among people about any social issue. So, we have basically provided here some unique, effective and eye catching slogans on poverty which you can use to spread awareness regarding poverty among people and encourage them for education and is the only effective medicine to completely remove poverty from the society and nation. Such poverty slogans can be only used during the event or campaign celebrations in the community, society, schools, colleges or other places.

Here are the lists of catchy Hindi slogan suggestions on poverty and for advertising purpose, are given below:

  • Garibi ne paida kiya hain desh main abhaav, isse nasht karke hi prapt hoga sadbhaav
  • Svadeshi ko apnaayenege, desh se garibi ko puri tarah mitaayeneg!
  • Garibi hatana majboori nahi, balki jaruri hain!
  • Ab desh ko garibi mukt banao!
  • Sarkar apna kaam kare, garibi ki puri tarah se durr kare!
  • Manavta ki raksha karo, garibi ko durr karo!
  • Nahi hain hamme se koi ameer, agar desh main koi garib!
  • Garibi hatao, desh ko ujjwal banao!
  • Har neta ka pehla yehi dharam hain, desh ko garibi mukt karna!
  • Khud ko viksit karo, garibi ko khud se dur karo!
  • Apni siksha ka faayda uthao, desh ko garibi mukt banao!
  • Siksha ka faayda wahi, jaha bilkul bhi garibi nahi!
  • Apaar sampada bhi hain bekaar, garibo ke liye kholo bhandaar
  • Garib hona paap nahi, balki garib marna paap hain!
  • Garibi ek shart hain aur isse siksha ke maadhyam se dur kiya jaa sakta hain!
  • Siksha garibi ke liye ek prabhavi samadhan hain!
  • Kisi bhi desh ki safalta ke liye garibi khatarnaak hain!
  • Garibi hone par ek rashtra viksit nahi ho sakta hain!
  • Garibi lalach aur bhrashtrachaar ki maa hain!
  • Garibi ek rashtra ke vikaas main badha daalti hain!
  • Sikha garibi ke liye ekmatr prabhavi samadhaan hain!
  • Garibi logo ko aayamo main kamjor banati hain!
  • Garibi insaan ki budhimaan banati hain!
  • Garibi inssan ki sabse badi dushman hain!
  • Desh se garibo ko nahi, garibi ko hatao!
  • Garibi ko roke, nahi toh desh khokhla ho jaayega!
  • Garibo ki seva hi, ishwar ki seva hain!
  • Iss saal ka yehi sankalp hain, garibi hatakar desh ko khushaal banana hain!
  • Iss desh main garibi ab nahi chalegi, nahi chalegi!
  • Garibi mukt desh hi ab hamara naara hain!
  • Garibo ki bhi samaan mile, bas yehi kehna hain!
  • Siksha ka maadhyam badhao, garibi ki jadd se mitao!
  • Hame garibi se nahi, garibi ki hamse darna chahiye!
  • Paise ki kami, samasta buraiyo ki jadd hain!
  • Mukt siksha baant kar, hum garibi ka naash kar sakte hain!
  • Garibi nahi toh saara desh khushaal!
  • Garibi hatao, ab yehi pehla sankalp hain!
  • Ek iccha yehi rakho ki har bacha bhookha aur garib na rahe!
  • Ab tab tak chain se sona nahi, jab tak garibi desh se khatam na ho jaaye!
  • Desh ko pehle jaise sone ki chidiya banana hain!
  • Har yuva ki ab yehi ho aawaz, garibi ka ho jadd se naash!
  • Kuber bhi agar apna dhan vayarth kare, toh wo bhi garib ho jata hain!
  • Garibi na chahte hue garibi pe hi ek abhisaap hain!
  • Inn chunaavo main desh ki garibi mukt karne ka aasvashan maange!


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