Marketing Strategies of Axe Deo Brand

Company Name- Axe
Founder- Unilever

            Axe is a male grooming product and is owned by the British Dutch company Unilever. It is also known as Lynx in some countries like, New Zealand, Ireland, China, Australia and United Kingdom but, in other countries it is known as ‘Axe’. It can give a unique experience to both guys and girls like no other brand. It is a tool to people for attracting the world around them.


How It All Started

It was firstly launched in 1983 and till 1989 many various names arrived such as Oriental, Marine, Spice and Musk. From 1990 to 1996, they are known among the people by their geographic names. After getting success in Europe, it was got introduced in U.S IN 2002. In 2009, the brand was introduced within 8-centimetre container, named Axe Bullet.

creative axe ads


Throughout its history, it has created exclusive content by creating channel with some society’s biggest voice and give experiences to guys and girls worldwide. Unilever firstly launched axe in France on 1983. Unilever introduced many products in the range at the same time and forced to use many the name Lynx in some countries due to trademark issues on this name. Some other countries like South Africa introduced this brand as EGO. They launched anti-per spirant and deodorant sticks in 2004, shower gels 2005, hair care products 2009 and face care products in 2013. Again in 2016, they introduced a premium line of grooming products designed with some premium benefits to express their individuality.

creative axe ads

Axe’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

-From 1990s, advertisements of Axe portrayed that the product helps men to attract women and 2003; advertisement for the Pulse fragrance in UK shows how men can get confidence about women. After that some consumer expert has hired to explore cross cultural behavioural motivations among young male. And it tends the development of product globally and resulting award-winning product.

-It is the most popular male grooming brand in the world and bestseller of Unilever brand. It offers a wide range of grooming products from body spray to body wash, deodorant, shampoo and more. Unilever has developed many other successful brands in the world including Axe such as women’s personal care products brand, etc.

-After launching in United States, they targeted 15-25 years boys who wants improve their appeal for the opposite sex.

-Apart from creativity, Axe has numerous advertising awards for their effective use on unconventional media channels. It advertises mostly on men dominated networks such as ESPN, Spike, MTV and Comedy Central.

-It takes care of its refreshment, so it always works hard to keep the brand fresh, cool and relevant. So, it launches a new fragrance every year to refresh its market strategies. Axe has many categories, which makes the Axe’s market success to lift their brand.

-Now some print ads appear in the web, which helps to build brand loyalty. The brand approaches gorgeous women to attract to average guys through a single spray of Axe deodorant or perfume.

-The advertisement activity also involved brand ambassadors for their marketing of products. These include many actor, actress, musicians and film-makers to become a part of Axe collective and can showcase their work on Toronto film festival.

-The research among 3500 guys in ten countries shows, almost half men are afraid of being judges and labelled. That’s why Axe brand is on the mission to awaken guys to improve their personality. Nine out of ten women find guys more attractive when they are being themselves, and it become possible by Axe.

-They want guys to be their own terms without any pressure and without any effecting labels on them.

creative axe ads

Axe Campaigns

  • The team points to the 12% organic reach of the campaign, which is causing a standout success of Axe by both creatively and commercially.
  • The Axe achieves 39.3 million digital views and four billion media impressions in the firstly quarter after launch.

-It has direct engagements with the films and more than 12,000 comments across all the platforms.

-The campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood claimed that the products advertisements are encouraging sexual promiscuity and sexism dragging marketing that can undermine girl’s healthy environment.

-After some incidents occurred due to large amount of spraying the deodorant, the company created two types of ads, one is against the use of Axe inhalant and other one for warning of its flammability.

-Axe initiated a marketing campaign in which company conducted a worldwide contest to select astronauts who would fly sub-orbital space missions aboard the Lynx space plane.

-At 5th December 2013, Axe has announced 23 space cadets. They were from 23 different countries. Some of them are not have space agencies or had not produced any astronauts before.

-The campaigns have sparked much controversies and debate for some advertisements reasons, they have credited with boosting Unilever sales and market share all over the world.

-The overall positive sentiments for axe rising its marketing from 14.74% to 14.35% and it causes a brand re-evolution by consumers.

-When it comes to marketing, the creative executions have to stand out and should connect to the broad church of consumers. It is a mass- market brand.



Axe acts like a magic that inspires guys to embrace and understand what makes them unique. Axe advanced collection had many other fragrances that enhance their personality and helps them to attract people around them. It is the #1men fragrance brand in the world. From edgy online videos to video games, chat rooms, blogs, mobile apps, the Axe brand engages young adult males. The 30 second TV commercial cab creates a deeper bond with the audience.

Unilever is selling their products in more than 190 countries and reaching out to 2.5 billion consumers a day. Some Unilever sustainable living plans commits to sharing the environment impact of our products, enhancing the livelihoods of millions of people and helping more than a billion people by improving their health.  

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