Catchy Hindi Slogans for a Kajal brand

Kajal is mainly made by mixing galena and other ingredients, giving it the deep black color. And the best part is Synonymous with beauty and mystery, Surma (Soorma) Kohl or Kajal have defined and transformed the women’s makeup arena for centuries. A staple cosmetic for almost every woman, Kohl or Kajal, and Soorma as it is known in India, has held great importance for women of all ages and from all kinds of cultural backgrounds. Regardless of the fact that of whether a woman knows how to do makeup or not, a kohl pencil or kajal has always been a part of enhancing one’s look. But it is true that with just a few strokes it makes the eyes more charismatic.

Whether it is just a sales hook or real meaning for the brand, a slogan actually works as a DNA for any brand. It is fact that a truly successful slogan if it is to continue to stay successful, is not just a benefit but a commitment – it is what the brand stands for! This slogan is mainly a DNA for the brand does not only attract the customers but also the management and employees working under the name. Many times, it is proven that a slogan is actually a précis of the enterprise and is designed to mirror the commitment and loyalty of its employ us at the workplace. Thus, slogans remind the management as well as the buyers the real meaning for the brand, which eventually works magic for the company and increases revenue.

Here are the lists of catchy Hindi slogans suggestions for a kajal brand and for advertising purposes, are given below:

  • Aankhe dikhe aur bhi sundar!
  • Ek hi stroke main paaye complete look
  • Ab paaye smurge free look- xyz kajal se
  • Dikhaye apna real look
  • Aankhe aisi ki sab madhosh ho jaaye
  • Ab nazre na hatte
  • Kajal aisa jo rone na de
  • Ab kare apne look ko complete
  • Khud kare party ready, sirf xyz kajal se
  • Ab nazar na lage
  • Kajal aisa jo aankho ko de aaram
  • Ab apni chamak ko badhao
  • Aapke personality ko define kare
  • Ladko ki nazre na hatte aapse
  • Khubsurat aankho se pyaar ho jaaye
  • Ab party ke liye minto main ready
  • Kuch baato ka ikraar aankho se hota hain
  • Ab garmi main bhi kajal melt na ho
  • Hum rakhte hain aapki aankho ka dhyaan
  • Aankho ko bolne ka mauka de
  • Kuch ikraar ho jaaye
  • Aankho ke jadu se sabka dil jeete
  • Ek baar lagana toh banta hain
  • Ghar laaye ek dum sudh kajal
  • Ab pati ki nazar bhi aapse na hatte!
  • Ab interview main karo sabko impress- xyz kajal use kare
  • Ab sabki nazre aap par tiki hui hain
  • Kajal hain sada ke liye
  • Waqt badle, hamare kajal ke saath
  • Aankho ki chamak ko banaye rakhe
  • Sabse jyada demanded kajal
  • Look aisa, sab paana chahe
  • Kuch toh kami hain- use kare xyz kajal
  • Kuch keh dijiye, in aankho ke saath
  • Ab hazaro ki bheed main dikhe khaas
  • Kuch naya look kare carry
  • Ab aankho main try kare kuch different
  • Ab dikhe sabse alag
  • Sab puche kon sa kajal hain lagaya
  • Ab rone se bhi kajal na hatte
  • Hamne jeeta dil laakho ladkio ka
  • Kajal aisa jo dil main bass jaaye
  • Aankho ki khubsurati aur badhaye
  • Chaand bhi feeka lage aapke saamne
  • Dikhe bold, aur stylish ek saath
  • Kajal kharide hamesha sudh- kyunki ye aankho ka sawal hain
  • Aaj hi istemaal kare ek dum sudh kajal
  • Bold look hain aapka hakk
  • Hamare kajal se aankhe bane aur sundar
  • Ab single stroke hi kaafi
  • Har ladki ki pehli pasand xyz kajal
  • Roop ko nikhare, aankhe banaye chamakdaar
  • Ab 24 ghante paaye complete look
  • Creamy look ke liye choose kare hamara kajal
  • Sensitive aankho ke liye use kare xyz kajal
  • Ab baarish main bhi look kharab na ho
  • Ab pocket friendly prize main paaye best kajal
  • Vitamin E se bharpur kajal
  • Ab paaye complete finishing

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