Hindi Advertising Slogans for Potato Chips Business

Potato chips are one of the most popular ready to eat snacks worldwide. Basically, potato chips are very thin slices of potato that are fried until crispy. Even though potatoes are basically white, but somehow Potato Chips end up a yellowy-brown color as the sugar in the browns and combines with amino acids in the potato during frying.

Words change the meaning. In our day to day life, we listen and say many things to justify our conversation- some words stay out in our mind, many go away with time. So this is also in advertising like great advertising always earns extra credit whether we talk about banner advertisement or TV commercials or any other digital advertising: however, when we talk about slogans, there are many things we think before giving the best shot. The slogans give a good feeling to the customers of particular products. Thus, brand slogans give a key role in communicating the essence of a brand.

Slogan always gets appealing as well as elaborate as compared to the one word noun. Hence, a phrase with a meaning is apparently easier for people to relate to and remember thus the impact of a brand noun is accentuated with its shadow i.e. slogan.

Here is the list of catchy Hindi slogans suggestion list for a potato chips company and for the advertisement purpose is below:

Khate hi maja aa jaaye!

Khate Khate Mann Na bhare!

Chips Aise Jo sabko bhaye!

Bigdi baat banaye

Khate hi pyaar ho jaye

Rutho KO manaye

Crispy bhi- tangy bhi

Life main twist laaye

Muh ka swaad badal jaye

Apno KO karib laaye

Swaad aisa Jo ruka Na jaye

Bacho ki pehli pasand

Purane din yaad dilaye

Salty bhi- tasty bhi

Bachpan wapas jeene KO Mann kare!

Mashur chips ab aapke haatho main

Chips aise Jo sabko kareeb laaye

Swaad se samjhota kyu?

Chips hi chips, hawa nahi

Bacho ke chehro pe smile laaye

Chips aise Jo dil KO bha jaaye

Ab bacha banne ko Mann kare

Dil khol ke khao

Ab zamane se kya darna

Khate hi din bann jaye

Bachpan jiyo khul ke

Khushio ka ek namkeen mauka

Ek break to banta hain

Khul ke khao, khul ke jiyo

Ache din ki achi shuruaat

Bichdo ko pass laaye

Purane dino ki yaad dilaaye

Sabki pehli pasand

Pyaar ki khatti mitthi yaade

Pyaar aur chips main sab jaayaj hain

Kya khaye h kabhi aise chips

Aur khane ka mann ho jaye

Baarish ke maje ko doguna kare

Bhuk ko aur badhaye

Baar baar khane ka mann ho jaye

Share karne ka maan na kare

Har party main jaan daal de

Har ache din ki shuruaat

Khate jao, khate jao

Khate hi, mood badal jaye

Dosti ka dursa naam xyz chips

Khate hi kuch yaad aa jaye

Dil ki baat samjh jaye

Chips aise, jo dil ki baat jaban pe laaye

Har mood ko badle

Rishte ki nayi shuruaat

Lajwaab taste, jo dil ko bha jaye

 Unkahi baate samjha jaaye

Pet bhare, neeyat nahi

Har mehfil ki jaan

Har maahol main jaan daal de

Meetha nahi, iss baar namkeen

Naughtyness bahar laaye

Chips aise jo dilo main pyaar jaga de

Kya khaye hain kabhi itne tasty chips

Crunch wala maza
Cheese walechips
Kuchh tikha kuchh chatpata
Khate hi muh me ghul jaye
Ab ek se pet nahi bharega
Taza aur chatpata
Asli crunch ka maza
Ek aur ek aur
Tasty bhi salty bhi
Chips wahi jo sabko bhaye
Khane me hai asli fun
Har koi khana chahega
Asli buttery chips
Khate hi masti sooje
Khate jao khilate jao
Khud khao sabko khilao
Solid tikha
Dilo ko pas laye
Swad iska lajwab
Chips me twist
Mera wala chips
Chips jo har koi khaye di se
Chatpate masaledar
Tangy tomato ke sath
Khate hi mood banade
Baccho ke favourite
Halke fulke salty chips
Ek bar khaoge to bar-bar aaoge
Khud hi try kar lo
Har bite me crunch
Ye chips hai chakkas
Super se kahi upar

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