Advertising Hindi slogans for a lipstick brand

When you think of makeup, first you think of lipstick—lipstick, and blush, probably. Lipstick is one of a cornerstone of everyone’s beauty routine and an essential to every beauty bag. It’s one of the few products that can finish a look, or be a look all on its own. With having so many lip products available, finding the right product for you can be a challenge, but finding the perfect shade and formula is always, always worth the legwork. Lipstick is mainly a product that highlights the lips, changing their natural color. The basic lipstick’s ingredients can be wax, oil, alcohol, and pigments. The basic four ingredients are, a large variety of other ingredients are added, in order to provide different extra properties to the lipstick, such that: moisturizing property, extra-volume property, glossy property etc.

The most enduring brand slogans can be always short, catchy, crispy and easy to remember. It is can be much like a song chorus that gets stuck in your head, it needs to have a rhythm or sound that rolls off the tongue and is instantly recognizable. When a slogan is put into music or used as part of a jingle, it becomes more powerful and remembered a long time. Effective slogans can also highlight what’s beneficial about a product or service, prompting consumers to buy into the brand. Furthermore, it is essential that it evokes or instills a positive feeling or incentive. Slogans should be easily predictable.

Here are the lists of catchy Hindi slogan suggestions for a lipstick brand and for advertising purpose, are given below:

  • Wow! Kya lips hain!
  • Ab choose kare boldness ko
  • Shaant kyu rahe! Dikhayo apna glamour
  • Lips aise! Ki dekhte hi pyaar ho jaaye!
  • Ek ladki ka sacchi saath- ek lipstick
  • Pyaar aur lipstick main sab jaayaz hain!
  • Ab thin lips ko kare good bye!
  • Ab paaye perfect matt look- kiara lipstick
  • Lipstick jo ladkio ka hakk hain
  • Ab dikho aur bhi jyada glamorous!
  • Har kiss ko banaye perfect!
  • Ab jeeto duniya ko!
  • Pehle hi swipe se pyaar ho jaaye
  • Ladkio ko liye saare flavours- ek platform pe
  • Sexy dikhe, ek perfect lipstick ke saath
  • Lips ko banaye aur beautiful!
  • Bane bold and beautiful!
  • Lips dikhe kuch different!
  • Moments ko kare enjoy!
  • Aapki personality ko kare define!
  • Feel kare strong confident
  • Lipstick aisi, jisme aap lage beautiful
  • Banne khud ki queen!
  • Colors aise, dekte hi buy karne ka mann kare
  • Ab aapse hain zamana
  • Aapki personality aapke haath main hain!
  • Boring look ko change kare, bold lipstick ke saath!
  • Hakk se kharido, style ko
  • Boldness aisi, sab dekhte hain reh jaaye!
  • Kuch baate lipstick se judi hain!
  • Choose kare lipstick ki rangeen duniya!
  • Colourful moments – ab aapke pass
  • Swipe kare boldness ko!
  • Acha dikhna ab aapka hakk!
  • Beautiful lips ka raaz ab aapke pass!
  • Enjoy kare colourful fruits flavours ko!
  • Perfect matt lips ke liye aaj hi choose kare!
  • Ab dikho aur stylish!
  • Ab khul kar kare smile!
  • Glossy lips paana ab hua aur bhi aasan!
  • Beautiful dikhe har pal!
  • Har party look ke liye instant ready!
  • Kya aap hain ready!
  • Kuch kar ke dikhaaye!
  • Ab dekhe mudh kar!
  • Lipstick ki wonderful duniya!
  • Bold bhi, beautiful bhi!
  • Choose kare aapka favourite red!
  • Matt look ke liye ekdum perfect lipstick!
  • Aap ready hain, kuch different dikhne ke liye!
  • Ladkia bhi kar sakti hain fun!
  • Hum se hain zamana!
  • Lips ke happiness ke liye- glossy lipstick
  • Funny moment ke liye- funny lipstick!
  • Aapka favourite color konsa hain!
  • Wow! Kya color hain
  • Faile nahi, rahe long lasting!
  • Ladkia bhi hain bold and stronger!
  • Darre nahi mast lagaye lips pe!
  • Ab logo se kya darna- choose karo apne favourite colors
  • Smoothness ka ultimate maza!
  • Badalte rahe!
  • Rangeen colors ke saath spend kare life!
  • Bura banne ka alag hi maza hain!
  • Beauty ko apna banaye!


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