Catchy Hindi slogans for an Agarbatti brand

The main custom of burning incense as an offering to God is as old as the civilization itself. India, the Indian civilization, has all along nurtured this custom and diligently developed it into a full blossomed art of blending perfumery in the form of AGARBATTIS (Incense Sticks). Also, known as incense sticks, in outside India, use of agarbatti (Incense Sticks) has not been restricted to worship places only but the uses have enhanced remarkably. Many people use incense sticks as room fresheners in their drawing rooms which provides a very cheap mode of keeping the house fresh and full of fragrance. Also, Incense is considered an excellent ally of meditation. Hence students can also use incense sticks in the study rooms which help in increasing concentration and keep their minds relax.  

Good slogans are memorable and provide top of the mind recall and salience for the brand. It makes differentiation/comparison/ evaluation easier and even helps consumers with the purchase process and decision. Good slogans can become a very critical piece of the brand identity- customers tend to remember well-crafted slogans – even better than the brand names. This helps in clearer understanding and positioning of the brand in the hearts and the minds of customers. It also attracts attention and delivers an accurate picture of what your Brand is all about. They capture the true essence of your brand’s promise in a few words. They conjure up positive images of your brand. They aid in brand recall. And they ensure brand consistency.

Here are the lists of catchy Hindi slogans for an agarbatti brand and for the advertising purpose, are given below:

  • Ghar main Ishwar ka vaas
  • Ab har prathana main ho shakti
  • Mogre ki Khushboo se ghar mehkaaye
  • Mehak uthe zindagi
  • Bhakti main laaye shakti
  • Khushboo se hi din bann jaaye
  • Ab Ishwar aapke pass
  • Bhakti aisi, jo mann main utar jaaye
  • Bacho main ache sanskaar laaye
  • Ab sab pooja ghar main dikhe
  • Khushboo aisi, fresh phulo jaisi
  • Ghar pe laaye khusbhoo ka maahol
  • Khusbhoo aisi, jisme mann kho jaaye
  • Hum banate hain ek dum pure agarbatties
  • Padosi bhi puche, ghar main kya lagaya hain
  • Ache sanskaro ki baat hi kuch alag hain
  • Ishwar main mann kho jaaye
  • Chali Sugandh ki hawa
  • Ache insaan se pehchaan karwaye
  • Achi soch ko bahar laaye
  • Ab ghar mehke mandir jaisa
  • Vishwaas ka ek hi naam- pure agarbatti
  • Apno main jagaye ghehri aastha
  • Acha waqt jarur aata hain
  • Bhakti main hain shakti
  • Tann ke mann bhi mahkaye
  • Xyz pure agarbatti
  • Subah ke shuruaat xyz agarbatti ke saath
  • Mann chehke, jab aap lagaye pure agarbatti
  • Humari agarbatti ki baat hi kuch alag hain
  • Iswar tak ka rasta, ab hamare pass
  • Mandir jaisi pavitrata, ab ghar par
  • Ghar pe aate hi bhakti jaag jaaye
  • Har mauke ko bana de khaas
  • Khusbhoo ka bhandhar ab aapke ghar par
  • Agarbatti hi agarbatti
  • Prabhu dikhaye chamatkaar
  • Vishwaas ka ek hi sabot
  • Chalo mandir cahla jaaye
  • Bhakti ke kuch khaas pal ked kare
  • Mann shant ho jaaye
  • Kuch pal, Ishwar ke saath
  • Aastha ka ek hi rasta- xyz agarbatti
  • Videsh main desh ki fresh khusbhoo
  • Hum dete hain aapki aastha ko ek pehchaan
  • Mann main jagaye ek atoot vishwash
  • Kuch mehak aapke Jeevan main laaye badlaav
  • Apno ko pass laaye
  • Kuch acha mehsus kiya kya?
  • Har vrat ka ek hi saathi- xyz agarbatti
  • Vishwaas aur aastha ab ek packet main
  • Aaj hi ghar laaye aur kuch naya mehsus kare
  • Ek atoot vishwash
  • Pooja karne ka maja hua doguna
  • Vishwas pakka ho to, jeet pakki hain
  • Kya aapki bhakti main hain shakti?
  • Ab bache kare bado se pyaar
  • Ghar main mehsus kare ache sanskaar
  • Ghar mehke, mogre jaise
  • Ab khusbhoo, aapke budget main
  • Purana waqt wapas laaye
  • Ishwar aapke saath hi hain, bas mehsus kare
  • Aastha ka koi mol nahi hota

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