Hindi Advertising Slogans for Handwash brand

We as humans innately despise being told what to do, or not to do, as may be the case. Disrupting our old lifestyle and habits, forming new ones, especially when they are so hardwired into us, feels so inconveniencing. However, some things turn out to be eye-openers. And as lousy as our attitude can get, these things need correction no matter the age or time of your life. One such definitive modification is that of hand hygiene. Simply put, cleanliness of hands is of paramount importance— especially to avoid getting sick yourself as well as spreading the germ to others. You would be astonished to find out how many diseases are spread due to poor hand hygiene. It is estimated that keeping hands clean can massively reduce diarrheal deaths, by up to 50%. And it’s not just diarrheal infections; you can greatly prevent respiratory infections by a simple hand wash.

Slogans are usually based on 2 to 5 lines which basically easy to remember words, long lines are hard to memorize so the shorter the better! The impactful message they leave and what picture they sketch in our minds when someone reads, hears or simply ‘sees’ a slogan is crucial. Since brand name cannot specify the essence of your business, you have to make something memorable that mainly represents your brand. You should keep an eye on the sound it produces and the ‘nerves’ it touches when it strikes the customer’s mind.

Here are the lists of catchy Hindi slogan suggestions for a handwash brand and for the advertising purpose, are given below:

  • Kitanuo ko maare 99.9%
  • Ek swach bharat ki shuruat ghar se hoti hain
  • Swasth rahe hum sab, swasth rahe desh
  • Ab germs se puri tarah chukara
  • Apne Jeevan main bimario pe Vijayi bane
  • Kuch seconds main haath ke kitanu Nasht
  • Hand wash ek achi aadat, ek heathy aadat
  • Ab sabuno ka estemaal band
  • Swatch hath, surakshit hath
  • Germs ko maar giraaye- xyz handwash
  • Hath dhona ek acchi aadat hain
  • Ek drop maare maximum germs
  • Ek kadam swachta ki or
  • Kitanuo ko maar bhagaaye!
  • Apne body ki surakhsa ab aapke hatho main
  • Ab school main full attendance
  • Bacho ko sikhaye ek achi aadat
  • Tune hand wash kiya kya?
  • Hamne sikhi ek achi aadat- kya aapne?
  • Ab zindagiyo ko bachaaye
  • Ab germs ko kare bye -bye
  • Har kaam ke baad hatho ko dhoye
  • Ab handwash aapki favourite Khushboo main
  • Kuch aadate achi hoti hain
  • Bache bhi enjoy kare ye aadat
  • Bimariya khatam, khushiya shuru
  • Avoid kare soap, use kare liquid handwash
  • Ab logo ko bhi jaagruk Banaye
  • Safai abhiyaan chalaye!
  • Zindgi ki value de, germs ko nahi
  • Rakhe apne pariwaar ka khayal
  • Kya aapne hand wash kiya?
  • Apno ki sehat ka rakhe dhyaan
  • Practice main laaye ek achi aadat
  • Khubsurat haatho ko Banaye germs free
  • Ek achi health ka raaz, hain aapke pass
  • Ab germs bhi pass aane se dare!
  • Kuch cheeze aapke control main hoti hain, jaise hand wash
  • Apno ko de ek achi health ka promise
  • Ab Khushi se haath milaaye
  • Office main boss khush ho jaaye
  • Swasthta ka hak sabke liye hain
  • Hand wash ek- khushiya anek
  • Ab no more doctor ke chakkar
  • Swasth rehne ka hak sabka!
  • Hath dhona aapki ek duty hain
  • Kisi bhi germs ka aana allowed nahi hain
  • Hum dete hain ek achi health ka vaada- xyz brand name
  • Waqt ke saath seekhe ek achi aadat
  • Ek happy health ke maalik bane
  • Kuch aadate achi hoti hain
  • Paisa aur zindagi bachaye
  • Ab no more health compromise
  • Apno ko de special care
  • Hatho ko hatho main rakhkar de ek vaada
  • Kya aapko jain apno se pyaar
  • Bimariyo ko de full stop
  • Xyz handwash ka vaada- ek swasth heath ka daava
  • Swasth samaj hi ek ache desh ki nishani hain
  • Samaj ko badle ek achi koshish ke saath!
  • Ab no more kitanu
  • Hatho ke kitanu bhagao dugni deji se
  • Sabun se kahi bahetar
  • Achhi aadat ko apnaye
  • Healthy rehna hai to handwash kijiye
  • Hath dhona kabhi mat bhoolna
  • Hath dhone ki aadat jo banali to door har bimari
  • Handwash karna hai achhi aadat
  • Har bimari ko door hi rakhe
  • Ab kitanuo ke sath fight karna aur bhi aasan
  • Apki sehat aapke hatho me
  • Hath dhoke healthy rahe
  • Hath honge saf to bimari ka nahi hoga naam
  • Ab kitanuo se karo fight
  • Ye jung hai germs ke sath


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