Hindi Advertising slogans for a Biscuit Business

It wouldn’t be wrong to say biscuit a baked bread. Nowadays, you have savory biscuits in markets too, made with whole grain flours instead of the refined variety. These biscuits are considered good especially for diabetics. The essential and important ingredients used in baking biscuits are butter, flour, and sugar. It is not as heavy and sugary as a cookie; it is light in texture with a crusty exterior. They are relatively thinner in dimension too, as compared to cookies and most often come with a slightly grainy taste. Biscuits to make for a great base for a variety of sweet dishes across the world.

A good slogan will inform customers of what the key benefits are of your product or service. Ultimately, your slogan should enthuse, not confuse. When your customers read your slogan, they quickly get a clear idea of the benefits they can expect from your product or service. Will your product or service change their lives or meet their need in the way they hope? Your slogan should say. Having a good slogan for our business brand is crucial. Our USP and key benefits need to be protected from the competition and we want our customers to remember our business.

Here are the lists of catchy Hindi slogan suggestions for a biscuit business and for the advertising purpose, are given below:

  • Chai maja ab doguna!
  • Kuch meetha, kuch namkeen
  • Health ka raaj, ab aapke pass
  • Ab no more maida, khaye healthy biscuits
  • Ab chai toh hain ek bahana
  • Ek acchi life ke liye, ek bite to banta hain!
  • Ab bacho ko de dudh ke saath biscuit ka poshan
  • Ab dudh ka glass khatam
  • Biscuit ka hain zamana, ab biscuit hi hain khana!
  • Taaza makhan se bane tasty biscuits
  • Ghar ke bane biscuits, ab aapke pass
  • Khole khushiyo ka dabba
  • Na calories ka darr, na calostrol ki tension
  • Taste sabse upar
  • Special pal, special biscuit ke saath
  • Khate hi pyaar ho jaaye!
  • Hak se khao
  • Ek biscuit mitaaye aapki hunger
  • Ab pyaar baatein
  • Festival ko do guna kare!
  • Biscuit khao, ek dum mast ho jao!
  • Khate hi fida ho jao!
  • Apno ko pass bulaye!
  • Share karne se pyaar badhta hain
  • Bacho ko bhi khoob bhaaye
  • Hum se hi hain zamana- xyz biscuits
  • Duniya ka sabse jyada bikne wala busicuit
  • Ab share karne main milti hain dugni Khushi
  • Kuch baate chai ke saath hi achi lagti hain!
  • Humara biscuit, sabse tasty
  • Khaya hain kabhi itna tasty biscuit?
  • Hum banate hain ek dum taaza biscuits
  • Biscuit aisa- jo dil jeet jaaye
  • Choti hunger ka bada solution
  • Ab manaye roj jeet ka jashan- xyz biscuits ke saath
  • Taste ka raaj, ab aapke pass
  • Roj khaye healthy biscuits
  • Ek glass milk ka poshan, biscuit main
  • Ab biscuit khaye, attitude main!
  • Subah ki chai ko aur swaad Banaye
  • Ab health ka saathi, pocket friendly prize main
  • Boriyat ka eklota saathi
  • Aap jo biscuit khate hain, wo sach main health hain?
  • Dosti ek nayi meethi shuruaat
  • Ab share karne ka mann na kare!
  • Ab kuch kar dikhana hain
  • Salty bhi, tasty bhi
  • Asli makkhan ka swaad, biscuit main
  • Bakery ke bane taaaza biscuits
  • Late night hunger ka ek hi saathi- xyz biscuits
  • Ek baar try karna to banta hain
  • Kuch khatti meethi baate ho jaaye
  • Ab khane ka dundhna pade bahana
  • Biscuit aisa ho, jo rutho ko paas laaye
  • Pocket main rakhe, taste ka khazana
  • Kyu na logo ko chai pe bulaye?
  • Ek aur milega kya?
  • Pyaar aur mamta ka poshan xyz biscuits main
  • Hum banate hain taaze aur tasty biscuits
  • Khate khate waqt hi pata na chale
  • Peeche mudte hi packet saaf
  • Apno ki yaad dilaaye!
  • Anjaan logo ko bhi apna Banaye
  • Videsh main desh ki yaad dilaaye
  • Biscuit khaye shaan se!
  • Hamare Banaye biscuits ki demand har jagah hain!

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