Top 10 Best Bottled Water Brands in India

Packaged drinking water is important while traveling. With many water purifiers in the market but they are life saviour as soon as we step outside house. Imagine what will happen to your health if you drink unsafe tap water. Packaged drinking water is from a trusted source. The water is disinfected and treated with a process of ozone or UV treatment and filtration. The water also goes under the reverse osmosis to make the water fit for human consumption. Packaged water does not contain minerals.


Why choose bottled water in India

Bottled water not only hydrate but also help to process all the function of our body. There are many benefits of drinking bottled water. Drinking water prevents constipation and flush waste products. But the question is from where to take safe and pure water? You must choose the bottled water as it is safe to drink.

  • It is convenient

You may go to places where drinking water can be hard to find or may be miles away. If you are visiting zoo on a sunny and warm day, then it is better to take packaged drinking water with you.

  • It hydrates you

You may be constantly asking a same question from yourself that how to stay hydrated while on the move in a concert, mall and any other outdoor activity. The perfect answer is to buy bottled water.

  • It is widely available

It does not matter that if you are in a grocery store or museum, you can find bottled water everywhere.


#Health benefits of bottled water:


  • Promotes bone health

It is rich in calcium that helps in formation of bones. Thus, daily consumption of mineral water fulfils the daily requirement of Calcium.

  • Regulates body fat

Bottled water is a fat-free supplement that helps in the breakdown of fat. Packaged drinking water make you leaner and slimmer as it is a better choice over soda and aerated drinks.

  • Manages blood pressure

It is a boon for the people suffering with the problem of fluctuating blood pressure. The bottled water contains natural ingredients such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are actively involved in the electrolytic process of body and brain. This electrolytic balance helps to maintain blood pressure.

  • Reduces cardiac diseases

Bottled or packaged drinking water metabolises fat and hamper in the production of bad cholesterol. It reduces the accumulation and growth of LDL in capillaries. Hence, it reduces the risk of cardiac diseases.

  • Reduces acidity

Bottled water contains sulfates. This acts as a catalyst to produce digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes help to get rid of constipation and bloating. The problem of acidity gets reduced by proper digestion.

  • Increases physical alertness

Bottled water contains many minerals like potassium and magnesium. The minerals are important for functioning of human muscles and proper growth.


Here is the list of best and Top 10 bottled water brands in India

1. Bisleri

best packaged water brands


Bisleri is the one of the leading brands in India. It is a household name with a huge customer base. The trust is built over the years. The company produces high-quality water. It holds around 40 percent market share in the bottled water industry in India. This brand comes under the Parle and purchased in 1969 from the Italian entrepreneur Signor Felice Bisleri.


2. Aquafina

best packaged water brandsIt came in the market in 2000. It is owned by Pepsico. It is manufactured by one of the bestselling and popular in India. They have around 19 plants in India. It aims to supply pure and safe water to the Indian people.


3. Kinley

best packaged water brandsIt is another trusted brand name in India. It is owned by the Coca Cola. The water goes through many purity tests before sending it into market. The company uses latest technology to purify water. It uses the reverse osmosis to make water safe to drink.




best packaged water brandsIt is owned by United Breweries. They have many customer base. It is a premium packaged drinking water. It is prepared by the removal of unwanted foreign particles, suspended solids, biological contaminants and suspended gas.


5. Manikchand Oxyrich

best packaged water brandsThis is an ISO 22000:2005 certified packaged or bottled drinking water in India with 200 percent oxygen. It is also qualified by the World Standard for Food Safety Management System. The brand speaks for its quality and purity.


6. Qua

best packaged water brandsThis company is owned by Rahul Narang Group. The company uses 100 percent organic products without any chemicals or preservatives. The company boasts that it source water from Himalayan foothills. It packed its water under the guidance of French bottling expertise.


7. Himalayan water

best packaged water brandsThe tag of the brand is “live Pure”. It is a joint venture between PepsiCo India and Tata Global beverages. This package drinking water produce natural water without the addition of any chemicals. This is the only bottled water that has accreditations from many renowned institutes such as USFDA, Institut De Fresenius and Health Ministries of France and Japan.


8. Bailley

best packaged water brandsIt is owned by Parle Agro ltd and launched its operations in 1993. This brand is known for its quality and purity.



9. Tata Water plus

best packaged water brandsThis is the first nutrient water in India that was launched by NourishCo with the joint venture of Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo. The brand has a tagline of “Goodness of Copper”. The brown color in the label indicates the goodness of copper vessels for drinking water in ancient India. Thus, the water is added with copper that boosts the immune function.


10. Railneer

best packaged water brandsThis bottled water is owned by Indian Railways. It is used to quench the thirst of millions of people travelled by train. Indian railways has four bottling plants and produce around 6.14 lakhs of packaged drinking bottles on the daily basis. The Indian railways has a plan to manufacture approximately 16 crore water bottles. They have a vision of having a turover of Rs. 120 crore.

You can select any of the bottled water brand in India. These are the top 10 best bottled water in India.

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