Hindi Advertising Slogans for Cold Cream brand

Every day the beauty industry is changing and evolving in the best ways. But for some point, the access to countless makeup and skin care products can be the source of overwhelming instead of excitement. And even for others, as exciting as new beauty is, sometimes it’s always nice to go back to the basics. For skin care, a longstanding product that has, and continues to be, a beauty staple is a simple cold cream which makes you feel awesome. For centuries, yes, it’s been that long, women have always used cold creams to maintain healthy, youthful, and radiant skin. And even though things are always changing, but you can always rely on a good cold cream to satisfy your skin’s most basic needs.

Slogans have been employed in every religious and political area since long time ago, but today they are mostly used in business and trading. They are vary from other ordinary text and images, and often because of their simple structure cannot convey a lot of concepts and details. Hereupon, slogans instead of drawing a specific audience, address the general audience to convey their meanings. Slogans have usually served a substantial role in calling audience’s attention to one or more aspects of a product or service. Normally slogans claim that the advertised product or service contains the highest quality, or is the most delicious, the most inexpensive, or nutritious… one.  

Here are the lists of catchy Hindi slogan suggestions for a cold cream brand, are given below:

  • Rukhi twacha ka saath, xyz cold cream ke saath
  • Winters main body ke saath skin ko bhi bachaye!
  • Dryness se pareshan?
  • Ronak ki dibiya khul gayi re!
  • Winters main dikhe, aur bhi beautiful
  • Ab thand se darna kaisa
  • Hum rakhe aapki skin ka dhyaan
  • Skin ko de pura nutrition
  • Ab rough skin kare good bye!
  • Khud dekhe skin main changes
  • Ab paaye gulabo ka nikhar
  • Subah jaisa nikhar- 24 ghante!
  • Sabhi skin ke liye best choice
  • Ab asli umar koi bata na paaye!
  • Dikho young jaise!
  • Vitamin e se bharpur
  • Ab dark circles ko kare bye- bye
  • Aloe vera ka saath, ab cold cream main bhi
  • Skin rakhe ek dum soft!
  • Ab softness ka vaada
  • Dibbi ek kamaal anek
  • Ab kholo pyaar ki dibiya
  • Skin se karo pyaar- do complete poshan
  • Ab sun se direct protection
  • Ab nikale poshan wali dibiya
  • Maa ne hamesha diya dryness se bachne ka tarika
  • Tej thandi hawa meri skin ka kuch nahi kar sakti!
  • Bejaan, rukhi twacha ka ek hi saathi
  • Mene paaya farak, ab aapki baari
  • Ab baar- baar chehre pe hath lagane ko dil kare!
  • Khushnuma skin ka asli raaj- rose cream
  • Gold jaisa nikhar ab xyz cream se
  • Skin ko de deep cleansing- xyz cream ke saath
  • Cream main hi make up remover ka kamaal
  • Cream ke saath spf bhi
  • Subah ka saathi
  • Skin ko de 100 saalo ka saath
  • Ab khud ko gift kare- poshan aur nutrition
  • Jasmine ki khusbhoo ab cream main bhi
  • Hard skin ko bhi Banaye baby soft
  • Skin ko bachaye UV kirno se
  • Malai jaisi softness cream main bhi
  • Dudh aur malai ka poshan ek saath
  • Ab nazar na lag jaaye
  • Ab paaye baby skin minto main
  • Skin ko kare pamper
  • Maa jaisa rakhe skin ka khayal
  • Skin aapki, toh choose kare best
  • Hum rakhte aaye hain saalo se aapki skin ka dhyaan!
  • Skin ki dryness ko na kare nazarandaaz
  • Ab dryness se chutti
  • Ab dhul, mitti se bachaye skin ko
  • Raat ko lagaye, subah hote hi farak dekhe
  • Fresh skin ka vaada!
  • Ghar laaye, khusbrat hone ka raaz!
  • Skin mehke, phulo jaise
  • Subah aur soft ho jaaye!
  • Sab puche soft skin ka raaz
  • Aap bhi pareshan hain winters ki dryness se?
  • Skin bane komal
  • Skin ko de 100% moisture ka bharosa
  • Mumma aaj kya lagaya?
  • Meri mom ki skin hain ekdum soft!

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