Hindi Slogans for Bottled Water Business

Water is an essential part of your body. Your body is approximately 60% of water, the brain is 75% of water and blood is 83% of water. Body needs water in all its cells, tissues and organs to maintain bodily functions and regulate its temperature. In the highly polluted environment, we can’t expect to get pure water naturally. When you come to reliable, safe, quality and convenience then you can prefer bottled water. Now people are more concerned about their health and fitness. They are getting aware of the negative effects of drinking contaminated water. For those people, who are trying to eliminate calories, sugar, artificial flavors from their diet, can choose water as best choice. Bottled water is just purified or drinking water. Mineral water is different than this. Bottled water is easy to carry when travelling or going somewhere out.

Bottled water is a smart and healthy choice when it comes to the packaged beverage options. Access to bottled water is convenient. You can carry it anywhere and drinking water in a certain period of time keeps you hydrated. Drinking zero calorie water instead of sugary drinks is the key component of a healthy life. Health is wealth after all. Lack of water can result as overweight and obesity.

As the demand of bottled water is increasing every day over the years, bottled water business is also increasing. Bottled water business is expected to grow annually by 14%. This demand gives the opportunity to start a new business in this field. This is the most feasible as well as profitable business in our country these days without any large investment. Prepare a master plan for your business and most important don’t forget to focus more on marketing. Design the logo and website of your business is the primary need in the digital world. But there is one more important and creative way to attract customers towards your business is the slogan. The catchy and fascinating one-liner slogan will explain the whole meaning and goal of your business.

Slogans are the new way of marketing. You may use it on the packing as well as in social media or wherever you will approach for the advertisements. This won’t cost you any extra amount or and produce ROI for your business.

Here, we have the collection of some best slogans which you can use for advertisements through several media-

Swacch ho jal, swasth ho kal

Jal nahi, to kal nahi

Prakratik jal, surakshit kal

Apnaye aadat swacchta ki, sath rakhe jal apna hi

Boond boond me he mithas

Aapki muskurahat, hamari safalta

Swacch paani apnaye, prakriti ko pradushan se bachaye

Shuddh apnaye, surakshit rahe

Har boond me chalkega sach

Shuddhta me chipa hua swad

Is jal ki kimat, swasth rahe aapki sehat

Shuddh rahe jal, to kyo na ho khushiya double

Har boond hai vishwas ka Pratik

Prakriti ka shuddh jal, saware aapka kal

Har Boond me shuddhta ka wada

Saaf rahe peene ka paani, sukhi rahe sari zindagani

Aao milkar sankalp kare, jal shuddh hi upyog me le

Hamara dhyey, Aapka swasthya

Swasth Jeevan kay ahi upay, swacch jal hi sab apnaye

Jal ki raksha, kal ki suraksha

Jine ke liye kuchh khas

Har boond me sachchai

Apni pyas bujao

Jivan ki aas, bujao pyas

Har boond me naya mood

Aaj bachao kal pao

Har boond me jivan

Apni wali pyas ke liye

Jyada piyo achha piyo

Swachchh pani surkshit pani

Har sans ke liye jaruri

Har ghunt me viswas

Health se badkar kuchh nahi

Mineral pani hi pina

Sahi pani sahi sehat

Pani nahi ye pran hai

Ab sehat se koi khilwad nahi

Tandurasti ka saccha sathi

Apki sehat humari jimmedari

Ab duniya aapke hatho me

West kam , Bachao jyaada

Takat har boond me

Ab kuchh naya piyo

Achhai se bhara

Health bhari hai har boond me

Bewajah piyo

Amrit ke saman

Qyuki ye pani nahi life hai

Ekdum fit

Me pita hu healthy, aur aap

Kuchh naya try karte hai

India ka apna pani

boond boond me power

Kudrat bhari hai isme

Achha chuno achha piyo

Har ek boond jaruri hai

Jivan se bhari boonde

Boond boond se banta hai india

Jal hai to kal hai

Aao riste banate hai

Boond boond me pyaas

Hak se mango

Har boond apka haq


In any business, apart from location, type and size etc., ways of marketing plays vital role. Slogans are the definition of your business. An attractive slogan with your brand’s logo will automatically give you the hike in business. You may enjoy the above slogans for your business.

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