Catchy Hindi Slogans for your Tea Business

Tea aka Chai is one of the most famous beverages to serve all over the world. If we talk about India, chai is the most common welcome drink you can say. After water, this is the most served drink in the world because myriad range of health benefits and verities. There are so many chai lovers, who can’t say no to tea at any time. If you are an owner of tea business, your product must be loved by lots of people if it has something different and better in taste. Tea lovers are in every age group. A morning blend with tea keeps you awake and energetic whole the day.

Top 5 countries in the world in tea production are China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. Tea comes in many packaging forms like loose leaf, classic teabags, individually wrapped teabags etc. Loose leaf is the most preferred choice for many customers. Any business related to food product has the important factor of quality which decides the growth of the business. Your tea must serve with the unique and best quality to give that taste which can’t be forgotten. There are many flavours available in the tea market. Herbal tea can be offered for health conscious people.

Just like the other business, marketing is also an essential part of tea business. Your marketing plan must have unique ideas which differs you from the other competitors. Evaluate other brands and make your strategy to set up your tea brand in the market. A tea product’s packaging also attracts the customer with the private label of your brand. Your product benefits, pricing, packing and labeling are the required things to add in the marketing plan, but there is also an important thing to notice about the marketing business that is slogans. Slogans can be used on the packaging or in the audio and video advertisements also. The short sentence can give your business a large boom.

Here we are going to share the best slogans collection for your tea business advertisement purpose. These slogans can be used for your tea brands:

Subah ki chai, din ban jaye

Din ki shuruat, garma garm chai ke sath

Ek chai ho jaaye

Hamari yaari, bas ek chai ki pyali

Aapke sapno ko jagaye rakhe

Is chai ki khushbu, din mahkaye

Aaj chai party karte hai

Chai se behtar, kuch bhi nahi

Jiyo pal sukun ke, ek pyali chai ke sath

Dur bhage susti, jab chai ho itni sasti

Chai ki chuski, uda de susti

Ek sham, chai ke naam

Apno me pyar badhaye, jab sath bethkar sab piye Chai

Ek chai, din bhar ki thakan mithaye

Chai wahi, jo dil chhu jaye

Apno ke dil ka rasta, Chai ke sath nashta

Chai ka aagman – Khushiyo aur pyar ka sangam

Swasth ho Jeevan, Aayurvedic chai ke sang

Apni sehat, apne hath – Apnaye aayurvedic chai ka sath

Jab ho chai ki aahat, Aapke chehre par ho muskurahat,

Din ki Shuruat Chai Ke Sath

Chai jo jagaye Tazgi

Ab Chai se mood hoga Fresh

Subah Subah Mood Kare twist

Ek Aur ho jaye

Chai ke siva aur kuchh nayi

Mera mood freshner

subah ka sathi

kadak mithi khusbudar

Ye kuchh khas hai

Har sip full of tajgi

Tajgi ka ahesas

Rom rom me tajgi jagaye

Dinbhar raho tarotaja

Ab har subah hogi khas

Apni wali chai

Wahi chai,wahi swad

Jise pine se mile sukun

Ek sip nind uda de

Har mausam me jaruri

Chai nahi to kuchh nahi

Har chuski tajgi jagaye

Risto ko majboot banaye

Ek cup freshnes se bhara

Good morning, mood waala

Mood ko do lift

Waah! kya chai hai

Meri wali chay

Isme kuchh khas hai

Meri subah meri chai ke sath

Kuchh achha pio

Subah ki shuruaat chay ki chuski se

Ek sip sfurti jagye

Piyo dil se

Subah mile chai to pura din tumhara

Chaska chai ka

Chai jo confidence laye

Mera bharosa

Risto ko sajao

Dil ki baat zubaa pe laye

Har ek mood pyaas

Give me more

Kuchh khas subah ke liye

Asli chai asli swad

Sachcha sathi tajgi ka

Ab Har pal hoga good

Swasthprad,gunkari,swadist ghunt


Slogan is the evergreen idea for marketing of a business. An attractive slogan can be used for branding for your business. This can set you apart from your competitors and attracts your customers to buy your product. Slogan is just one liner statement to say but it has the whole story inside about your business, mission, philosophy and its goals. This should be required to use a catchy and attractive slogan for business. You may focus to your target customer by your slogan also.

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