Top 10 Best Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

Germs are almost everywhere. It is not possible that you reach faucet and soap every time. That is why you must carry a hand sanitizer with you. Hand sanitizers can be seen in hospitals, public washrooms and nursing homes. We understand the importance of hand wash that are useful in decreasing the transmission of germs. Many times you must have face the situation that there is no access to water and soap. Then hand sanitizer come to your rescue.

Usually, hand sanitizers were developed to use for washing hands when water and soap are not around. They are a gel that is alcohol based and kill the germs on the skin. The alcohol works effectively and immediately to kill virus and bacteria. Although alcohol can make your skin dry but there are many hand sanitizers that contain moisturizer to reduce skin irritation and dryness.

The hand sanitizers can be used by placing a small amount on the palm. Then rub it on the entire hand including nailbeds. Hand sanitizers are portable, easy to use and convenient. The studies have shown that they reduce the risk of respiratory infection and gastrointestinal infection. The ingredients help to prevent skin dryness and irritation.

Hence we have enlisted top 10 best brands of hand sanitizer in India.


1. Purell


It was introduced by GOJO in 1988. It was introduced in the market to cater to restaurant providers and healthcare providers. They are well-known for refreshing and gentle feeling. This brand is preferred by professionals, doctors and consumers.






This brand is owned by Reckitt Benckiser. This brand is present in the market from last 80 years and is manufacturing consumer hygiene products. They produce antiseptic creams, hand sanitizer, hand wash, soap, kitchen gels and much more. The hand sanitizers are quite affordable and handy.




3. Germ X


This brand of hand sanitizer is manufactured by Vi-John Inc. It was established around 100 years ago. The company has expanded its operations in mouthwash, cosmetics, beauty care and healthcare categories. They also manufacture sanitizers in various fragrances such as Vanilla Treat, cinnamon spice, Kiwi Punch, Chamomile, and citrus.





It is owned by Unilever. This sanitizer kills around 99.9 percent germs in 10 seconds. They also claim that Lifebuoy is able to kill H1N1 virus. It contains Vitamin E and keep your hands soft.Lifebuoy is available in refreshing fragrances in convenient pack sizes. Its value for money and easy to handle Bottle.




5. Godrej


This brand was founded by Ardeshir and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej in 1897. It does not contain alcohol and hence perfect for children.A powerful natural hand sanitizer and powerful germ killer that keeps hands fresh and clean on the go with a great fragrance with the greatness of essential oils.





It was founded by M Manal in 1930. The company sell healthcare products that use only Ayurvedic ingredients. The company also produce body wash, face wash, baby care products and hand sanitizers. The products are effective and affordable. Himalaya pure products is a herbal sanitizer that prevents you from infections and maintains hygiene.



7.The Body Shop


This company was founded in 1976. The founder is Dame Anita Roddick. They offer make up, hair care, fragrances and much more. The company aims that they condemn animal cruelty. They manufacture products from 100 percent vegetarian ingredients. They manufacture more than 6 variants of sanitisers in many fragrances. They help to keep your hands germ free. It helps to maintain moisture content.



8. 3 M


It is an American multinational company that was founded in 1902. They produce more than 55,000 products like optical films, healthcare software, personal protective equipment, passive fire protection and much more. They also manufacture Avagard D hand sanitizer that are widely used. The company claims that it kills around 99 percent germs. It keeps your hand fresh and safe.





It offers hygienic and natural beauty products. It is the personal care brands. It is a sistern concern company from Zodhita Health Solutions. The hand sanitizer contains Vitamin E and natural moisturizers. It removes germs and provide natural scent.






It is a product from PainSafe. It protects you from infections. It comes with vibrant pepper mint fragrance and natural flavor. It is the most recommended brands for kids.When the gel is applied on your hands, it dries quickly, fairly. There’s no sticky or wet residue left behind so you’re free to do what you need with your hands.


We have discussed the top 10 hand sanitizer brands in India. You can buy any of the above brands as per your need. These hand sanitizers are portable and easy to use. It effectively cleans your hand. These all hand sanitizers are made from alcohol that protect you from pathogens. It also contains moisturizer that prevents your skin from irritation and dryness. Hence, buy your hand sanitizer today.

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