Top 10 Best Cake Store Brands in India

Do you love baked food such as bread, cake, patties, pastries, puffs and rolls? If yes, then you need to know the top 10 best cake store brands in India.

Why we eat cake in India?

The cake is consumed on every occasion. Here are the reasons why we eat cake

  • Cakes make you popular- This is a very simple theory. Just take cake in your office and distribute it to your colleagues. You will be surprised that how fast you will be popular.
  • Cake is healthy- The cakes can be made from fruits and vegetable such as carrot cake, fruit cake, chocolate cake, lemon drizzle cake.
  • Cake transform any occasion into the celebration- You can decorate your cake with icing for making your occasion and celebration special.  
  • Cakes increase your mood- Eating cake helps to boost your mood.
  • Cakes make you slim- Taking cakes in the dessert in the afternoon helped dieters lose weight as it is all about metabolism.
  • Cake helps to beat depression- Eating cake on a daily basis help to remove depression and anxiety.
  • Provides energy- cakes are usually made by mixing sugar and flour. They are an excellent source of carbohydrates that provide you with sufficient energy.

Here is the list of top 10 bakeries that serves fresh and delicious cakes and confectionaries In India.

  • Nahoum Sons and confectionary

This is the best cake shop that is located in Kolkata. This is a Jewish bakery that started its operation in 1902. All the items are popular for their classic style of frosting. The taste of the foods has not changed since ages. All food items taste delicious. The most well-known cake is black forest cake as it is gooey, dark and has lots of cherries.


  • Defence bakery

Defence bakery is located in New Delhi. It is the oldest cake shop in Delhi and was established in 1960. Some of the popular items are cakes, desserts, breads, cookies, muffins, and pizza. They also make eggless and sugarless cakes.


  • Merwans Cake shop

It is situated in Mumbai and produces various type of confectionaries like pastries, cakes, rolls and patties. The price is very low. All strata of society are able to afford their food products. You can also try their chicken rolls and patties. Also, coconut ball is equally good.


  • Wenger’s Deli

It is the world famous cake shop in New Delhi. It is based on the format of taking away as you cannot sit and eat. Every food item tastes good and price is also very pocket -friendly. You can try rich chocolate, blueberry blast, and cassata cake. Their shakes are also very delicious.


  • Kookie Jar

This Kookie Jar cake shop is located in Kolkata. It is very famous for its lemon and chocolate tart. It is also famous for butter sponge cake that is very soft. You cannot find this kind of softness in any other bakery. It has three branches in the city.


  • Glen’s bake house

It is located in Bangalore. It is very popular cake shop in South India. They are best known for cheesecakes. Other food items are cupcakes, choco almond fudge pie, red velvet mini cupcake, and tarts.


  • Donut house

Do you love donuts? If yes, then this is the best bakery in Hyderabad. They create donuts that are not made anywhere else in the world. Some of them include chilli cheese donut, burger donut, and sugar coated donut. Their best donuts are chocolate donuts.


  • Old Madras Baking company

It is known for its bread. They produce all types of breads such as garlic bread, cinnamon bread, ginger bread and banana bread. They also make mouth-watering Nutella brioche, Danish, and croissant. Just put those in your mouth and it will melt. It is located in Chennai. They are famous as they did not use any chemicals, preservatives and fresh.


  • Theobroma

It is the best bakery in Mumbai but their food items are of high price. Their cakes are great and tasty. You can try their New York Style baked pastry, red velvet cake and dense cakes.


  • Kayani bakery

It is the famous bakery that is located in Pune. It is well-known for Mawa cake and many varieties of salted and sweet biscuits. You can try cheese papdi and mawa cake as they are very tasty. You can try Shrewsbury biscuits.

We have discussed top 10 best cake shops brands in India. So, you can go to the famous cake shop in your respective city.

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