Marketing Strategies of DUREX Brand- Do the Rex

Founded in the year 1915, Durability, Reliability and Excellence better known as Durex, was called as The London Rubber Company. This company was started LA Jackson. The primary business of this brand was to sell condoms and barber shop supplies.

The name was shortened to Durex and was registered by this name in the year 1929. It was in the year 1999, the London International Group, formerly known as London Rubber Company and Seton Scholl were merged to become Seton Scholl London International Group plc, known as SSL International. However, in the year 2010 Reckitt Benckiser acquired SSL international.

This brand is associated in the personal care category in the FMCG sector. This is one of the most popular contraceptive products used by males not just to avoid unplanned pregnancy, but it is also known for getting ultimate pleasure. The target audience of this brand is adults over the age of 18 years.

It faces competition from other popular brands like:

  • Kamasutra
  • Kohinoor
  • ManForce
  • Moods
  • Trojan

The product is focused on males who are looking at safety, fun and comfort during the act. Durex was the pioneer in introducing lubricated condoms in the year 1950 and has evolved their products drastically as per the changing choices of the world. The company is also popular in making colored and flavored condoms.

The brand not only is very popular in India but is loved globally as well. The brand makes latex and non-latex condoms and has a lot of variants in both the categories.The company is not only known for making condoms, but also makes products of sexual wellness.

However, the brand holds no. 1 position globally in the condom category. Their product is made with the finest raw material and is tested electronically as well.

The variants in the condom category include:

  • Performance
  • Feeling and Intimacy
  • Fun and Adventure  

Durex also makes lubricants which come under the sexual wellness category. They make many variants in massage gels and lubricants to provide extended pleasure.

durex ranveer singh ad

The product variants in this category are:

  • Durex Play Massage Gel Sensual
  • Durex Play Massage Gel Stimulating
  • Durex Play Lube Strawberry
  • Durex Play Lube Cherry
  • Durex Play Lube Tingle


The other popular product made by this brand are Durex Vibrators. They have launched many types of sex toys as well, however the most popular of them all is a vibrator.

Some of their other products in this category are:

  • Durex Play Vibrations
  • Play Ultra
  • Play Little Devil

Durex is a very popular brand in the sexual wellness category globally and is available in most parts of the world; to be precise it is available in more than 140 countries. The company makes over 4 Billion condoms every year and has 17 manufacturing units. It is the top-most contraceptive brand in forty countries like France and ranks at 2nd position in the United States.

The market share of this brand is close to 23% and the credit for this goes to their amazing distribution network. The products made by this company are easily available in mega stores, medical shops, chemists, adult stores, gas stations, online channels etc.

The pricing of the products made by Durex is slightly higher than its competition. In spite of this, the brand has a good hold on the market because of its superb product quality and diversified product range. Their products are priced as per the age range and the demand of the product. Durex has kept all this in mind and has adopted pricing policies that suit every pocket and becomes affordable and reasonable for its user.

› Marketing and Promotions by Durex

Durex is considered as a very fun and innovative brand in this category. They have been in the market for many years and know the pulse of it very well.

The brand makes product has per audience segmentation and their marketing and promotion strategies also differ as per this.

The tagline of the brand is ‘Do the Rex – Durex’

They are associated with promoting the use of a condom at any given time and how easy it is to carry one with you. They also promote a lot of safety angle while advertising the product. The promotions and marketing are mostly based on product features and also provides related information about the brand.


They have roped in the energetic and flamboyant Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador in India who has done an ad film with the brand which had become extremely popular because of the way it was filmed, the rap by the actor and the fact that a person may need a condom at any point of time. The film focused on how easy it is to carry a Durex condom and places and reasons one needs it. The ad isn’t vulgar and has a very catchy song and tune. It has a very high brand recall even today. The highlight of this ad campaign was that the word ‘sex’ was completely avoided in the entire ad and it still managed to pass on the message to the viewers. Even the intimate scenes shown in the ad were toned down to match Indian cultural values.

TheRexFact – The film garnered 3.4M views on YouTube and was one of the most popular campaign by the brand.

The brand also came up with Durex Jeans Condoms which was a pocket pack introduced by the brand. Ranveer Singh did some commercials for promoting this product as well. The innovative ideas to promote the product were well received by the audience and were relatable as well.

The brand has also been part of various events. Durex was not the official sponsor of Summer Olympics held in the year 2012, but it provided 1,50,000 condoms free to more than ten thousand athletes participating in the games.

The brand heavily focuses on the use of contraceptive and all its communications – digital, offline and print speak the same language. They have a lot of promotions linked with the current affairs in the country but promoting their products. They are very active on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and have a great following from all age groups.

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