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Ariel is known for its superb cleaning qualities and is the product manufactured by Procter & Gamble in the home care and detergent section by them. It is a global brand and has great presence in the Indian market. One of its major competition is Tide which comes under the umbrella of Procter & Gamble as well and together, Tide and Ariel hold 30% of the market share in this category which makes the parent company a market leader in this domain, globally.


#CleanFact – Ariel was the flagship product of Procter & Gamble in the home cleaning and detergent category.


Launched in the year 1967, the brand came up with a revolution of combining enzyme-based compound with encapsulated bleach. This product was launched as soon as the washing machine culture began in a few countries around the world.

In the year 1985, the first liquid detergent which was made to remove the stains caused by grease. It was an outstanding product made by the company as it had amazing cleaning qualities. However, this was only for cleaning the whites (as it had bleach in it) and the brand wanted to shift focus.

As the trends changed and people started wearing more colored clothes, in the year 1992, Ariel decided to launch a detergent powder specifically for colored clothes. This was a bleach free detergent and was used for washing colored clothes and also maintain the brightness of the fabric.


Even after the launch of this detergent, Ariel did not stop innovating. It wanted to make many more options available to people who loved their clothes and wanted to protect them against harmful chemicals which were present in detergents used for washing.

In the year 2000, Ariel launched liquitabs which was detergent in a very unique format! It was a quick and easy way of washing clothes by giving unbeatable results.

Then in the year 2012, the innovative 3in1 Pods are released for the first time, becoming the first and only 3 compartment liquid tab. Now you have more time to spend on what’s important to you – to your life, family and goals.


› Some of the biggest competition of this brand are:

  • Surf Excel
  • Henkel
  • Nirma
  • Rin Detergent
  • Wheel Active


The USP of Ariel is that removes all the stains from the clothes without hampering them. As of today, washing machines are popular in homes, not only do clothes need to be cleaned but they also need to remain fresh and the quality of the fabric needs to be maintained. Ariel helps in doing all the three things, in spite of the rigorous wash process that happens in a washing machine.

Some variants to the detergent made by the brand are:

  • Ariel Excel Washing Gel: This is a gel-based washing agent which is very good for people living in places that have low temperatures. The gel comes in a bottle which is very easy to use even if the temperatures are very low. The gel is very strong and can remove stains like chocolate and ketchup.
  • Ariel Washing Tablets: This is detergent made in a tablet format which is extremely easy to use and can also be taken while travelling.
  • Washing Liquid by Ariel: This is a strong liquid concentrate which is used for doing the laundry and pre-treating the stains all in one wash.
  • 3 in 1 Pods by Ariel: This is one of the most up to date and innovative idea developed by the brand. By using the product, the stain is removed from the fabric, it is fresh and clean, and the garments also brighten.

Ariel was introduced in the year 1967 in the UK market and now is available globally. It was launched in Indian in the year 1991.

Today, Ariel is available in Japan, Venezuela, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Columbia. The quality of the product is uncompromised and through the world it is known for its freshness and cleaning qualities. Hence, the pricing policy of the brand is also premium and can be afforded by the upper class only. In comparison to its competitors, Ariel is the costliest product in its category. However, the company today is trying to use a penetration policy to the rural area and it is launching products with a variety of pricing range.


› Marketing and Promotions by Ariel:

This has been the differentiating factor for the brand from its counterparts. The tagline of the brand is ‘Your Laundry Will Thank You’The brand always focuses on showcasing the technology used in making the product and how it is innovative and different than others.

A lot of campaigns are done by the brand on the lines of ‘seeing is believing’. The ads focus on the fact that what we show you is what happens in reality when you use Ariel to wash your laundry.

The current brand ambassador of the brand is star chef Sanjeev Kapoor who has done various advertisements for the brand focusing on the fact that however bad the stain on your clothes is, Ariel is here to clean it up and maintain the quality of the fabric as well.


#ShareTheLoad Campaign:

This campaign was introduced by the brand in the year 2016 and it was very well received by the audiences. The aim behind this campaign was to promote the fact that doing laundry is not only the job of the woman in the house. It was very well-made campaign and it did touch the correct string in the minds and hearts of the audiences.

Ariel is also known for making detergents for specific washing machine as well. It has a range of detergents for a front load as well as a top load machine. It focuses on educating the audience too, by sharing information on what to use, which detergent to use and how much of it is to be used while doing the laundry. As the brand makes various formats of detergents, knowing which one to use when is something that the brand focuses on through their website as well as YouTube channel.

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