Marketing Strategy of Del Monte Brand

This North American Food brand was launched in the year 1886 and comes under the category of manufacturing processed foods. It is headquartered at 3003 Oak Road, Walnut Creek, California, USA.

It is one of the largest processed food manufacturers, distributers and marketers in the US and generates a $1.8 Billion sales annually. Many products made by the brand hold no. 1 or 2 spots in the retail market globally. The company also produces, distributes and markets private-label food. They make Del Monte Ketchup and Del Monte Juice under their name.

Del Monte was initially used as a brand name to sell canned peaches. However, after the year 1916, the company started to make most of its products under this name. In the year 1972, it became first food processor to include nutritional labelling on its items.


Brands under Del Monte:

Del Monte has several sub brands which it makes; they are as follows:

  • S&W
  • Fruit Naturals
  • Fruit Burst
  • Fresh Cut
  • College Inn
  • Orchard Select
  • SunFresh
  • Contadina

Competitors of Del Monte Foods are:

  • ConAgra Foods
  • Pinnacle
  • Nestle
del monte ads
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Del Monte Foods Worldwide:

Del Monte Foods markets food products under the brand name of Del Monte in South America and The Unites States. A company called Kikkoman Corporation (a Japanese food manufacturer) acquired Del Monte in Asia in the year 1989. In Canada, Del Monte was retained by Nabisco while the business was sold off in other regions. However, Nabisco merged with FMCG giant Kraft Foods in the year 2000. In 2006 Kraft sold Del Monte and other underperforming assets to Sun Capital Partners and EG Capital. ConAgra Foods acquired Del Monte Canada in 2012.

Del Monte in India is produced by FieldFresh, a joint venture of Del Monte Pacific and Bharti Enterprises.

#DelMonteFact – There was a time when the brand had nearly fifty products to its name including olives, cranberry sauce, jellies, jams, berries, peppers, sweet potatoes and squash.

Over the years, the company has gone through several structural changes and has sold several sub brands to sustain in the market. However today, Del Monte is one of the largest and known companies related to processed food in the consumer market.

The company markets its own products in South America and The United States. It has a very superior marketing policy and a channeled distribution network which is very wide spread. In the year 1916, the company was dependent on commission agents for selling its products and later they got involved in the whole sale distribution network. n the year 1917 major changes took place within the company and it decided to put its onus on its seventy-one manufacturing plants for better productions.


Pricing Strategy of Del Monte

After all the struggle faced by the brand it today holds a very strong financial base. It faces high competition and thus has adopted competitive pricing strategy which allows the brand to keep the pricing at par with its rival brands. Del Monte is not present in many markets and can definitely approach the same in the near future.

Most of the products of this recognized brand have affordable prices as its company has adopted reasonable pricing policy for all its products. The company believes in volume sales and has taken many steps to follow this policy.


Marketing and Promotions by Del Monte

The tagline of the brand is ‘Taste like Never Before, Eat Healthy Live Healthy’.

The company has targeted the middle class and the upper middle-class sections of the world and does a lot of traditional marketing. In the year 1918, Del Monte decided to opt for mass advertising and the first advertisement was published in Saturday Evening Post.


Some of the ads made by Del Monte for India market:


  • ‘Oye, Ruk Oye’ – Del Monte Zingo

This ad was made by the brand 8 years ago to promote a new range of a unique category of ketchup in the Indian market.


  • ‘Totally Like’– Del Monte Fruit Juices

This ad was made to promote the Del Monte Fresh Juice variants and was launched 2 years ago. The brand wanted to promote 100% goodness of no added sugar, preservatives and no added flavors in the Indian market.


  • Del Monte and Krrish 3

This was a promotional campaign done by the brand with the movie Krrish 3. It was launched 4 years ago. The campaign idea was to push sales of Del Monte products and lucky winners would get a chance to meet Hrithik Roshan.

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