Marketing Strategies of Slice Brand

Introduced in the year 1984, Slice is a fruit flavored drink which is manufactured by PepsiCo.

It originated in the United States of America but today is available globally. In India, it was launched in the year 1993 and was reintroduced in the year 2000 which is currently marketed as a Mango flavored drink under the name of Tropicana Slice.

The branding done by Slice has showcased, Mango as an indulgent and not a regular fruit. The creative ‘Aamsutra’ idea communicates the experience of extreme sensuous pleasure through the act of drinking Slice. They have revamped the packaging, have a better and more powerful graphic representation of the product which has helped it build a powerful appeal.

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Source: Pepsico India

It is known for its refreshing taste and has 10% juice content.

It faces competition from:

  • Real Fruit Juice
  • Maaza
  • Tropicana Juices
  • Frooti
  • Minute Maid
  • B Natural


› History of Slice:

In the year 1984, when this drink was launched by Pepsi Co. it was very well received by the market. A fruit infused drink which gave stiff competition to Coco Cola’s Minute Maid and Cadbury Schweppes’s Sunkist. By the year 1987, Slice had 3.2% market share already.

Initially, this drink was available in a can which had one solid color and had the name ‘Slice’ written on it. Later, these cans were replaced by a single color can – Black which had bursts of colors depicting the flavor of the drink with the name written on it. In 1997, the cans became blue with color-coordinated swirls. The original orange flavor was reformulated around this time with the new slogan, “It’s orange, only twisted.”

A new line of diet soda was introduced by Pepsi Co. in early 2006. This was called as Slice ONE and was market only at Walmart stores. It was available in only berry, grape and orange flavors and was sweetened by Splenda.

Slice was launched in India in 1993 as a mango flavored drink and quickly went on to become a leading player in the category.

print ads Slice katrina
Source: Pepsico India

› Product Line of Slice:

Slice comes under the fruit flavored soft drinks (non – aerated). The company has introduced many variants under its name so that a consumer can choose from a variety.

Slice in India is available in several packs and sizes. It is a synonymous to alphonso (king of mangoes) in India because of its rich and refreshing taste.

Slice is available in following variants:

  • Slice Mango
  • Slice Berry
  • Slice Lemon – Lime
  • Slice Pineapple
  • Slice Strawberry
  • Slice Grape
  • Slice Passion Fruit
  • Slice Red Cherry Lime
  • Slice Mangola
  • Slice One
  • Slice Peach
  • Slice Apple
  • Slice Mandarin Orange
  • Slice Sierra Mist


Slice was launched in the United States but today it has a global presence. It is widely accepted by the consumer because it is very refreshing and has a very good a fruit like taste.

Print ad Slice Katrina
Source: Pepsico india

The distribution network of Slice is very strong, which is also because of its parent company – Pepsi Co. and hence it is available in so many different markets globally with a lot of ease.

It has adopted VPS or Vertical marketing System of distribution and its channel includes services of distributors, small retailers and bulk buyers to reach end customers via supermarket, hyper market, food stores, etc.

The projection of Slice as a drink is very young and energetic. The entire society is its target as the product can be consumed by people of all ages. However, it faces stiff competition from several products and hence has adopted a competitive & penetrative pricing strategy. Reasonable and affordable rates have helped the brand in gaining greater consumer base and garnering greater profit margins.


› Marketing and Promotions by Slice

Slice is a brand which is very well known globally and does heavy marketing across channels.

They are active in both ATL and BTL marketing and have a very good strategy with the same. The strategies used by the brand are mostly for brand awareness. They have many fun and memorable advertisements done for the brand which are very relatable and are fun to watch.

They also do a lot of print and billboard advertising. Slice is very active digitally as well and is present on all social media platforms and has a very engaging YouTube channel as well. In the year 2009, the company launched a campaign which would give the consumers an opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip to exotic destinations like Paris, Greece, Vienna etc. This was called as Slice Pure Pleasure Holidays.  

The current brand ambassador of the brand is Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif. The taglines associated with the brand are Ab ras barsega, Aamsutra, Taste the biggest Orange and Pure Mango pleasure. One of its most remembered campaigns was Aamsutra which was launched in the year 2008.

#Ab Ras Barsega Ad:

This was one of the first ads which showcased Katrina Kaif. It was a beautifully created ad which had great product placement. This campaign was released in the year 2012.


#Slice Swayaamvar Ad:

This ad was launched in the year 2014 to promote the drink and showcase the fact that ‘Kesar’ which is considered as the queen of Mangoes is handpicked from Gujrat to make this drink.


#Tropicana Slice – Har Ghoot Ras Bhara Aam

This was an ad campaign launched in the year 2017 featuring Katrina Kaif.

With the fruit expertise from Tropicana and the amazing marketing and advertising done by the brand it has been one of the most favorite mango drinks to sip on in the country in any season.

Slice has made space for itself in spite of facing stiff competition from Frooti and Real Fruit juices. As it is available in so many flavors and in various packs it is convenient for the consumer to choose from a variety.  

The brand has come together to handpick the best, juiciest Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes, exclusively for the consumers – in a delightful mango drink.

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