Marketing Strategies of Kurkure Brand

In the year 1999, PepsiCo launched this super tasty and crunchy snack called as Kurkure in the Indian market. Available in several flavors, this brand is one of the top-notch leaders in making corn puff snack.

The brand has projected itself as a fun snack that can be eaten at all times and is very tasty that suits the Indian palette. The design of the snack and the packaging done by the brand is very different and was one of the first to have a snack which was crooked and long.

Kurkure has redefined all boundaries of packaged snacks in the Indian market and today has made a distinct place for itself in the hearts and minds of Indians.

Some of the brands that try to give it a competition are as follows-

  • Parle
  • Perfetti
  • Hadriam’s
  • Balaji Wafers
  • ITC


Kurkure is available in India, Canada, Pakistan and the UK. It was launched in Pakistan 11 years ago and 19 years ago in India. t was launched in 1999 and has its automated plants at Channo (Punjab, India), Kolkata and Pune.

kurkure print ads
Source: Pepsico India

Kurkure is made of 6 main ingredients – corn meal, rice meal, vegetable oil, milk solids, spices, tartaric acid.The Product line of Kurkure is vast. It is lip smacking snack which is available in various flavors.

Some of the popular variants introduced by the brand for Kurkure are:

  • Corn Cups
  • Zig Zag
  • Masala Twists
  • Puff Corn
  • Monster Smiles
  • Monster Paws (Mad Masala and Funky Tomato)
  • Desi Beats (Flirty Lime, Deewana Tamatar and Dildar Masala)
  • Solid Masti (Masala Twists and Nimbu Masala)
  • Hyderabadi Hungama
  • Flavors of Kurkure:
    • Naughty Tomatoes
    • Chilli Chatka
    • Maslala Munch
    • Green Chutney
    • Malabar Masala Style


The brand is known for introducing local flavors which suit the taste buds of people. For instance, the flavor prominently introduced in Punjab will have the local flavors than the one introduced in Gujrat or Karnataka. This is done so that the brand can be present in all the regions and can serve the locals well. Under this game plan, the company has decided to use dal in three varieties like South Spice Mix, Bengali Jhal and Mumbai Chatpata Usal. The uniqueness of its taste is because of the usage of every day ingredients of Indian Kitchen like Rajma, Pulses and local spices.

Kurkure is an Indian produce and is available every region of the country. The distribution network is very strong and today this Indian snack is available in some other countries as well because of its high demand. It has used the traditional distribution network strategy and is very successful in keeping up with it. The products of Kurkure are available at every nook and corner and in big or small stores.

kurkure print ads
Source: Pepsico India

The pricing strategy adopted by the brand is perceived value pricing which is working very well for the brand. It faces huge competition from various other products in the same category and hence it has to price its products well to be successful in the market.

The pricing strategy adopted can also be termed as reasonable pricing because its products are available in packs of Rs. 5, Rs. 10 and Rs. 20/30 which are the family packs. The company has kept the pricing strategy competitive as other brands also have similar pricing strategy for the products.

kurkure print ads
Source: Pepsico India

› Marketing and Promotion of Kurkure

Kurkure has very aggressive marketing and is known for its fun and quirky advertising. It has always roped in Bollywood celebrities to promote the brand on print and digital. They have many offers on the products as well.

The most popular tag line of the brand has been ‘Tedha hai, par Mera hai’ which went very well with the product as Kurkure is a crooked stick shaped snack.

Currently they use ‘Khul Jaaye to Family Bann Jaye’ as the tag line for the product.It has invested heavily towards product innovation and thus has also invested well in promoting the products.

The first brand ambassador of this brand was roped Juhi Chawla in the year 2004. She did many fun and memorable ads with the brands which were very popular at that time and even today.


Some of the classic ads by Kurkure featuring Juhi Chawla:


  • Kurkure Chilli Chatka – Kurkure Xtreme Chilli Flavors

This ad was created to introduce the range of chilli flavor Kurkure in the market.


  • Kurkure Masala Munch

This was a promotional campaign which was one by the brand to promote togetherness of a family. The promotion was to buy a pack of Kurkure and win a family trip to Disneyland.


  • Montu Wedding Proposal for Pinki

This was one of the most popular ads done by the actress for Kurkure. The concept, the product placement and the picturization of the ad was very well done.

Later the brand has shuffled between brand ambassadors like Parineeti Chopra, Kunal Kapur, Boman Irani and Farida Jalal. They had got in a concept of ‘Happy Family’ with this campaign.


  • #WhySoSweet with Boman Irani, Parineeti Chopra and Kunal Kapur.


  • #KurkureHappyDiwali with Parineeti Chopra, Kunal Kapur and Farida Jalal


  • Kurkure Masala Munch with Parineeti Chopra and Kunal Kapur

Kurkure is a 100% vegetarian snack and is considered as one of the most favorite chai time snacks in the Indian household. Over the years, Kurkure has journeyed effortlessly from being a snack with a twist to becoming an integral part of India’s teatime menu and an embodiment of endearing human ‘imperfections’ or ‘tedhapan’.

The product and brand both symbolize light hearted fun and hence it is loved by the youth and young Indians as well as families across the country. The marketing and advertising have been very integral part of making this brand what it is today and hence it plays a vital role for the company even today.


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