Marketing Strategies of Bingo brand

Launched in the year 2007, Bingo! is a delicious Indian snack which is available in various flavors. It is a product manufactured by ITC (Indian Tobacco Company). The range includes multiple flavor variants of Potato Chips & Finger Snacks.

The brand is associated with a lot of fun, adventure and is targeted towards the youth. Bingo! Currently has four sub brands in its kitty and is a very popular name in the Indian household.

Today, Bingo! Faces fierce competition from:

  • Frito Lays
  • Kurkure
  • Haldiram
  • Balaji Wafers
  • Uncle Chips


Bingo! Has several products to fulfil the taste buds for an individual. They have tangy, spicy and sweet and sour flavors which are loved by the people.

  • Bingo! Mad Angles – “Har Angle se Mmmm…”

This is the most successful product in the Bingo! Portfolio. It gained popularity because of its shape which is triangular and was very different than its competition. It has carved a nice for itself.

The variants of Bingo! Mad Angles are:

    • Mad Angles Tomato Madness
    • Mad Angles Mmmmm Masala
    • Mad Angles Achari Masti
    • Mad Angles Chaat Masti
    • Mad Angles Kasundi
    • Mad Angles Fillos
    • Mad Angles Very Peri Peri


  • Bingo! Yumitos

These are authentic potato chips which are made from premium golden potatoes. They are available in 4 flavors:

    • Yumitos Cream & Onion
    • Yumitos Masala
    • Yumitos Salted
    • Yumitos Tomato


  • Bingo! Yumitos Original Style – Salt and Chilli Sprinkled

This is a variant of Bingo! Yumitos which is loved by the people as well. It is one of a kind of product which has only two flavors in it. The flavors are very unique and delectable, and the product is made from handpicked potatoes and is sprinkled carefully with spices.

    • Original Style Chilli Sprinkled
    • Original Style Salt Sprinkled
Bingo print ads
Source: ITC India
  • Bingo! Tangles – “Let’s Tangle”

This snack was created by the brand after a lot of innovation. The packet of this product has stranded chips. Each strand is loaded with tasty masala. That’s not all, once you eat this the mouth is full of different delicious flavors other than the main flavor of the chip. It is available in two flavors:

    • Tomato Tangle
    • Masala Tangle


  • Bingo! Tedhe Medhe – “Eat. Phir Repeat.”

This is very similar to Kurkure by PepsiCo. The taste of fiery sparks which masalas leave on one’s tongue is an experience with savoring!

It is available in six amazing flavours:

    • Tedhe Medhe Achari Masti
    • Tedhe Medhe Wakhra Style
    • Tedhe Medhe Tomato Masti
    • Tedhe Medhe Pudina Twist
    • Tedhe Medhe Lime Chatpata
    • Tedhe Medhe Mast Masala Tadka


  • Bingo! No Rulz – Banao Masti ke Apne Rules

This is the latest product in the Bingo! portfolio. This product is specifically targeted towards the kids. The shapes of the chips inside the pack vary from moon, stick, star and ring. They also give a free toy with every pack of this product.

It is available in four exciting flavors:

    • No Rulz Tomato
    • No Rulz Cheese
    • No Rulz Masala


The product Bingo! Is available in both the rural and urban markets of India. They also have a very strong distribution channel because its holding company ITC. The brand has tried to adopt a micro-distribution policy to gain better reachability. Hence it is possible to buy a pack of Bingo even in the remotest part of rural India.

The pricing played a very important role since the time the product was launched. The brand wanted to capture 25% of the market since the very beginning. The brand has adopted aggressive pricing policy which has helped it acquire 16% of the market share today in the snacks category. Its pricing strategy has been successful because of consistent lower prices and providing more value for money.

The brand also offers schemes and promotions with the pack which makes it a popular buy amongst the others.

Bingo print ads
Source: ITC India

› Marketing and Promotions of Bingo!

This is the most amazing part of the brand! They are very good at making innovative and funny TV commercials which leave a mark on the minds of the audiences. They have very quirky content which goes well with the brand. This has also helped them beat the competition in many ways and has made them such a popular brand in less time.

The brand is very popular in print, digital and TV mediums. They are popular on Radio as well.Some of the most amazing ads made by Bingo!:

  • Bingo! Mad Angles – Board Room Ad

This ad was funny and stayed in the minds of the audinces for a long time. It was made to promote the Bongo! Mad Angles Achaari Masti.


  • Bingo! Chips – Burning pocket Ad

This too was a classic by the brand. It was made to promote Bingo! Red Chilli flavor.


  • Bingo! Mad Angles – Swachh Bharat

This ad gave a social message in a very unique way! Have a look yourself.

  • Bingo Tedhe Medhe – Proposal

This is the latest ad by the brand. It’s a funny commercial which focuses on the product and claims that you just cannot stop eating at one chip.


  • Bingo! New Funny Video – Pout #ApnaAsliFlavour

This ad was made in a series of ads to promote the #ApnaAsliFlavour Campaign by the brand. They had made very funny and unique ads under this and this is one of them.

Bingo! is known to create innovative and unique campaigns to promote their brand which also have social messages and connect with the youth very well. They don’t have any celebrity endorsing the brand and most of the times have young actors in their ads. They use a lot of Hindi language in their content which can be understood by maximum people of the country.

It is a very popular brand and is definitely here to stay for a very long time!

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