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Berger Paints India is a public limited company headquartered at Kolkata, India. It was founded in the month of December 1923, 94 years ago. The company has 13 manufacturing units in India with an employee strength of 3000 and over 25,000 dealers.

The annual revenue of this company is US$630 million and is a leading name in the paint and coating category. It ranks 2nd in India after Asian Paints. It has products for home as well as industrial furnishing. The company is internationally located in Russia, Poland, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

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The competitors of Berger Paints are:

  • Asian Paints
  • Shalimar Paints
  • Dulux
  • Kansai Nerolac

› History of Berger Paints:

In the year 1770, Louis Steigenberger to sell Prussian blue color (this color was made by using his own formula) shifted to London from Frankfurt. Post which he also changed his name to Lewis Berger.

By the year 1870, Berger Paints was selling 19 variants of paints such as – black lead, Sulphur, sealing wax and mustard.In the 1900s, an American company took over and in the year 1923, Mr. Hadfield set up Hadfield’s (India) Ltd., a small paint company in Calcutta.

During the time of Independence, British Paints acquired this company which gave birth to British Paints (India) Ltd in the State of West Bengal.

In 1969, Berger Jenson Nicholson Limited, UK bought British Paints (India) Ltd. which marked the beginning of Lewis Berger’s legacy in India.

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› Product Line of Berger Paints:

Berger Paints are known for making high quality paints and other materials for commercial as well as home use. Their Product portfolio includes:

  • Interior Wall Coatings
  • Exterior Wall Coatings
  • Berger Metal and Wood Paints
  • Undercoats
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Wallpapers


Berger Paints is also known for its expert services such as:

  • Virtual Painter
  • Express Painting
  • Preview Facility
  • Expert Advise
  • Projects
  • Protective Coatings
  • Powder Coatings
  • Automotive & GI Coatings


These services offered by Berger Paints are for Home, Industrial and Professional users. The services relate to specific projects undertaken by an individual or organisation wherein a product is delivered, for example, different types of coatings or consultancy of specific nature is given for example expert advice, virtual painter or preview facility.

India, Berger Paints has 7 factories which are located in 4 major regions. And the brand is present in over 80 locations in India. Internationally, it is present in 4 countries like Nepal, Russia, Poland, Bangladesh.  All the locations have dedicated sales team to service the customer needs.

The pricing done by Berger Paints is comparatively cheaper than its competitors – Asian Paints and Nerolac.

For instance, for a 100-125 sq. ft. area, primer by Berger Paints costs Rs. 1880. But for the same area, An Asian Paints or Nerolac has priced it at Rs.1980.

One of the most popular and loved product by this brand is Berger Easy clean luxury emulsion. It is a very popular choice of people who have kids at home and want some unique and colorful designs as well.


› Marketing and Promotions by Berger Paints:

Berger Paints is very heavy on its marketing and promotions. They have very unique and different concepts when it comes to TV commercials which focus on various pain points of painting a house and how Berger Paints has the solution for it. The tag line of the brand is ‘Paint your Imagination’

Most of its commercials are targeted to family and kids and hence are very popular and remembered by the audiences. They are the first ones to create an ‘Anti Dustt Paint’ in India as well. Actor Pankaj Tripathi too is seen on print and some TV commercials done by the brand for this product.

The brand ambassador of this product was Kartina Kaif and the Berger Silk Glamor ad campaign done by the brand with her was very well appreciated by the audiences. She is roped in to promote the luxury paint emulsion series of the brand. It showcased beautiful walls done up by Berger Paints and how can one make their home gorgeous by using the Silk Glamor Paint. The tag line for this product is ‘Deewarien Nahin, Yaadien Hain’

Berger Paints also does a lot of CSR activities and is known for its eco-friendly products and associations with other communities for the same.

This year, during the Durga Pujo celebration in West Bengal, Berger Paints in association with West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) and Kumartuli Association provided eco-friendly products to Idol-makers of Kolkata to help promote the usage of eco-friendly and user-friendly substitute to solvent paints.



Berger Easy Clean Paint:

This is one of the most loved and popular products made by the brand. It is known for its superior cleaning qualities and claims that the wall will remain pristine as they were on the first day of painting. The tag line for this product is ‘No Daag, No Dhabba’

They have also launched a variant in this called as Berger Easy Clean Fresh.

The brand has one many Tv commercials for this paint particularly. Some of them are as follows:

#Berger Easy Clean – Football Campaign


#Berger Easy Clean – Haldi Campaign

Berger Paints is also known for its Express Painting service which is very popular in families who don’t have enough time to stay at home while they need to get their homes painted.

The brand has many TV commercials and has done print advertising as well to promote this service.

# Berger Express Painting – Husband and Wife


Berger Express Painting – T20 Of Painting


Berger Paints is known for its innovation and eco-friendly products. Recently the chairman of the company, K S Dhingra said “We will soon commence water and solvent-based decorative, industrial and protective coating, resins, emulsion and construction chemical manufacturing facility at Sandila, Uttar Pradesh, at an estimated cost of Rs. 200 crores.

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