Top 10 Best Tyres Brands in India

Vehicles are an important part of our life. Vehicles are essential for transporting and traveling goods and people. Vehicles are run on the essential parts and tyres is the most important part. Good tyres make your vehicle run without any problem and difficulty.

Characteristics of Good tyres

  • Traction

Tyres are the contact point of your vehicle. Therefore, grip plays an important role in your safety. The ability to brake, stay stable or turn at higher speeds all depend on the grip of your tyre. The tyres are designed for specific types of road and weather conditions.

  • Longevity

This attribute measures that how long your vehicle tyre will run. It depends on mileage, design and quality of tyres. High- performance tyres have low tread life as compared to passenger cars as they are designed to increase handling and grip.

  • Fuel efficiency

Tyres have a huge impact on your vehicle fuel consumption. Tyres have specific materials and construction that reduces friction with the road. You must buy fuel-efficient tyres that help to save fuel.

  • Handling

Handling tells that how your vehicle responds to drivers like accelerating, braking and steering. It is very important for keeping your vehicle stable, driver in control and safety. Tyre plays an essential part in handling. It conveys driver’s instructions from the wheel to ground. Sporty high performance tyres maximize handling performance. It delivers cornering and precise steering.

  • Comfort and noise

This feature says that how tyre cushions driver from the road irregularities. These tyres are optimized for comfort. Their construction absorbs bumps and provide a smooth ride. The comfortable ride depends on tread design of tyre, quantity of grooves, and their positions.

  • Robustness

Tyres must resist whatever comes on the roads. The Toughness and robustness is the ability to overcome road hazards.

There are many brands in the market that manufacture good quality tyres. Top 10 best tyre brands in India are discussed below:

1. MRF Tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt is one of the leading and oldest tyre manufacturing company in India. It started its operations in 1946 with its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Naidu. It manufactures and supply high quality radials to vehicles. It is also a leading manufacturer of passenger cars and provides tyres for trucks, buses, tractor and other road vehicles. They also produce other rubber products such as toys and conveyor belts.


2. Apollo tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt is the most acclaimed and respected tyre brands in India. It is one of the largest tyre manufacturing company in India and world. It has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. It was established in 1976. It is also the leading suppliers of tyres in European countries. It manufactures radials for cars, buses, bikes and commercial vehicles, trucks.


3. JK Tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt produces top and best tyre in India. It started its operations in 1974 with its headquarters in Delhi. It has four production units in India. They are located at Mysore, Chennai, Banmore and kankroli. This company produces the entire range of radial tyres for all four wheelers such as cars, buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles. It is very popular and well-known tyre brand in more than 80 countries.


4. Ceat tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt is a leading tyre manufacturer that was founded in 1958 in India. The company is based out of Mumbai. It has six manufacturing plants in India. It makes tyres for four and two wheelers like bikes, cars, auto-rickshaw, trucks, SUVs and buses. Rohit Sharma is the brand ambassador of ceat tyres.



5. Michelin tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt is the well-known and recognized brand in India and the world. It was founded in 1889 with its headquarters in France. It is among the top three tyre producing company in the world. It is the most trusted brand around the globe. This company is famous for its high-quality of production with all features in tyres.


6. Metzeler tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt is the trust and oldest brand that manufactures good quality tyres. This company is a German based company that was established in 1863. It has built a strong market in the Indian subcontinent. It is popular for motorcycle tyres and produces good quality tyres.


7. Good Year tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt is a company based out at the United States of America and was established in 1898. It is the leading tyre brands in India and the world. This is the leading and recognized tyre company to manufacture tyres for Formula one cars. It also manufactures tyres for trucks and SUVs. It also produces tyres for aeroplanes.


8. TVS tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt is the trusted brand with renowned two wheeler manufacturing company. It was established in 1970s. It manufactures tyres for three wheelers and two wheelers. The company has the turnover of 6 billion US dollars annually. It supplies tyres to three and two wheeler production companies like Bajaj auto, Hero Moto Corp and Yamaha India.


9. Pireli tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt is a tyre company that is based in Milan, Italy. It was established in 1872. It is the well-known and popular tyre company with 160 production units in around 19 countries worldwide. They are popular for production of high quality tyre for commercial vehicles and formula one cars. It produces tyres for bikes and cars also.


10. Bridgestone tyres


best tyre brands indiaIt is the most commonly used tyre in India and the world. It is a Japanese company that was established in 1931. Its headquarters are located in Kurume, Japan. This company manufactures tyres, other automobile parts, and industrial products. They produce radial tyres for commercial vehicles and cars.

Tyres are made to optimize performance characters. Hence we have discussed the top 10 best tyres brands in India. You can select any of these brands in India. These brand manufacture high-quality tyres as per the requirement of a vehicle.

Indian tyre industry is booming. There are many companies that are operating but we have discussed trusted, well-known and popular tyre brands in India. These tyres are designed for your two wheeler, three wheeler and commercial vehicles.

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