Top 10 Best Potato Chips Brands In India

The potato chips are smackingly spicy, tangy and flavoured favorite pastime snack. They are liked by people of age groups. They are eaten almost at every place such as picnic spots, cinema halls, and college campus. These potato chips are widely available and are dangled from the hooks. There are many potato chips brands in the market.

We are discussing the top 10 best potato chips brands in India.


1. Pringles chips

best potato chips brandsThese are the most popular chips brands in India. It offers many tangy and original flavours. They are available in exquisite tastes and aromas. The available flavors are Salt & Vinegar, Original, Sour cream & onion, Cheddar cheese, BBQ flavor, Ranch flavor, Dill pickle, Pizza flavor, Jalapeno, reduced fat original and lightly salted. It produces finger licking potato chips.



2. Uncle Chips

best potato chips brandsThe brand of Uncle chips was acquired by Amrit Agro limited. These potato chips are an ideal combination of flavors and great taste. These chips are made from traditional spices and oils. The brand offers many varieties like Spicy treat, Classic salted, Bombat Chilli masala, Sendha namak, Jakkas tomato twist.



3. Lay’s chips

best potato chips brandsThese are the best -selling and famous chips brands in India. The brand offers many exciting flavors that are made from fresh potato. The potatoes are sliced and cooked in edible vegetable oils. They are seasoned with delicious flavors. Lays brands are available in many flavors.



4. Haldiram’s chips

best potato chips brandsIt is one of the leading snacks brands in India. This brand is very popular and best- selling in the country. They have many fast food outlets in each city. The brand has many ranges of different flavoured potato chips like Halke Fulke, Kettle chips, tangy tomato, pink pepper potato chips.



5. Ruffles

best potato chips brandsThese brands are not much advertised. This brand is very popular among Indians. They manufacture ridged crinkly potato slices. These potato chips are crisp. They come in many flavors like smoky cheese, mix of flaming hot spices and assorted sausages. These chips are owned by Frito lay. They use canola, corn and sunflower oil to cook these chips.



6. Visalakshi’s snacky

best potato chips brandsSnacky is the household snacks in India. They offer tasty potato chips with many packaged items such as roasted dry fruits, chana fry and assorted namkeens. They made potato chips in natural oil. The manufacturing units are equipped with cutting edge machine technology. The best attribute of this brand is that you can customize potato chips as per your requirement. The potato chips are also present in small packets.



7. Jacker

best potato chips brandsThese potato chips are based out from Malaysia. These are crispy potatoes. This brand is certified as the super brands. These crinckle-cut wavy potato chips are packed in red cylinder boxes. It also manufacture wafer cubes and potato crisps. They have fine aroma with great taste.



8. Kettle Studio

best potato chips brandsThe potato chips are tossed with exotic spices and herbs. They are cooked in High mono saturated canola and sunflower oils. They introduce new flavors. They also produces other chips such as golden hued tortilla chips and Spanish chips from corn tortilla. These flavors are quite dominating in UK and USA. Some of other flavors of potato chips are red chilli, cheddar cheese, salsa with mesquite and Jalapeno jack.



9. Tastilo

best potato chips brandsIt is a flagship brand of Sri Shandar Snacks. It has its manufacturing units in Kashipur, Uttarakhand. These potato chips are a combination of nutrition and taste. From smoky barbeque to Mexican salsa and Indian papdi chat, your taste buds would love it. These are very healthy as they are baked in Non-GMO corn. The chips contains zero cholesterol with zero MSG, zero gluten and 40 percent less fat.



10. Bingo

best potato chips brandsIt is a relatively new brand but has created a successful place in the market. It has become popular among the young generation with its promotional campaigns like mad angles and Bingo tedhe Medhe. It is made with stunning flavors and spice combinations. This potato chips has unique and new pattern of shapes. It has become a popular snack among the people of all ages. It is ready to eat potato chips. They are manufactured under ITC. Bingo is available in the market in ten different flavors like Achari masti, Chilli Shamaka, tomato madness and much more.

Potato chips are better choice for kids. Eating twice or thrice a week is enough for your kids. Potato chips are best healthy snacking options as compared to burger or pizza. You can select any of these brands.  

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