Top 10 Brands Top 10 Best Paint brands in India

Top 10 Best Paint brands in India

Paint is a substance that is composed of solid coloring matter which is suspended in liquid medium. Here is a list of brands from where you can pick the best brand as per your Budget and Requirement


Top 10 Best Paint brands in India

Paint is a substance that is composed of solid coloring matter which is suspended in liquid medium. Here is a list of brands from where you can pick the best brand as per your Budget and Requirement

Whether it is a home, office, car or factory, we can’t even imagine a space, or for that matter an object, a piece of furniture, or even a machine without paint. Paint is a substance that is composed of solid coloring matter which is suspended in liquid medium and then applied as a decorative coating to materials or surfaces for protection or as a work of art.

Paints just not add aesthetic value to space or product, but also increase its life by making it resistant to weather and other environmental conditions. If you are in mood to renovate your house or planning for buying a new house, then it is necessary to get a paint job of highest quality. Today, you can get a variety of different paints with different qualities to choose from the market.

However, if you are in dilemma over which paint to choose and which company is reliable, here we list the top brands in paints and their star products to help you to take a decision.


1. Kansai Nerolac Paint

best paints brandsThis paint has considered one of the leading paint brands in India, kansai nerolac Paints Company is the subsidiary of Kansai Paints Ltd, one of the largest paint manufacturing companies in Japan. They have varieties of decorative pints for exteriors and interiors both. Nerolac has its headquarters in Mumbai. Nerolac impression, Lotus touch, silver, excel, and suraksha, are the famous sub- brands by Nerolac, each offering different benefits.


2. Berger Paint

best paints brandsBerger is basically Kolkata based company that started its operation in 1923. Their customers ranging from homeowners to professionals and industrial users have been patronizing the brand merely because of its quality products.   Company’s key USP products are Berger metal, interior and exterior wall coatings, wood paints etc.


3. Asian Paint

best paints brandsWho are not familiar with the name of Asian paints? Asian Paint is a well-known paint brand that has 24 manufacturing units worldwide. The success behind the company is their quality products and better market communication and is popular for three products like ancillaries’ paints, decorative paints and industrial coatings.


4. Snowcem paint

best paints brandsAn Indian paint company, Snowcem has been patronized by consumers and painters for over 5 decades now. Their range of exterior and interior paint products and are a complete value for money brand. They are on the constant bases innovating and introducing new lines of products like water based liquid paints, unigloss, eco- friendly products etc.


5. Shalimar Paint

best paints brandsShalimar Paints Color & Varnish Ltd’ is now named as Shalimar Paints that started its operation in 1902.  All over the nation, the company has 54 branches and 3 manufacturing units. Shalimar mainly emphasis on Industrial paint products and Architecture paint products. The company offers colors with tinting system with more than 9000 shades on offer to the customers.


6. Mysore Paint

best paints brandsEstablished during 1937 by Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the then Maharaja of Mysore province, started with the aim of providing employment opportunities locally and utilizing the natural resources of the of the forest. The company basically manufactures and supplies for the Government, PSUs, Central government, private industries and several paint dealers.


7. British Paint

best paints brandsThis paint brand was founded in 1919 in Britain. The British Paints have gained huge popularity due to their wide range of industrial and architectural coatings. Finding solutions for home painting to waterproofing solutions, British Paints have a solution to all home surface problems. British Paints has come up with a huge brand in India and delivered impeccable painting solution provider for Industries and Businesses. The company has its team of professionals who serve the customers with quality products.


8. Jotun Paint

best paints brandsA Norwegian company, the Jotun Group is mainly a chemicals company dealing mainly in decorative paints and performance coatings. Their range of paints and coatings have all been designed and formulated to fulfill certain aims. They have varieties of metal and wood paints and a collective of wall designer paints that are pretty popular in India.


9. Dulux Paint

best paints brandsDulux paints or Akzonoble India which was previously known as ICI India is a leading manufacturer of the Indian paint Industry. They have range of interior paints including the popular Dulux Velvet touch and pearl glow, exterior paints like Dulux weather shield and sun reflect, wood and metal paints like Dulux Super Satin that offers Dulux advanced water based PU paints and melamine coatings.


10. Jenson and Nicholson Paint

best paints brandsIn 1922 John Jenson and Wilfred Nicholson founded this company and is India’s second oldest paint company with its roots tracing back to a business established in 1821 in London and eventually emerged as an Independent company in India in 1973. The company produces industrial paints and protective varieties of quality paints. Company’s headquarter is in Gurgaon. The most demanding paint is Umbrella Synthetic Enamel which is best for interior walls.

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