Top 10 Best Mosquito Repellent Brands in India

Are you protecting yourself against mosquito bites? Mosquito bites cause infection and result in malaria. Therefore, it is must to use a mosquito repellent in the form of liquid or coil. It protects your body from infections.

Tips to apply Mosquito repellent

-If your skin repellent is in the form of sunscreen lotion or cream, then apply the mosquito repellent cream before going out in the Sun. Allow it to get absorbed in the Skin. If you are required to apply more sunscreen, then you can apply it afterward.

-Ticks and mosquitoes are aggressive biters as they are responsible for spreading many deadly infections. They can bite you on any exposed area. So, if your skin repellent is in the form of a spray, then shake the container and spray it 4-8 inches away from your clothes and uncovered skin.

-Although wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts help you to avoid mosquitoes bites, you can still spray your clothes with repellent for protection. However, don’t apply spray under your clothes as it can increase the risks.

-Don’t spray mosquito repellent directly into your ears or face. You can spray some on your neck, face and outside of ears. Be careful to avoid the direct contact of mosquito repellent to nostrils and eyes. If you have less hair on your head, then rub some spray on your head also.

-Mosquitoes get attracted to some spots on your body like feet, ankles and knees.

-You must not apply any kind of mosquito repellent to a kid of less than 2 months. Even for elder children, never spray directly to their skin.  You can spray on their hands and rub them on the exposed face and skin. Also, avoid nostrils, eyes and mouth when rubbing.

-You must reapply when necessary- The top-rated repellents provide several hours of protection against mosquitoes and ticks.

Hence we are discussing top 10 best mosquito repellents in India.


1. All out Mosquito repellent


best mosquito repellent brandsAll out is a trustworthy insect killer for Indian households. It manufactures many products like sprays and liquid vaporizer. It makes you sleep comfortably at night without the disturbance of insects and mosquitoes.




2.Good Night Mosquito repellent


best mosquito repellent brandsIt is one of the popular mosquito repellents. It is available in the market from quite many years and is rated high. It protects you against mosquito bites. It also prevents to transmit infections such as dengue, chikungunya and malaria.




3. Mortein mosquito repellent


best mosquito repellent brandsIt is a renowned name in the Indian household. It is an Australian company and a popular insect repellent. It has a famous slogan of “More smart, more safe, Mortein. The main active ingredients are Pyrethroid, Allerthin and Resmethrin. These constituents are harmful neurotoxins that can harm you if inhaled in large amounts.




4. Odomos


best mosquito repellent brandsIt is a well-known brand of mosquito repellent. It offers protection against mosquitoes. The mosquito carries many deadly disease causing viruses such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, encephalitis and filaria. Individual institutes have tested and certified odomos as the best protector against mosquitoes for 12 hours.




5. Himalaya herbal mosquito guard


best mosquito repellent brandsHimalaya herbal mosquito guard provides protection against mosquito bites. It also prevents transmitting diseases. The lotion has natural ingredients that prevent infections like dengue and malaria. It is considered as one of the best anti-mosquito solutions in India.



6.Kavach Mosquito repellent patch


best mosquito repellent brandsIt is a natural mosquito repellent patch. This product is manufactured in China under the direction of Sister Company DM International. It is a product of DKR Merchanting Pvt. Ltd. Delhi. These products are safe for children and are effective to use outdoors. The patch is the best option to use when your children are playing outdoors. It protects the users from vector diseases such as Malaria, dengue, Filaria and Chikungunya. The patch prevents you from mosquito bites.



7. Hit spray 


best mosquito repellent brandsWith the rising awareness about the harmful effects of pests, including cockroaches and mosquitoes. The tolerance levels of these insects have also fallen, therefore, there is an increasing need to kill them. Hit spray is the efficacious and powerful pest solutions that kill pests.



8.Bug off mosquito repellent


best mosquito repellent brandsIt offers 10 hours of protection against mosquitoes. They are applied on the clothing and skin and are easy to use. It comprises an active ingredient called DEET. DEET is invented by US Army that masks odor of human sweat from mosquitoes. It repels the mosquitoes and hence is safe and skin-friendly.



9.Fab India


best mosquito repellent brandsIt is a renowned brand that offers eco-friendly products. Fab India Mosquito repellent spray is one of them. This spray contains natural products like citronella, coconut and lemon grass essential oil.





10.Avon Skin So soft plus


best mosquito repellent brandsThis is a skin repellent cream with SPF 30. It makes a great option for athletes and sportsmen. It is convenient for those people who want protections from insects and Sun. It can be easily applied to the skin.


Therefore, using the best insect repellents is must to protect your family, friends and yourself from mosquito bites. You must select a mosquito repellent that must be in place and must run for a longer period of time.  


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