Top 10 Brands Top 10 Best Mango Drinks brands in India

Top 10 Best Mango Drinks brands in India

This is the era of packaged fruit juice and therefore the market is flooded with a number of brands that promise to provide good and fresh quality of fruit juice at your end. Here are List of best brands for your Inspiration


Top 10 Best Mango Drinks brands in India

This is the era of packaged fruit juice and therefore the market is flooded with a number of brands that promise to provide good and fresh quality of fruit juice at your end. Here are List of best brands for your Inspiration

The yummy fruits and the fruit juice, who doesn’t love them? Gone are the days when people use to drain out the juices from a fruit at home only. With the hustle bustle of every day, no one has the time to do so in their super busy schedule. While eating at least one fruit per day is necessary to maintain the need of vitamins and minerals in the body, intake of fruit juice is equally important and imperative to sustain a good lifestyle and healthy habits.

This is the era of packaged fruit juice and therefore the market is flooded with a number of brands that promises to provide good and fresh quality of fruit juice at your end. Some fake and some are real to be trusted over.

Let’s take a sneak-peek over top 10 packaged fruit juice brands in India 2018 that can be trusted and relied upon.

1. Dabur Real

best orange juice brandsDabur has established itself in the market really well. Working since a long time, its products can be totally relied upon when the quality and price range are concerned. The day when it launched its packaged fruits juices, no wonder people starts preferring them over all other brands and this is the reason why it ranked number one in our list. The quality of fruits that they use and the freshness that is being maintained by the brand are worth appreciating and trusting. So, if you are looking for the best brand for splurging on the fruit juice and the one that could come under your pocket range, Dabur Real could be your ultimate choice.


2. Tropicana

best orange juice brandsPepsiCo India has launched its fruit juice under the name Tropicana. PepsiCo again being one famous and reputable brand did not compromise with the quality of juice it provides to its customers. Already established in around 63 countries, when in the year 2004 Tropicana get launched in India, it managed to get a huge number of fan following. With quality and freshness as the main priority along with good taste and flavor, Tropicana holds the 2nd rank in the top 10 list. Like other fruit juice brands, they also offer to provide juices with no artificial preservative and added colors.


3. Paperboat

best orange juice brandsMatching with the pace of the fruit juice market, Paperboat is one unique brand that is dedicated to serve Indian people. With their products being termed totally in ‘desi’ style like mango juice as Aamras, raw mango fruit juice as Aam Panna and likewise Kokum and Janum Kala Khatta, they have attracted a lot of customers towards it. Being made from fruit concentrates and no artificial preservatives or added colors, Papaerboat has emerged as one potential brand in the recent past. With creativity in labeling and packaging, Paperboat comes under top three on our list.


4. Patanjali

best orange juice brandsIn the recent past, with the high success rate in all its products, Patanjali have managed to attract a lot of customers towards it forgetting the already established brands. They ensure to provide totally pure and unadulterated products be it pickle, sauce or fruit juice. Coming right from their own horticultural farms, Patanjali fruit juices have maintained a steady flow of freshness and quality in them. Being ‘swadeshi’ Patanjali fruit juices can be your ultimate choice if you are looking for quality.


5. 24 Mantra

best orange juice brandsIf you are highly concerned about the quality of fruits being used to manufacture the juice and trust only the ones coming from organic farms then 24 Matra could be listed in your favorite list. They guarantee to endow the fruits which are all organic without any pesticides or insecticides residual effects and thus hold to be totally safe to consume. Organic Orange, Mango and Apple Juice from 24 Matra are quite famous and have managed to attain a long list of happy and contented customers. Hygienically packed fruit juices from 24 mantra are too good to relish.


6. B Natural

best orange juice brandsYou can go by its name ‘B Natural’ as they have not left any stone turned to make their product in the same manner. B Natural is owned by one renowned and well-known company ITC. The fruit juice being packed in six layered tetra pack cartons, they maintain their freshness and quality for a longer period of time. The vivid range of fruit juice available with the brand provides buyer ample opportunity to select the one most preferred and get the nutrition all way round.


7. Del Monte

best orange juice brandsWorking since 1886, Del Monte has flooded the market with its products. Apart from juices, they produce a wide range of edibles that are produced from the fruits and vegetables of their own farm. So you can imagine the quality of the products easily. The flamboyant range of fruits juices either mixed or the individual one, all tastes so good and fresh that you can’t wait to test another one. They proved to be really innovative and pioneering the way they introduce their every new product. Del Monte with lots of preferable qualities holds 7th position in our top 10 list.


8. Ceres

best orange juice brandsAs they promised to have no artificial preservative, no artificial colors and no gluten, the fruit juices from Ceres are preferred by many. Having an access to around 84 countries by far, it has a large number of fans in India as well. With a wide range of products available to make a preferable choice, it has managed to hold one good reputation in the market. Fresh fruits with tasty and flavorsome texture, the juices from Ceres are worth splurging. Good packaging and multiple choices add extra numbers to this brand.


9. Minute Maid

best orange juice brandsMinute maid is being manufactured under the brand Coca-Cola. And Coca-Cola, of course, did not need any introduction. Every one of us would have drunk its cold drink at least once in life and some are even addicted to it. So when they launched Minute Maid, it gives a healthy option to its lifelong customers. No need to mention the quality and excellence of this fruit juice as once you taste it you want to have it even more. The extraordinary feature about Minute Maid juice is it contains pulp as well which elevates the quality manifolds. With the pulp, one gets the fibers and with the juice, all the required nutrition. So its holds double benefits in one bottle.


10. Safal

best orange juice brandsGetting manufactured under the brand name ‘Mother Dairy’ Safal fruit juices are tasty and delicious. With the high quality of fruits being used and maintaining the freshness with the packaging, Safal juices come under affordable price range. With a wide range of choices in fruits, they have a large number of products that can be selected as per the fruit choice. Promising to give high-quality products they are improving the taste of the juices by each passing day and this is the reason why we put Safal in our top 10 list.

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