Top 10 Best Condoms Brands in India

The condom was considered as a taboo few years ago. With the advancement of branding efforts and liberal media, things have changed to a great extent. Now people have started to understand the importance of condom as a family planning tool. It provides protection against Sexually transmitted disease (STD) and infections. We are discussing the list of top 10 best condoms brands in India. These condoms are easily available in your nearby pharmacy and online store in India.

Why use condoms? 

Condoms are easy to use and get. They prevent both STD and pregnancy.

  • Condoms are effective STDs
    They are the best method of birth control that also help to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Condoms are convenient and are pocket- friendly
    Condoms are easily available in many stores in India. You also don’t require any prescription to buy them. They are the discreet, small and portable way of getting big protection from STDs and pregnancy.
  • Condoms are sexy
    Protection is important that provide pleasure. They come in different shapes, styles and textures.
  • Condoms also help in birth control
    It can protect you to become pregnant. It is 100 percent effective. You can easy condoms without side effects. Although, some people can face irritation with latex.
  • Could save your life
    AIDS is caused by HIV virus that attacks your immune system. Many people die from AIDS every year.  Although there are many ways to contract this virus, condoms are one of the effective ways to prevent the spread of this disease.

Here is the List of best Condom Brands In India for your Inspiration


1. Manforce Condoms


best condom brandsIt is manufactured by Mankind Pharma. It is a premium quality condom brand that is manufactured as per the guidelines of ISO certification. The best attribute of condoms is that they are smooth and are built of strong latex. It provides maximum satisfaction with protection. You can find many condoms in flavor such as strawberry, coffee and chocolate. These flavours are made popular by Mankind Pharma. Each condom is produced under Air Burst Technology for maximum benefit.


2. Moods Condoms


best condom brandsIt is manufactured by HLL care. This brand is for their thin, strong texture and exciting aromas. The brand ambassador is Sunny Leone. This condom is known for oomph factor during your intimate moments. They are becoming very popular in India and abroad. They are also sold to Asia, Canada, Africa, Middle East, South America, Europe and Caribbean Islands. These condoms come with 20 exciting flavours.


3. Skore Condoms


best condom brandsIt is one of the popular brands that is manufactured by TTK Group. It started its business as a private player and aimed to provide the best condom at a reasonable price. Skore holds more than half of the share of the Indian market. It provides a large variety of flavour. It uses best quality latex for extra sensation at your sensitive moments. It manufactures a range of dotted, coloured, fruit flavoured and climax delay condoms.  


4. Durex Condoms


best condom brandsIt is manufactured under the trademark of SSL International. It produces 12 variants that provide many pleasurable flavours. It is one of the most popular brands in India. It has approximately 97 years of experience in producing condoms. Their products are tried and safe to use. The condoms are tested electronically. They are inflated with air for testing the strength. International standards recommend around 18 litres of air in Air Burst Test. The durex condom can hold around 40 litres of air without bursting. These condoms are tested by filling water to ensure that they will not leak.

All the condoms are dermatologically tested. The company is equipped with a team of researchers that always aim to improve their products. They research spot new trends in sexual behaviour. They don’t use artificial flavours and are made from natural sources.   


5. Kohinoor Condoms


best condom brandsIt is manufactured by TTK Group. It is most widely used condom brands in India. It is the oldest brand that comes under the combination of dotted and ribbed variety of condoms. They are tested dermatologically and provides the foolproof protection against infections and Sexually Transmitted Disease. It comes in 10 exciting flavors with heat bursting technology for extra sensation.


6. Kamsutra Condoms


best condom brandsThey are manufactured by JK Ansell Ltd. This brand offers many varieties of flavours. It manufactures high-quality condoms. They produce condoms like ribbed, dotted, intensity, super thin, intensity and wet-n-wild. These condoms are available in many flavours. They are made up of high-quality latex and other material with extra lubricants.


7. Playboy Condoms


best condom brandsIt is the most recognized condom brand in India. It manufactures condoms with premium quality latex and silicone lubricant. They offer many varieties like lubricated ultra-thin, lubricated classic, lubricated large size and lubricated dotted. The condom provides complete sensation and safety.


8. Carex Condoms


best condom brandsIt is a Malaysian brand that is manufactured under the popular company Pharmex. These condoms are imported from Malaysia. They offer high- quality condoms with the large variety of flavours. The range comprises of super thin, flavoured, and contoured, multi textures and ultra-safe condoms. These condoms are of premium quality with natural rubber latex.


9. Deluxe Nirodh


best condom brandsIt is a popular initiative undertaken by the Indian Government. It allocates condoms in rural areas. It is one of the oldest brands and is available at a reasonable price with superior quality. The condoms are lubricated pink coloured and are electronically tested for pleasure and total safety.


10.Convex Condoms


best condom brandsConvex Latex Ltd. is the youngest group of the country. It produces natural rubber latex condoms. It produces high-quality condoms with sensational pleasure. The brand is expanding its market. They manufacture smooth and different texture condoms in exciting colors. It also produces condoms without flavours and colors. It comes with natural and plain colors with high sensitivity and is ultra-thin.

In India, many people are breaking the taboo of talking about sexual trends and relations. Indian society is accepting the use of condoms for avoiding the use of sexual diseases. It is also used as a good contraceptive. Many condom manufacturing companies are making aware of the benefits of condoms.

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