Top 10 Best Cheese Brands in India

Cheese has recently gained popularity in the Indian market. We are usually aware of aka paneer, cottage cheese and Amul’s processed cheese products from a long time. Many Indians are dabbling in gourmet cheese making. While some manufacturers follow European recipes, other come with Indian version.

There are many brands and varieties of cheese in the Indian market. We are discussing top 10 Cheese brands in India.

1. Amul

best cheese brandsIt is the most renowned brand in India. It produces varieties of cheese that can be categorised into five different categories.


  • Processed cheese- It is a processed cheese that is made from buffalo/cow milk, common salt, Sodium citrate, citric acid and Annatto (natural color). It is available in tins, blocks, chiplets and slices in various sizes.

  • Gouda cheese- Mildly ripened cheese of Dutch variety, yellow in color and made from cow’s milk. It has a delicate, sweet and mild fruity flavor. It is available in 500 gm and 1 kg pack.
  • Emmental cheese- Made from cheddar cheese, soft cheese and common salt. It is available in 400 gm and 5.5 gm pack.

  • Cheese spread- Made from cheddar, soft cheese and common salt. It is available in 9 flavours and packs size of 200 gm.

  • Pizza Mozzarella cheese- It is made from milk, 100 percent vegetarian coagulating enzymes, common salt. It is available in 200 g and 1 kg pack. It also contains Amul shredded cheese in1 kg pack.


2. Govardhan

best cheese brandsIt produces cheese under the brand name of Go and Govardhan. It manufactures two varieties of cheese- Mozzarella and Processed cheese. It is available in 1 kg, 400 gm, 200gm and 2.5 kg packs. It offers Go cheese in various pack sizes like cheddar cheese, cheese wedges, shredded cheese, cheese spread, pizza cheese, cheese slices and much more.


3. Britannia

best cheese brandsIt was started as a biscuit company in 1892 in Kolkata. It offers a wide range of products from biscuits to lifestyle cheese. It manufacturers cheese made from cow’s milk. It is available in many sizes, pack size and flavours. They offer eight types of cheese:

  • Cubes- It is a processed cheddar cheese that comes in a form of wrap and easy to tear. Comes in tow pack sizes- 180 gm and 540 gm.

  • Blocks- It is also a processed cheddar cheese that is available in two pack sizes of 400 and 200 gm.

  • Britannia Cheezza- It is one of the best cheese in packs size of 200 gm and 400 gm.
  • Cheese slices- Company claims that one slice of cheese is equivalent to one glass of cow’s milk and is available in 480, 200, 100 gm.

  • Britannia Slimz- It contains 33 percent less fat as compared to processed cheese and is available in 100 and 150 gm.

  • Britannia cheese spreadz- It is the soft and spreadable cheese that comes in seven different flavors.

  • Britannia natural cheddar cheese- It is an international taste.

  • Cream cheese- It is an exotic and exciting form of cheese. It is soft, creamy, thick and smooth.


4. Chaudhary Cheese bazar

best cheese brandsIt is a cheese brand based in Noida. It produces almost 100 types of cheese. Has a strong presence in the Northern part of India and New Delhi. The products are available across India.


5. Acres Wild Gourmet Cheese

best cheese brandsThis organic cheese stay and farm is in Cornoor that is started by Mansoor Khan and his wife in 2004. Currently, they have more than 20 kinds of gourmet cheese. They also offer 2- day long cheese making workshops for their customers. It offers vegetarian cheese without chemicals. The wide range includes Ricotta, Feta and Halloumi cheese.


6.Flander dairy

best cheese brandsIt was started by Sunil Bhu in Delhi. He was trained by the renowned cheese makers of Italy. He now manufacture a wide variety of International and Indian cheese by using the latest technology and equipment from Europe.


7. ABC Farms

best cheese brandsIt is a Pune based company that started its operation in 1976. It was founded by Aga’s, Chinoy’s and Bhathena’s. It is now run and owned by Sohrab Chinoy and family. It is also famous for various other restaurants in Pune. The company manufacture over 70 kinds of natural cheese. Some of them are alcohol cheese, Pecorino cheese, vodka and cumin cheese, port wine cheese and smoked ham cheese.


8. Passion cheese

best cheese brandsIt is a product of Poshtik Milk products. It started as a small scale manufacturing unit. It started its operations in Hisar in 1995.  It has come a long way from there and started its supply to leading institutions, fast-food chains and major restaurants.


9. La Femme cheese

best cheese brandsIt started its operations in 1988 in the Aurovile near Pondicherry. It makes handmade cheese under a team of professional Dutch, Indiana and French cheese makers. It produces many cheeses like Feta, Mozzarella, Auroblochon, Lofabu, Ricotta and jeera cheese. They are made from cow milk through the traditional cheese making method. It produces 100 kg of handmade cheese in ten different varieties on daily basis.


10. Daily Craft

best cheese brandsIt was started by the group of three friends from Fatehpuri, Delhi in 1986. It is recognized as a trusted name in the Indian subcontinent and outside India. The company manufactures and distribute cheese under Indian and International brands like John’s, Dairy Craft and La Cremella & Rio. They also supply products to retail, specialty restaurants, schools, food chains and 5-star hotels. The products are easily available in the market.

Cheese is an important part of our food. You will find cheese everywhere in pizza or burger. Cheese increases the taste of your food or snacks. It is also high in nutrition as it is a great source of vitamin and calcium. Today we have many varieties and brands of cheese in the Indian market. Hence, we have discussed top 10 cheese brands in India. You can pick any cheese according to your taste, preference and requirement. There are many cheese present in the market from soft to hard cheese.

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  1. I tested Amul, Dairy craft, Britannia and Flander’s mozzarella, and Amul is hands down THE BEST quality and the pricing is absolutely appropriate! Britannia was the worst. I had hopes for dairy craft but nowhere near Amul’s quality. The other one would be Flander’s. Superier quality mozzarella from this brand.


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