Top 10 Best Biscuit Brands in India

Tea without the biscuit is like a body without the soul. So, whenever you feel like drinking tea, biscuits are the best companion of tea. It makes your tea tasty to drink. Therefore, selecting the right biscuits is very important. Each of the brands discussed below is unique and distinct from each other. Each brand is famous among all the ages who take tea with or without milk.

Here are Top 10 Best Biscuit brands in India for your Inspiration


1. Britannia biscuits


best biscuit brandsWhen we think of biscuits only one name comes to our mind- it is Britannia. Biscuits like Marie or any other biscuits have won millions of hearts in India. It is the king of all biscuits. It started its manufacturing in 1892 during the British rule in India. The English taste and touch are strong as a unique brand when compared with other international brands. It has the largest market share in the biscuit industry in India. Good day biscuits is another franchise with its tastes and flavours.


2. Parle Biscuits


best biscuit brandsIt started its manufacturing in 1929. It is one of the oldest biscuit brands. It is famous among all age groups. It is one of the top trending and favorite biscuits of India. It comes with a large variety of tastes and flavours. It can be consumed with your favorite tea and coffee in summer or cold winter night. This biscuit is also very affordable and rated as the best biscuit in the nation.


3. Anmol biscuits


best biscuit brandsThe taste is unique that started its operations in 1994. It has its branches majorly in four locations that implement good selling strategy. This brand has become famous in every house. They produce handmade chocolate flavoured, dry nut cookies, and vanilla flavoured biscuits. They also produce plain biscuits for morning and evening snacks. They quench the thirst of your stomach.


4. Sunfeast biscuits


best biscuit brandsIt has become the popular name in every single household. They make tasty and healthy biscuits. The main factor of trust is that this company manufacture food products for many years. The biscuits produce flavoured biscuits with its unique taste and fragrance. This brand of the biscuit is the heritage brand in India. It has excellent selling strategies, perseverance and strong distribution network. It manufactures creative flavours that can be enjoyed with every beverage.  


5. Unibic biscuits


best biscuit brandsThis is an international brand from Australia that makes people go crazy with its flavor and taste. It has an Indian counterpart with the name of Unibic India Pvt. Ltd. that are making crispy and healthy biscuits. They have many delectable flavours like vanilla, chocolate, choco-chips and dry nuts. The taste and scent are rare that makes it the most wanted biscuits in the nation. They also produce handmade cookies that are best taken with coffee and tea.


6. Cremica biscuits


best biscuit brandsIt is the hygienic and healthiest biscuits in India. The biscuits are the hot favorite of the people of all ages that want good health and taste. It started its manufacturing facility in 1978. After three decades the brand has made its own place in the market. It has many unique and distinct flavours. Cremica and tea would increase your morning and evening with crunch and freshness on your taste buds. The whole wheat biscuits are the new addition in this category.


7. Patanjali biscuits


best biscuit brandsBrand Patanjali speaks about health and fitness with a touch of well-being and style. It is one of the best Ayurveda brands that are produced keeping in mind about health issues. There are many choices in this brand as they make biscuits for patients with blood pressure, blood sugar. They also manufacture biscuits for the people who are conscious about their weight. They produce whole wheat biscuits rich in fibre that are tasty and edible. The biscuit also contains trans-fat that makes the biscuit that is even recommended by nutritionists and doctors.


8. Priya gold biscuits


best biscuit brandsIt is the oldest food product company under the name of Surya Food and Agro Limited. They are one of the biggest biscuit manufacturers in the country with various types of biscuits. They manufacture biscuits with various flavors according to your taste bud. You can enjoy this brand with milk or tea. It manufactures biscuits like cream, salty and sweet for all age groups. You can also enjoy them in your journey on a train, bus and car. It helps to satisfy your appetite with its taste and style.


9. Mc Vites Biscuit


best biscuit brandsThis brand is a perfect product as they are formed by the merger of two renowned companies. The companies are from England – Unity biscuits and an Indian counterpart. The highly crispy and digestive biscuits come in many tastes and flavours. The use of whole wheat make biscuits as best and healthy for people with the weight issue. These biscuits play an important role as your favorite snacks for sudden guests to complement your tea.


10. Dukes biscuit


best biscuit brandsThese are delectable cream biscuits and are the hot favorite with kids. The rich cream filled inside increase the taste of flavours like orange, chocolate and vanilla. This biscuit is of international quality and can be competed with any international branded biscuits. It is favorite among kids and elder people.


Hence we have discussed top 10 best biscuits brands in India. You can buy any of these brands as per your taste and flavor. These are the biscuits that are trending In India. These biscuits brands are available in all online and offline stores. You can pick any of these packets to quench your thirst with hot tea or coffee. These are the best snacks to be taken even with green tea, black tea and black coffee. All these biscuits are healthy to eat. These produce many biscuits in different categories. You will find every kind of biscuit as per your taste. The biscuits are liked by people of every age group. So, you can chose the best and high-quality biscuits for your family and friends.

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