Top 10 Best Air Coolers Brands In India

Summer is just around the corner! Soaring temperature make life difficult and air cooler provide fresh air.  There are many brands of air cooler in India. Air cooler takes warm air and blows out cool air with a mist of water in it.

You must keep a few things in mind while selecting an air cooler

  • Size of the cooler
    The larger the room and bigger the cooler. You must buy the small cooler for a small room as the overlarge cooler will not work efficiently.
  • Capacity of water tank
    The capacity of the tank must be according to the size of the room. Who like to refill tank again and again.
  • Air- flow
    Air -flow per CFM tells about the cooling capacity of the cooler.  It helps to pick the right cooler as per your room size.
  • Features
    The features like remote control, water level capacity and swing air flow must be taken into consideration. Hence, discussing the top 10 best air coolers brands in India.

Here are Top 10 Best Air Cooler brands in India for your Inspiration

1. Symphony Air Cooler


best air Cooler BrandsThe company was established in 1939 and is a leading manufacturer of air coolers for workspaces, homes, industrial spaces and much more. It is a slim and trim 12- litre water tank. It is a perfect solution for your kid’s bedroom and bedroom. It comes with castors that make it easy to move around and shift. It is equipped with three fan speeds and can be adjusted. The most important feature is that it works on the inverter.


2. Orient Air Cooler


best air Cooler BrandsIt is a part of CK Birla Group. It produces lifestyle electric products such as lights, fans, air coolers and home appliances. It is well-known for air coolers and ceiling fans. It produces air cooler for 50- litre tank and throws air up to 11 meters. It is a perfect solution for larger space such as an office or living room. This cooler is mounted on castors that make it easy for moving around. This cooler is large, energy efficient and also works on the inverter.


3. Bajaj Air Cooler


best air Cooler BrandsIt started its operation as Radio Lamp Works in 1938. Afterwards, the company was renamed to Bajaj Electricals in 1960. Bajaj coolers are hefty with 40- litre tank capacity. It can be used without refilling for many days. It also comes with an ice chamber that reused to fill ice cubes for better cooling. You can place it in large rooms or in a verandah or porch to enjoy the cool air. It also has a digital control panel and remote control. It enses easy operation. The baffle swing for wide coverage.


4. Voltas Air Cooler


best air Cooler BrandsIt is the part of Tata Group and a leader in air cooling segments and air conditioning. Its air coolers are 15- litre water tank with a powerful blower and useful water level indicator. It is the best solution for small spaces like bedrooms. This air cooler comes with a honey comb pad for better cooling. It throws air at the level of your body. It can be used as a personal cooler that can be placed near your desk, study table or workstation. It consists of the wheel and comes on castors.


5. Singer Air Cooler


best air Cooler BrandsThe Singer is very popular for sewing machines that have a wide range of household appliances. They are designed and make our lives easier. They manufacture many electrical appliances such as fans, air coolers, and gas stoves. The air coolers come with a sturdy body with a 50- litre water tank. The delivery of air is up to 3500 CFM. It also contains an ice chamber for turbo cooling. The air coolers is ideal for home use and office and can be used in conference rooms, restaurants. The louvers are adjustable and fan speed can be set up. It also contains water level indicator that depicts the water level. It also contains a drain plug for easy cleaning.


6. Crompton Air Cooler

best air Cooler BrandsCrompton is popular for fans, lights, and other household appliances. It has factories in Gujrat and Goa. This air cooler is designed for large spaces. It throws air up to 12 feet with a big water tank of 75 litre. This has honeycomb padding on three sides. It provides optimal air cooling and suction. It is large in size with the sturdy body and is mounted on castors. You can move this air cooler from one part of the room to another.


7. Kenstar Air Cooler

best air Cooler BrandsThe main mission is to offer advanced world- class products. It aims to meet global standards and improve the customer’s life. It has a strong distribution network. It is an established brand in the electronics sector. The air coolers are powerful and large and ideal for restaurants, cafes, offices and homes. This air cooler is ideal for days when the temperature is high. The air cooler comes with a capacity of 50 litres. It allows you to fill the cooler once and leave it for many days. It also contains water indicator so that you can know when the water is running out. It also comes with honeycomb cooling pads, ice chamber and wood wool cooling media. It provides optimal cooling. It also runs on inverter.


8. Havells Air Cooler


best air Cooler BrandsThe air cooler brand is made in India. It has provided employment to many people and produces world class products. The water cooler contains water tanks, dust filters on three sides, honey comb cooling pads, humidity control and auto drain feature.


9. Usha Air Cooler


best air Cooler BrandsIt was founded in 1889 by Siddharth Shriram Group. It produces excellent air cooler that is made for large spaces. It boasts 4-way air deflection system and honeycomb cooling media.


10. Cello Air Cooler


best air Cooler BrandsIt throws incredible air up to a range of 50 feet and is suitable for large rooms. It comes with remote control, castors, water indicator and works on invertor.




Air cooler sucks hot air and air is cooled by passing over water that evaporates and lower temperature. The humidity increases and that’s why air coolers work best in dry conditions with low humidity.

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